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I totally and completely DESPISE the MSM!

Just the other day, I logged onto Charter.com to check my email. Their "main" news story showed a big photo of Ron Paul, followed by a 3-page news story that 100% centers on the other 3 candidates and does not make ONE mention RP.

Tonight, I visited Yahoo and they show a photo of all 4 candates with NO mention of Ron Paul....as if he does not exist.

The mainstream media has proven the strong commitment that they have toward sustaining propoganda and blatant lies.

Does this make me angry? Hell Yeah! Do I feel defeated as a Ron Paul Supporter? No F**king Way!!!!!

While the media is blatantly dishonest, I love reading the HUNDREDS of comments by Ron Paul supporters who ARE right there to bring the TRUTH to Light!!!

We have a war on our hands, people. Let's Rock The Vote!!!!

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I collect these blackouts as evidence of Ron Paul's blackout..

in the media over on:

If you see one, please add it to the list over there or contact me so I can add it. It's always good to take screen-shots also.

I can't find either article you are referencing.