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The Collapse of the USA...

Dr. Paul has told us over and over about the slippery slope we are currently on...

A few years ago a man made a motion picture which got little or no attention. I would like you to take a look at the Movie Trailer currently on You Tube.

Incidentally, I have personally always felt that some branch of the Federal Government was in the illegal drug business. This guy in the film confirmed that, however, the trailer does not address that, but the full movie does.

I think it is a really, really important movie and I know that Dr. Paul would approve of it...

If you think so too, you might want to pass it along...the time is right. Thanks


The movie is on Netflix too.

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Here is a video, a long one that may CHANGE your thinking...

Again this is Michael Ruppert...it is an amazing detailed look at just how a branch of the United States Government has harmed our children, our businesses, and in general harmed America and the world.

Incidentally, at the end of the film, President Paul makes a comment. This is a film that every young adult and all parents of kids ought to see.


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One point of contention:

Peak Oil is a scam too.

Mike Ruppert has his area of expertise.

Look up The Energy Non-Crisis by Lindsey Williams


If I may:

If anyone desires a full accounting of the score, or just how close to absolute despotism we here in America are slipping, then search anything offered by Walter Burien with CAFR or Alex Jones, anything they publish, while they still can.

On the other hand:

If the idea is to remedy the situation, to reverse the march toward absolute despotism, and begin a new day on the road back to Liberty, then it is vital for each person to ask what must be done to get back on that path, and then to answer that question accurately.

If you do that, you may find out that other people have already done that, and one of those who have already done that is Ron Paul, so make your choices from a position of knowledge and be wise.


Mike Ruppert was one of the first people I heard about who blew the whistle on Legal Drug Running in America.

Mike Ruppert Blows the Whistle Again  

And on the theme of what is on the schedule and what can be done about it:



Looking at the Videos...he said something about getting

involved. He said that telling the police and doing other things such as contacting government to do something doesn't work.

He said to get the American People behind this and getting them educated as to what is behind the Drugs that have harmeAmericansns in so many ways. So here we are in 2012 and still nothing has happened to make a dent in the restoration of our America.

It seems like the CIA itself would look around and see the harm they have done to their fellow citizens. The CIA must hire only the kind of people that have no conscience. So the best we can do is to keep plugging away and maybe something will take place...

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Examples abound

What may help on a personal level is to step back and view the scale of things from many angles, rather than one, so as to find the angles of view that empower you, instead of settling for the one angle that may cause you to consume yourself uselessly.

I've been on the edge of my seat on this for over 30 years, and that is a scale that I know, how it was 30 years ago when almost no one talked about this, up to today where examples abound.

Another scale you may want to begin seeing is the fact that the bad guys, as numerous, and as effective, as they are, are few in comparison to the number of people who are merely honest, merely productive, and merely refusing to go along with these crimes, and combine these two things please:

Many more people are now waking up compared to 30 years ago.

30 years ago the few bad ones were way outnumbered by the many who were woke up 30 years ago.

Look at it from a perspective of the bad guys, and I can offer a very good example, in the person of John Perkins, as in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and know that there are many more who will be higher on the list of targets while you contemplate anchoring down your principles, instead of abandoning them out of fear, if that is where you are now.

As many who travel this road report, as I confirm, it is EARTH SHATTERING to your being to finally, and irrevocably wake up to the truth of how criminals have taken over the power of law in this former Republic.

It ain't easy.

Who ever said it was?

They lie.


Michael Ruppert epitomized FEARLESSNESS

I first learned about Michael Ruppert while on Netflix and came across the film called Collapse. The film made a permanent imprint on my conscious mind. I knew this film ought to be seen by every honest American citizen who loves LIBERTY.

Thank you also for the links you provided. We intend on taking them in as well.

Michael Ruppert supports President Paul.

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