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If you can't eliminate it, control it

The New Entitlement: “Universal Internet Access”

Is it really so far-fetched to think that, in a situation with government-backed universal internet access, the government will also start deciding how fast that internet will go and what we can access through it?


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by 2020 millennial will become the biggest voting bloc

it will progressively and exponentially become harder for them to achieve this. this is a danger while boomers are in charge no doubt, but their time window is also quickly shrinking, and thankfully they won't be in charge forever. this will sort of be like government taking over cable tv and closing down comedy central or jay leno or whatever during the boomer days, when millennials grow to deal with the internet intrusion. not gonna fly.

Not far fetched at all...

Not far fetched at all... that's just how they get their foot in the door.