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Fraud Reporting HELP

We need a place to collect Fraud reporting - It can then even be organized by State. Lets document it all in an organized manner. I'm not a programmer, but I see a serious need for this quick. Any ideas?

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Documenting the fraud is fine. But judges will rule that the republican party is a private organization not subject to voter fraud rules.

The only way to combat this is to become a delegate. If you don't make it as a delegate then get the delegate list and call, mail or visit them on behalf of RP.

Also many GOP positions will be opened up at the conventions so if you are not a delegate you can still become one by getting one of the automatic delegation spots such as chairperson. This has to be coordinated with your local RP voting bloc.

"despite no documented case of fraud" ??? Davenport Iowa

For Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz, a big issue in the upcoming election has to do with the current consideration of a bill that would require photo identification at the polls. She referred to the measure as “voter suppression,” adding that it would eliminate 11,000 Iowa voters who do not carry an ID, “despite no documented case of fraud.”


it started in Iowa

These caucuses or "polls" for delegates are run so loose a 2nd grader could figure out how to game the system.
I went to Davenport as a casual observer of the Iowa caucus and after a 2 min conversation at the local Ron Paul campaign office my girlfriend and I were recruited to fill a huge void in volunteers that were needed to staff the local precincts (I originally went in looking to buy a Ron Paul hat).
At the polling place there was a motion to count the ballots that were handed out before the voting began and the motion was denied. This would later be proven to be an issue. Not for anyone that was there, because nobody seemed to notice that the votes per candidate did not match the number of voters.
Statewide Romney had supposedly won Iowa by 8 votes and yet there was a 9 vote discrepancy in just our precinct alone!
This event was definitely an insiders event, and the only way that this system could be fair is only if 100% of the GOP volunteers were honest. People walked in and said who they were and the caucus workers would hand them a ballot before the entered the auditorium to vote. Were the people really who the said they were? Could a worker vote for their neighbor once they saw that they were not in attendance?
Now I am sure most people were honest, but after reporting the voter irregularities to our Precinct Captain and to his superior, nobody said anything.
I went so far as to email some people about the vote count being off in the Ron Paul campaign and yet nobody responded.
Romney had 220 Santorum had 125 and Paul had 46. Here is the kicker, out of the supposed 220 votes for Romney and 125 for Santorum there was trouble finding 13 people (8+5) to become delegates on their behalf. Of coarse our Precinct Captain (who I felt would be a great delegate) relented to allow others to accept being one of Ron Paul's two awarded delegates (to my chagrin).
One comment that I overheard that night seemed to stick with me as odd. This feathers and fur type of socialite had asked another if they were going to Santorums victory party. She had this tone about her that just rang out with some kind of insider's arrogance. Before the voting even started I had wondered if the fix was in, just on that one comment.
Now I know this whole process is a sham.

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Great idea.

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