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Skip the Vaccine Epidemic- Free Vaccination Choice Flyers/Posters

Babies get as many as 25 shots before age 2; and up to 38 shots before age 6. Also a 2 flu and DTap shots for pregnant women. One in 6 have learning disabilities and 1 in 110 are autistic. We now have the highest infant death rate of all developed countries except Poland and nearly half of our kids have chronic disorders. There are 20 more vaccines coming. We are in a Vaccine Epidemic --and these nifty flyers and posters will help you in your local health freedom campaigns! http://j.mp/vaxkits (free)

We are hoping DPers will do something and spread the word on this, Lots of doctors are handing these out.

I was very please that The Weston A Price Foundation recommends our vaccination program and put out the Alert below:

Health Journal Offers Free Vaccination Choice Flyers and Posters

Vaccination education flyers and posters are offered at no cost by the Journal of Natural Food and Health for their 2012 campaign called: Your Child.Your Choice. Education Before Vaccination.

These materials explain health risks of vaccines and asks: Are vaccinations really "safe and effective"---or necessary?

“Education is the key to making sound decisions in a free society rather than others dictating personal health decisions for you and your family", explains David Augenstein, MS, PE (aka Mr. Augie), Publisher of the Journal and WAPF member. “Parents should have a choice to vaccinate their children or not-- but they are not being told that legal exemptions are available or the real health risks of the vaccinations themselves.”

The flyers are being given out by doctors, health professionals, seminars, food clubs, health fairs and posted on bulletin boards at stores, churches, schools and workplaces. It links to references and resources at Vaccine Nation Series and also comes with a full-page poster.

Packs of 100 flyers are available for $10. See the free digital, printer-ready flyers and download them here http://j.mp/vaxkits

Journal of Natural Food and Health is an internationally read internet publication at journal.livingfood.us