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SURVEILLANCE - A So-Called "Civil Liberty Defense" Organization sends out a Petition to defend POLICE surveillance!


But I got this email from the American Center for Law & Justice. Granted they are a rather neocon organization, but they "say" they are for civil liberties.

Sure they are.

The ACLJ is firmly on record coming to the defense of the likely unconstitutional surveillance techniques by the NYPD with this petition.



So here was my response in an email to the president:

Dear Mr. Sekulow,

A petition to defend the STATE???

This is a JOKE, right??

I certainly will NOT sign this petition.

And--I can't believe that I am actually defending Eric Holder on something--he is correct to call the NYPD surveillance techniques "disturbing".

"Surveillance of citizens", as Naomi Wolf has written in her book The End of America, is one of the ten steps to the closing down of a society, one of the ten in a playbook that all despots or would-be despots use in turning the government, into a police state.

Does the ACLJ stand for the defense of the State?

Or do they stand for the defense of the Constitution and people's liberties and their natural, unalienable, God-given rights to privacy under the Constitution?

The foregoing can not be answered by a "both". It is an either/or only!

On the petition, your organization states, such surveillance actions are "constitutional."

Please cite for me in the Constitution, where this is the case.

And then furthermore, your organization has taken the Machiavellian leap into saying: "besides, it works."

Wow. The end justifies the means.

No, the greatest threat to NYC and to this country is not some terrorist plotting more bombings.

The greatest threat to the future and to the very idea of America and to the freedoms of our children and their children's children--is our own government--and for exactly the same reasons Jefferson and others feared, when they insisted on adding things like the Fourth Amendment.

Christopher M
Norfolk, VA

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They now think it "fashionable"

to ignore the Constitution, and promote the Police State, for their underlying goals of subjugating the populace.
Because it promotes the fear they need to keep the public in the mood for war. The war which they so desperately need to continue, for the glory of their beloved Israel, where their allegiances lie. And at the same time, the public is cowed under the oppression, so that the wars cannot be questioned by the tyrannized masses who might challenge the wars for any reason.
Perhaps they should change their name to "Israeli Center for the Oppression and Tyranny of America".

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Great comments, BigT

I could not agree more.

"The public is cowed under the oppression, so that the wars cannot be questioned."

Can I quote you on that? Excellent!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.