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The Romneys vs. the Rockefellers

with Rothchilds now picking sides...

This was written by Loren Coleman, an old friend of mine.


Romneys vs Rockefellers

Today, few remember that the shoo-in candidate to be the Republican nominee in 1968 was a man named George Romney, Mitt Romney's father. A rarer minority recall that George was thrown under the bus, on the road to the convention, by a Rockefeller.

The background of what happened to George Romney and why he was derailed on his way to becoming the Republican candidate in 1968 is worthy of revisiting.

A Gallup Poll after the November 1966 elections showed Romney as favored among Republicans over former Vice President Richard Nixon for the Republican nomination, 39 percent to 31 percent; a Harris Poll showed Romney beating President Johnson among all voters by 54 percent to 46 percent. California's Nixon considered Michigan's George Romney his chief opponent.


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I am old enough to remember...

this race. Great article detailing things I didn't know. I seem to remember that Richard Nixon made a trip to New York in the middle of the night to grovel to Nelson Rockefeller in order to secure the nomination.

Minnesota Mary

Wow, Mary, you ARE old!

I was certainly around then but I'm afraid I wasn't interested in politics till I was in my 30's. I became a Libertarian in the late 70's. I was a war protester/draft resister in the 60's but shunned the politisphere, figuring both parties were corrupt. Funny how that never changed for me. Four years ago is the first time I ever voted in a Republican primary, although I did win a Republican nomination in 1994 on a write-in to go with my Libertarian nomination for state rep. in NH.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.