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U.S. Election Results Controlled by Associated Press (AP)

It's not who counts the votes that matters anymore, it's who reports the votes. The Associated Press (AP) has a monopoly on U.S. elections. The AP is like the central bank of US media.

Google = Data from the Associated Press
Politico = Data Source: Associated Press
NBC = Relies on the Associated Press
CNN = Associated Press provides vote totals
Fox = Projected by the Associated Press
ABC = Vote data compiled by the AP
CBS = AP reports
WSJ = Source: Associated Press
NYT = Source: A.P.

Associated Press (AP) U.S. Election Monopoly Gallery

How NBC Projects Election Winners

The Associated Press delivers statewide vote counts as well as county by county results for general elections. The National Election Pool, a consortium formed by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and the AP, provides exit polls, precinct votes in selected sample precincts, and models for the analysis of the election information.


How does CNN make election projections?

The Associated Press: The Associated Press will provide vote totals for each race. The AP will be gathering numbers via stringers based in each county or other jurisdiction where votes are tabulated.

Edison Research: To assist CNN in collecting and evaluating this information, CNN, the other television networks and The Associated Press have employed Edison Research.


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The media controls the debate

And therefore, the media controls who most vote for.

It's really that simple.

Propaganda is the main tool of the establishment. The reason people don't want to vote for their own freedom is because the media distorts and lies about what Ron Paul stands for and is trying to do. He just wants to follow our Constitution and defend everyone's liberty. That's a message that would easily get him 80% if people were allowed to hear it undistorted. This is why Ron Paul gets elected by 80% in his district.

Hitler was made popular through media propaganda. There should be no doubt about how powerful media propaganda is.

So, don't be an apologist for the media. I don't think you realize the control they have. And their distortion and lying for their own benefit is blatantly obvious. Have you seen these videos?


Don't Believe Everything That People on Television Tell You

What exactly are you arguing

What exactly are you arguing against? Seriously, what is the disagreement here? Is the media a huge obstacle to a Ron Paul presidency? Yes. Is it the ONLY obstacle? No. Even if the media were to have given RP fair coverage this election, the already-ingrained opposition to Ron Paul's ideas would be hard (though not impossible to overcome). Yes, people do like the Constitution and liberty in theory. But they've been brainwashed into making numerous exceptions, or believing that it's just not practical. And no, the media doesn't help Ron Paul's attempts to get rid of those mental blocks. So in the end, I'm not really sure where you disagree with me

Well thanks for fully admitting it

Past media propaganda is still due to the media itself.


And I don't know where I

And I don't know where I argued otherwise. Though I also think propaganda from public schools and politicians plays a major role is establishing that mindset.

Public school

indoctrination and training is what makes people defer to "experts" and follow the "mainstream" like herd animals. Got to be like everyone else, can't be "fringe", and have to be told what everyone else thinks to fall in line.
"School" is the key to it all.

New York Times?

That's right, Associated Press projections (lies) like all the others:


AP Chief Praises Obama in Speech, shows bias

Add to all the above, the CEO, Dean Singleton, is openly in support of Obama! See article below:



I shouldn't be surprised, since I know the media was used to elect Obama.

But still! We have the Chairman of the organization in control of reporting election results, publicly taking sides and obviously supporting Obama. One thing's for sure, we still have a major battle ahead no matter what happens.

The AP Chairman sounds like Elmer Fudd, that was my only joy in watching the video.

Of course!

There is no other truth but what they make up.

Now we're getting somewhere!

Yes, Dr. Paul, there IS a "vast conspiracy" to keep you out of office, sir.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

What source does Wall Street Journal use?

You guessed it, the same faulty source ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Politico, and even Google use, the Associated Press, which deceptively 'guesses' what the delegate numbers are based upon meaningless popular votes of television victims, rather than actual delegate elections, which is what really determines the nominee:



AP owned by Rothschild

According to Lynne Landes, a speaker at the Boston Tea Party December 2008, Rothschild owns the majority stock of AP. By the way, Ron Paul supported this tea party and Rand Paul was a keynote speaker there, along with Edwin Vieira.

Michael Nystrom, created a beautiful silk screen poster for the event. The theme was "Restore Sound Money". This was 4 months before the neo-con invasion of the Tea Party movement.

Indirectly it seems.

Reuters News -> AP, owned by Reuters News.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

It amazes me they don't get the totals directly

Why have a middle man?

Especially with the Internet, there's no need for a middle man at all. All precincts could report their totals to the world instantly and immediately.

I think your post, this topic, and this election, answers the question of "Why have a middle man," - to facilitate fraud. There's no good reason.

The AP can not be trusted.

The AP can not be trusted. They've been caught falsifying results and releasing results 2 days before the votes in both Nevada and Maine.
Then, the AP reported that Romney won the vote in the Virgin Islands.

I sent an Alert Alert to local news stations warning them, and also ridiculing them for using the AP Maine story 2 days before anyone had voted. Not that it will do any good, but you never know.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Television networks make wrong calls

The failures were a major setback for VNS — a consortium consisting of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN and The Associated Press. VNS had completely rebuilt its system in response to the 2000 election, when television networks twice used its information to make wrong calls in the decisive Florida vote for the presidency.


Fox News ©Associated Press

Look at this!


Fox News website terms are ©Associated Press!


Scroll to the bottom.

I feel like I'm opening a can of worms within a can of worms...

Good find !

Keep up the good work !

Help with Imgur

I just started using imgur. Is there a way to add images into an existing album? I don't see an option.

I'm trying to add images of all the Associated Press Election references from the 'different' media networks.

Thats right. The count can be good

but a bad report can throw the race. Why take the freeway exit and go stand in line for 20 minutes to vote if you've just heard on the radio that your candidate just lost?

Even RevPAC is using Associated Press numbers

In their live stream.


I'm thinking more and more that votes should placed and hand counted in public and reported at the precinct level.


Ive always advocated for a 'DMV style' vote system. You get a little paper tag that acts like a receipt. Tear it in half- the box gets a half, you get a half. And it should be illegal to broadcast 'trend information'. The media should only be allowed to report on final results.

Also, nobody would be able to cheat

The votes could still be private if checked off on a ballot and dropped in a box.

But then the votes would be publicly counted by neighbors and could be video taped if desired. Everyone that participated would know their neighborhood count. Extra votes could not be added, and votes could not be discarded, because the numbers would immediately not match up with those attending and voting.

Once counted, the Precinct Chair would enter each neighborhood's results into a public database online on the spot, which anyone could verify at any time online.

If votes were decentralized, then there would be no justification for centralized systems to handle mass voting either, like vote machines. They would be completely unnecessary.