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American Samoa caucuses will be at a bar.

"What do you get when 50 or so Republicans gather in a restaurant-bar? In American Samoa, you get a presidential caucus.
The U.S. territory, located about 2,300 miles south of Hawaii, gets its chance Tuesday to choose delegates to the Republican National Convention and vote on a presidential candidate. It's a decidedly local affair.
Republicans will meet at Toa Bar & Grill."


UPDATE: I've removed the mention of the bar's phone number because some commenters have suggested that calling the bar might just annoy people. Instead, it'd be better to call the phone numbers of the Samoa GOP leaders, listed below, or fax Ron Paul flyers to them.

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MyFax allows 2 free faxes (up to 9 pages) per day from your computer to any fax number in 40 countries:

I suggest sending a delegate one of the promotional flyers from: http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3

and you can still:

ORDER them here to hand out later and proceeds go to the campaign:


Terrible idea! Don't do that

Terrible idea! Don't do that

just don't do it

There even are cheaper ways to fax a stupid thing like the SuperBrochure.

It makes no difference.

Walking up to a voter and handing them the same brochure does make a difference.

Like most normal people I routinely delete files which are sent to me...don't fax anything, it's dumb and it's annoying.

Canvass people, canvass...

That is where the rubber meets the road.

well I wasn't referring to

well I wasn't referring to the superbrochure, but some of us have a hard time getting out to canvas American Samoa so I thought I'd leave the fax option open.

and, obviously I agree...but

This ain't a novel idea.
The point is to canvass, even if you are Samoan, get off the couch, don't send a fax.

Sending a fax is like garbage.

you are right..just a last push for samoa where most of us cant

handout something personaly ;)
Nothing to lose there cause it seems they vote for Romney and RP is blacked out there :(


We all do what we can. Thank you for having enthusiasm.

thx sent a fax but

seems that it is mainland usa. while the phone number is samoa...
maybe this just ends up in a fax shredder in the gop hq lol

Maybe there's another free

Maybe there's another free online fax service that will allow it. All I know is that to call from the US to American Samoa you would use the international dialing format : 1 + 684 + (number you're calling)

its the fax number.. I guess the number is connected to some

samoa representive in washington..
lets hope they get to vote for RP when they see his support in Tampa!
It seems they are not bound..

In the "spirit" of the founders - meet at the tavern!

Also, I think those patronizing the tavern are less likely to be for the teetotaler Romney.

Television: Why do you think they call it "programming"?

who did send something to them? Can we have an impact?

Republican Party of American Samoa

p: (684) 699-9609

f: (703) 548-0633

website: mailto:info@GOP.com

check out this post for details:

free flyers to send to them:

do NOT contact the bar!(they have to work!)

Can we get 100 people for a last minute push to win samoa?
It would certainly seem like the mainland is caring :D
fax, twitter, telephone

Please take the phone number

Please take the phone number off. I know here in Iowa people took their phone off the hook cause of all the campaign calls. So do not bother them. A few people as noted in comments called. Now take the number down.

yes no more calls in the bar!!!!!

PLEASE don't call these

PLEASE don't call these people and drive them crazy and get them mad before all our potential voters get there!

I wish...

You could have chimed in before I called. What about the flyers mentioned in the thread?

send them to the people listed in my comments below..

If some people do this it might have an impact..
Add some commentary so it doesnt look like a mass spam email and fax bomb.
No fax here to do it..anyone able to send them a fax that includes some of the flyers?

http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3 -> flyers that maybe used by them to discuss a the bar :D

Yeah but this is seriously an

Yeah but this is seriously an annoying tactic. You have the potential to launch thousands of faxes to these people through the number of activists that read this website, so just imagine how YOU would feel if your phone line or fax machine was going crazy with spam all day!

it'd change my vote if I wasn't so principled.

I made the call

And spoke to someone at the bar and asked that she support Ron Paul and to pass the word. I did ask and make sure that it was the location where caucus is to take place. Hopefully it was received as a ositive and not a nuisance. Anyway, I did my campaigning for the day? It was fun.

yeah I think its enoug when 1 calls not that they get..

please check my below comments and do some more campaigning for samoa in sending them info about Ron Paul..

If we get some of our flyers to these two I described below ..

we might have a foot in the bar!!!

twitter email, fax, all below

Hell let's get on a plane and go to the bar


You almost had me.

Then I remembered the TSA.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

looks like 9 delegates for romney atm :( but->



lets fax and mail some of these free flyers to them:

maybe with some personal note...

I have the feeling they might jsu vote for the frontrunner without any detailled information. But one of these flyers might bring them to have second thoughts?

I don't think the faxing

I don't think the faxing thing is going to help if you just annoy the crap out of them.

Why can't we just do ONE fax? Why do you have to clog up and totally use all the paper out of their machine! That is SO annoying and is not going to work. Please don't do this people!

(but I do appreciate what you were trying to accomplish)


So did you fax a flier? Anybody?

no fax. sent an email with a comparison flyer.

+ short why I think Ron Paul is the one to choose.
no fax available but you cna with some online programm maybe..

Brandon smart


Hes with the students so maybe another angle to approach him?

The whole samoa gop leadership seems to be not totally closed to RP's message.

Infact RP's stance on liberty should resoante with these guys.
Its only a matter of information.

Still early in the morning to get to them some of our comparison flyers:

state chairwoman


Mrs. Amata C Radewagen

Radewagen is the incumbent’s opposite number. Much as Sarah Palin has sought to do in Alaska, Radewagen wants American Samoa to have greater control over local issues. In addition, she is strongly pro-life and denounces the minimum wage hike as an assault on the island’s tuna-canning business (Tuna canning is to American Samoa what Boeing is to Seattle). (For further campaign information, see www.aumuaamata.com)

Radewagen wants American Samoa to have greater control over local issues. In addition, she is strongly pro-life

EASY! She is on some issues totally with Ron Paul!


Again these people just dont know about Ron Paul it seems!