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Its not enough to just show support

...you also have to prove it.

What brought this up? I'll start at the end, and then go back. The coach I was talking to came to me after work, and said, "You know, I've seen a lot of Ron Paul signs around, but you're the first person that has said anything about him to me."

So, back to the beginning... I work at a miniature version of the current US Government... I mean a school; they even have a rule in the book about politicking on school grounds or if you are an employee, but what's the worst they can do... they may be able to fire me, but they can't take away my birthday :). Anyway, I overheard a coach and a paraprofessional talking to each other about who the strongest Republican candidate were. Ended up with one answering "Newt" and the other "I'm kind of partial to Santorum." At that point, I could no longer leave without breaking into the conversation, especially as I was walking up and they were talking about how they considered themselves as being conservative O.o .

So I joined in, and of course, as usual, got the same look when I told them who I was supporting; didn't put down their candidates, but did politely say that I disagreed with them based on their records. Then I got the usual "he's run so many times", and "he's so far behind", and "I like him, but he's too much of a pacifist" lines. After getting those straightened out, (which got a comment a couple of times during discussing some things the Doctor had been involved with, and a few recent events to back him up, which brought up the comment "Haven't seen that... it wasn't on Fox News...[vomit held back]"). I asked if they would like a brochure and they both took one (had to exchange one for my e-mail so he could send me an e-mail regarding Newt, but ehh... its worth it, though I'll probably have to check to make sure my e-mail account isn't infected with something ;) ).

After work, the coach caught up with me and told me, "You know, I've seen a lot of Ron Paul signs around, but you're the first person that has said anything about him to me. I'll do some research and see what I think." So, a conversation that started out with the negative, only took around ten minutes to cross out the negativity, ended up with two more people that are now looking at him instead of crossing him out.

Long story short, signs say who you support. But, until people actually know the why's, and know that the candidate support is serious and has a want to include other people and be informative, we (here anyway) are losing a lot of ground.

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