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OREGON DEBATE! Ron, please don't back down!

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It's in Oregon the day before the Illinois primary

Of course Romney and Santorum are going to back out as they'll be campaigning in Illinois. As should Ron. Gingrich is just looking for any forum to attack Romney. He is beyond trying to win votes or delegates.

That said, there should be more debates and Ron should participate in them. But why are the parties in Illinois, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and Maryland not stepping up?

CA actually -

Dr. Paul will be in Cali. the day you write of. He has a fund-raiser dinner & the Jay Leno show that day.

I actually have the funds for the dinner, just not the plane fare. :(

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Counts as a Donation

Your dinner fee counts as a donation, so if you've donated already, you can't pay the full fee.

Let him pick up some new local donors. These will be people that the hosts know.

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Put liberty over other objectives towards rivals.

Ron should not pass up any more opportunities to spread message of liberty. As media is giving him limtied coverage as is, he needs the debate stage. Yes, a debate cancellation would screw Newt, but standing up for liberty is far more important.

Of course Romney will back out because he knows his rivals have sharpened their attacks on him finally as he has gone unscathed in all debates. Now, his rivals are speaking truth about romneycare, his lying ways, deceitful campaign, etc..and Romney does not want to face the music.

Santorum won't drop out as he has misgivings about his last debate performance, unless the gop leadership forces him to do so. Newt definately won't drop out regardless of any pressure as the debate stage is where he shines, and could rebound.

Campaigning - holding a rally in a state is no excuse to miss any debates.



because any time Ron Paul can debate, he should.

While he's at it, how about challenging Newt to a "Lincoln/Douglass" debate? Newt is getting desperate enough to go for it. Make foreign policy the topic. Newt has too big an ego to realize just how badly that's going to go for him.

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Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica