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Precinct chair upset with me

If we want to make a true change then we need to start filling positions and becoming more involved in our government.

SO last week I went down to the county GOP, turned in my paper work to run for Precinct Chairman.

Is it rude to run agianst someone and not call, tell them or let them know?

The lady at the GOP made it sound like I should ask permission from the Precinct Chair to run against her "friend".

So later that evening I find out MY Precicnt Chair comes in to my work and asked if I was there. I was not but still thought that was weird. She also told the person she talked to she was a little disapointed that I did not contact her 1st before I ran against her.

What to think of this??? IM new to all this , I am just trying to do what I think is right.

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Tell her thats old school Republican ways. but not old enough

you follow the Constitution which is much older, and the GOP and the likes of her have brought down this country and you aim to bring back the Constitution.

Otherwise who cares what she thinks

Don't take her actions personally

Don't let what she did make you question yourself, don't let it hurt your feelings.
One of the biggest differences in men and women: If this would have happened to a man by another man he would have seen this as a challenge and it would have pumped him up and excited him to go out there and fight to win the position he wanted.
Look at this as healthy competition and don't worry what she thinks. Be polite and get on with what you have to do.

Ha-Ha! I'm assuming you are a woman! Are you? I assumed that because she came to your work to confront you.
If you are a man, do what you set out to do and be nice at the same time.

How inconvenient for her to have to work to retain her position

If you run and win she doesn't deserve the position, on the other hand, if you run and lose at least you made her earn her position for another term. They don't like that, but that's the way the game is played.


Whether it was proper

Whether it was proper etiquette or hubris, I couldn't tell you. I think that if you come off showing respect for whatever unwritten rule there was by offering an apology for not knowing and stating your case that you've really become interested in politics because (whether you say it's because Ron Paul or not is your choice) of whatever reason you want to say.

Humility should gain you points. Just remember, the current person you're trying to replace will probably feel a bit insulted because, well, someone is trying to take their job. We all have pride and no matter how you look at it, applying for her position says that you feel you can do better than they can.
In that sense, it's not so much a political game as it is dealing with human nature.

That's incredibly rude for

That's incredibly rude for her to go to your place of work. Her marbles must not be all there. Make your life a lot better by inviting other supporters of liberty to join you. I couldn't stand being outnumbered by people like that.

That being said, reach out to her. Don't make enemies.


In Texas, precinct chairs won't be elected until AFTER the State convention! So it is more vital that you attend your county (or precinct convention where applicable) in order to become a delegate to the State convention in Ft. Worth. This is far more important.

Talk to her

And ask some tough questions. You'll find out if she's a party hack/MSM zombie or Ron Paul supporter/independent thinker/freedom lover. If she's the latter then maybe withdraw your candidacy...if she's the former, tell her that her type is the reason you're running....

well you could tell them

that you've lived in the precinct for x amount of years and no one has called or come knocking to get out the vote. This is true in my case when I went and filed. I'm guessing my precinct chair is adored by the powers that be, but precinct chairs have responsibilities including identifying voters and getting out the vote. If the precinct chairs are not organizing and canvassing the precinct it's not doing the party any good.

She's probably wondering why you don't think she has been doing

a good job. She wants to please .....there are women like that and I used to be one of them. Not ANYMORE though...


I Just Got Back From a Convention

In the LP conventions, sometimes someone will decide to run on the spot. Many times somebody will nominate someone from the floor who hasn't even campaigned.

Obviously, this works better if you're running for an office of the body assembled, rather than for their nomination to be voted on, elsewhere, later.

We don't involve government bureaucrats at all, so no filing in advance with them.

Does she think that having an opponent is an insult? I don't get it. The problem is, it's a job most people don't want, so when someone takes it, they can start to see it as their job.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

She probably feels entitled

She probably feels entitled to her position, but it's never a good idea to prejudge. I'd meet with her, maybe with a friend present.

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( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

get the backing of the ron paul supporters..

behind you. Let them know your plan..
The times where such positions where traded over from their buddys are gone!

This person took time out of her life to show up

at your work looking for you. Why? You need to know. Obviously she wants to talk to you face to face. Why would you not be amenable to that when she is so obviously reaching out to you? Can you imagine if you reached out to talk to her, even going so far as to show up at her work, and she avoided you and made it a point of not facing her? You would be justifiably angry, and if you do not quickly rectify this situation you will make enemies. It doesn't matter what she wants; you need to hear her out. You need to be diplomatic. You need to meet her and even apologize for missing her when she came to seek you out. Make her realize that you respect her efforts to reach out to you.

I'd remind her that

I'd remind her that republicans like competition. :)

Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto. - T. Jefferson rЭVO˩ution

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building coalitions

Don't back down, KMX. But try to build coalitions where you can.

Odds are, with the attempted visit at your workplace and your feeling from the lady at the local GOP, that your incumbent opponent is taking offense at her being challenged. But, in a remote section of bizarro world, maybe she was just trying to canvass her constituency to see where she has failed?

If she had made an attempt via phone, and you didn't get that vibe from the lady at the local GOP, then I might consider her a conscientious representative ... but I'm feeling a bit pessimistic in this instance.

Build your coalitions, be civil, keep reading, learn Robert's Rules of Order, have FUN, but don't compromise.

And, if you'll allow me to offer a word of specific advice: learn the name and title of the "lady at the GOP" and any of the other people who are already entrenched in the system. Name recollection goes a very long way to establishing a positive relationship amongst unfamiliar new friends and uncertain new adversaries alike.

My experience with my local GOP during the last election cycle was fun, educational, depressing and predictable ... all at the same time. I have respect for the locals in the party and they know that I am not some Johnny-come-lately trying to take over their clique.

All of our county delegation managed to engage in excellent dialog at the state convention in 2008, but at the end of the day, all of them ended up voting like party hacks. But I haven't given up on them yet! They all still have a smile and a friendly wave when we pass on the street. And some of them don't mind if I visit them at their workplace. :)

there's alot of that that goes on

I'd talk to her myself. See if you can gain her support even. there's such things as friendly races.

Don't ask for permission, ask for her support.


I like that


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The Golden Rule or What would Ron Paul do?

I don't agree with the other comments below, because IF I was precinct chair, I would be wondering WTF? You don't KNOW her, you don't know if she's a Ron Paul Republican, or if she could be transformed, you DON'T KNOW. You acted without doing your homework.

I don't agree that being rude and saying "screw them" is how Ron Paul ACTS, or what he wants to represent his message.

The GOP has allot of GOOD people who have been there a long time, and our rEVOLution is FRIGHTENING to them. It doesn't win hearts by stealth attacks.

If you read about our victories, stealth or otherwise, they were done legally and respecfully. That's when I say "forget them sore losers", but in your case, you never went to a meeting, you have no clue, you just applied, and to me, it makes you appear dishostest more than ignorant; Not good.

Someone below said grab your friends... GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Most people don't have enough FRIENDS to hi-jack a prescinct. If you don't, prepare to not only LOSE, but to have YOUR COMMUNITY of GOP, not trust you ever again.

I trust Ron Paul. I trust many people in this rEVOLution because they have been respectful, and honest.

When I came into my GOP I admitted right off the bat I was for Ron Paul, and that had several literally lose their lunch. A couple of them won't talk to me, they HATE the Ron Paul rEVOLution because it has taken over the California conventions. That has not stopped me for running for a RCC seat even though all are occupied, and I will be on the ballot June 5th. I got my Republican ONLY signatures telling people, "Hi, I'm a Ron Paul Republican and I would like you to help me bring Trust, Integrity, Honor, Constitutional government, Sound Money, Peace and Prosperity back to the GOP. Please help me achive this by signing my petition."

Last meeting, there were two women who LOVED Ron Paul, so the table is turning and WE ARE WINNING.

I think you should contact your prescinct chair and be willing to not be captain, but willing to chair sub committees and LEARN Roberts Rules of Order, and who's who in your prescint. It's OK to make a mistake. People forgive and you will gain admiration and RESPECT, and that beats losing and earning people's disrespect or worse, vengence.

I'm sure the prescinct captian has friends, and let's not forget, those who didn't like her anyway, but HATE Ron Paul, will join her against you.

GOOD LUCK, be humble, be kind, be smart and YOU will win.

excellent comment


KMX, forget them. You owe

KMX, forget them. You owe them NOTHING. Just get as many as your friends and supporters together as you can and vote em out. If someone's offended they have competition in politics, than they should leave politics all together. Wow.


Thanks for a few fast responces. Keep them coming.

PS I plan to leave her in the DUST!

Well, look at it this way.

If she had done her job fairly and properly and not a puppet for the national GOP party, you would not have needed to run for this position. She is doing a good job, that is why you are running for this position. May the best person and most competent person win the job. In which case, I hope it is you. Best of luck.

Screw her!

(Not literally). I am tired of these psychos destroying this country because of their egos, holier than thou attitudes, and the "I know best" crowd of suckers and illiterates. Go! Win and then stick your tounge out at her after you do. I would also inform her that if she came to my work place talking about me, that I would get a restraining order and have her arrested. And if you get one of those "can't come closer than 500 feet" orders...she may not even attend the selection process where you will be.

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people get attached to their little power positions, and think they own them.

Try to be nice, and tell the chairperson that you didn't know about that protocol.
Then, keep running for the position, and try to win.

Screw her as others have said..

You have no obligation to inform her of squat. Matter of fact, let her know if she ever comes looking for you again at your place of work, you will have a restraining order place on her. This might even scare her enough to not even run against you. lol

Right, big T..and I see the

Right, big T..and I see the point. There are so many precincts that they probably do not have chairmen, that they don't like others running where they do. However, there is a silly idea they should run unopposed. I completely agree with BigT on this, having done the GOP thing. Tell them you just really want to be the chairman, and do not mind a contest. No need to be rude, although coming to your workplace was a bit over the top, and I would tell him you didn't like that, but still be nice.