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Where is Ron Paul?

I'm fully aware of the media blackout, but is Paul even trying to get on major programming anymore or is protesting them all? In the beginning, it seemed he was making a lot more appearances, Hannity, Leno, Stewart, etc. Now it's just CNBC.
What's going on from his side?

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Time to get back in the game

Time is running out and I don't understand this laid back attitude. Media-wise, he's less existent than he was when he started. He can't black himself out and expect to make real progress. I hope the man has something up his sleeve.

He's at home in Texas

His last interview...I think it was yesterday, they said he was in Clute,TX.
People worry, but I think it is good for the Dr. and camp to take a few days off every couple of weeks. It gives them time to re-group and be with their families and keeps the morale up, the fighting down and a fresh outlook on things.

Things slowed considerably since NH primary...

and goes up and down since then with the caucus strategy.


He is going to be on Jay Leno later this month...

and many are still aware of him. Conan O'Brien thinks he is going to be our next President. Can't wait to see Conan O'Brien interview Ron Paul.

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