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Just opened my e-mail to this Newsmax ad. Chicken Little:

Unbelievable! Is this for the profile of the regular (normal?) Newsmax reader?

Dear Newsmax Reader,

We live in an era where one cannot afford to be “out of the loop.”

Iran is developing nuclear capability. The flow of oil from the Middle East is in jeopardy. The threat of terrorism continues to loom abroad — and right here in America. Plus, recent Homeland Security intelligence suggests we are extremely vulnerable to a devastating “cyber-attack.” What’s next?

Welcome to the Langley Intelligence Group Network, LIGNET.com. If you value the power of information, you’ll value LIGNET.

Every day, LIGNET’s elite group of former Central Intelligence Agency officers, security advisers, and top-level government officials takes the world’s pulse — and reports its confidential findings directly to its exclusive community of members.

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Why depend on the mainstream media to speculate on WHAT happened, when you can turn to the experts who know what WILL happen? The global intel LIGNET uncovers is passed along before it ever — if it ever — hits the headlines.

LIGNET provides the detailed forecasting and intelligence that assists people in protecting what matters most … their families, businesses, and financial security.

Once your new account is established, you will immediately gain full access to LIGNET’s never-ending stream of invaluable, privileged information delivered via daily briefings, special reports, in-depth analyses, and terror alert notifications.

You will also be rewarded with top clearance-level status and assigned a special password that will allow you unlimited entry into LIGNET’s secure database.


There's more but I'll save your lunch for you.

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