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March 20th: Have Lunch with Ron Paul in Los Angeles, CA Before He Appears on Leno!

Dr Paul's FINALLY coming to California. I was so excited to go see him but I simply won't be able to make the drive to SoCal right now :(

BUT, I know there're plenty of supporters in LA that'd be interested to have LUNCH with the man himself, right before he's to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, so here it is!




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For all of the lucky Californians who will be able to do this...awesome!


My aunt lives in SoCal, but she won'tbe able to attend :^(

But let's get the words out!!!!

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too far for me to travel...though

I happened to be having lunch in an old country store in New Gloucester, Maine before the caucus when Dr. Paul and his crew walked in.

I have to admit; I was absolutely star struck.
It was only us and a couple other locals.
I got to chat with Dr. Paul and Jesse. I also met Carol and two of their granddaughters.

Needless to say I drove away with tears streaming.

It is very seldom you get to sit and chat with a hero in action.


Hugs to you...and I'm jealous.