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Let Everyone Know the University of Illinois Town Hall meeting will be streamed?

The Town Hall is streamed, lets make sure we get to everyone and anyone we know in Illinois to watch! http://revolutionpac.com/Ron-Paul-Live/

Remember these headlines not too long ago. Delegates, keep us posted!

Ron Paul Wins Illinois GOP Straw Poll

Ron Paul wins Illinois Straw Poll (VIDEO) | Washington Times ...

Ron Paul Wins Illinois GOP Presidential Straw Poll | Fox News

Ron Paul declared winner of Illinois Republican straw poll | Reuters

Illinois GOP fundraising straw poll goes to Ron Paul - Chicago Tribune

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In Liberty!

Thank you!

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page not found

All three links i clicked on it said page not found

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Arrest em all

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUMP!

Thanks for the heads up!

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awesome, thanks for the heads

awesome, thanks for the heads up!


I was wondering if there would be anyway of watching it.

Facebook is

great. Thanks Azvera

It's on my facebook

page now. Alerted my family and friends in Illinois re the rally.

Thank You

Thank You.

I will be posting this on Craigslist in Illinois.

Ron Paul University of Illinois Town Hall Meeting streamed LIVE tonight 6 PM Central.


Get your thinking caps on and lets get this out there. Anyone with ideas please post.

Thanks for the link, I've

Thanks for the link, I've passed it along to a few

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From 6-8pm CST. Enjoy.



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