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I'm A Ron Paul Republican Too!

Being Arbor month, several nurseries are offering $10 off a bare root fruit trees today. So I made the rounds looking for the perfect tree, and wound up at a popular nursery. There I was looking over the selection, and I noticed a very tall man...he too was looking over the trees. He struck up a conversation with me.

"What kind of tree you looking for?" he asked. "Well, I don't know" I said, "I was thinking about getting a prune tree being my flowering plum does so well."

"Where about do you live?" he asked. " Well, I'm on the coast and get that salt water air stream. The neighbors apples don't produce very good fruit. The apples get brown spots and I don't think it gets hot enough for apples." I said.

"Oh" he says, "I live inland about a mile and half and have a pretty big orchard, several apples, peaces, pears, plums... geez, I must have about 40 trees, and they all produce great fruit." "Wow" I say, "Do you work here?"

"Oh no no," he says, "I'm retired so now I just play in my garden, raise a few sheep." We talked about people we knew. He said he grew up on the coast and his name was John.

He picked his tree, and I picked mine, went inside to make our purchases. We had to sign a book to get the $10 discount. I signed after him and so I saw his last name. Around here, he's a famous man who comes from a very famous family.

So we both head out to our trucks, and I said to him, "Hey John, in the June election I'm going to be on the ballot for Republican Central Committee. I'd appreciate your vote."

I didn't know if he was a Republican, but sure enough.. He puts his arms on his truck and he says, "Well, I don't know. I can't say I really like that Romney guy, and Santorum doesn't seem to know what the Republic is, so I'm having a hard time with my party this election."

I asked, "Have you heard of Ron Paul?"

"Yeah!, he says, "I like that Ron Paul, gawd, I wish he had a chance, it just gets me that they never talk about him, but I like Ron Paul a lot."

So I told him, "I'm a Ron Paul Republican."

"A Ron Paul Republican?" he asks. "Do you really think he has a chance?"

"Yes, sir!" I said, "you bet. I haven't missed an RCC meeting and I'm far from alone in people who are becoming delegates so we can nominate Ron Paul."

"Well, that's the best news I've heard!" he says, "I sure hope you are right. That really makes my day! Ron Paul Republican. I guess that's what I am, too!"

With that we parted, but I'm pretty sure John and I BOTH felt great meeting each other, and I hope this little story makes you feel great too.

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Hi Granger

I am in San Diego county and have signed up to be a delegate with the Ron Paul Campaign on their website just a few days ago. I also signed up to volunteered for the SD Republicans yesterday.

Do you have any suggestions on what my next step would be?

1. Become a Member of your

1. Become a Member of your Republican Central Committee.
Visit your county clerks/registrar/recorders [online] office. Find out which district you live in for Republican County Central Committee. Find out how many seats are available in your district (look for a release about offices available for the June 5th Primary.) (In LA County, each district has 7 seats. Each County is different)

Next, see how many people have filed to fill those seats (look for Candidate Filing Status) If less than the number, run as a write-in candidate.

2) Make Phone Calls for the campaign using phone.ronpaul2012.com. This is critical to identy Ron Paul supporters and delegates and get them to the polls or caucuses.

3) Get active in your community. Find people in your area who like Ron Paul and get them to register Republican so they can vote for Ron Paul. Make a copy of the Registration Form so you can get these new voters to the polls to vote for Ron.

4)Find other supporters in your area on Facebook/Meetup. Canvass your precinct and identify Paul Supporters and get them registered republican and to the polls on June 5th.

I'm in Mendocino

I suggest you begin attending your Republican Central Committee meetings. Like Mendo, San Diego (I was born in La Mesa) is a BIG County, but unlike San Diego, we have a much smaller population.

Yours may be run by district, or prescinct, I don't know. Mine is district.

I would contact the local Ron Paul campaign, as I imagine there must be one in San Diego, volunteer there. Also, I would join the Meet-Up closest to me (Mine is in Santa Rosa 3 hr drive one way, the one I started had no one join, so after three months, I folded).

Get involved in as many GOP events as possible, volunteer to be on and chair committees, and if you have the royal luck, as some here, to be prescinct capatain or RCC chiar, go for it.

Learn Roberts Rules of Order.

Come to Daily Paul, daily, and give as much support as you can. My Daily Paul tee is my favorite.

Some folks wisely suggest you keep the Ron Paul fanactism at home, but I drive a Ron Paul mobile and since 07 I was into the rEVOLution banner and sign waves, and door to door, and I just can't stop talking about Ron Paul, so I introduce myself as a Ron Paul Republican, which really puts the neocons off/ and liberals. But I say, I'm bringing Truth, Intregrity, Sound Money, Freedom, Constitutional Government back to Restore America. In my heart that's exactly what I feel like I'm doing.

I'm really trying to make it to Tampa and I really like the idea of taking/making a Ron Paul train, where we can pool for car/s. Otherwise, I will have to car pool, but it could be fun going coast to coast with all these Ron paul Republicans who are nothing like me, but I LOVE them with all my heart).

Thank you for introducing yourself, and hope to meet you on the train!

"Come to Daily Paul, daily,

"Come to Daily Paul, daily, and give as much support as you can. "

I guess this makes you a hypocrite extraordinaire! Stop trying to screw with people handling their business in states that don't concern you. YOU have FAILED to become a delegate, you are done, please leave those more successful than you ALONE!

I didn't FAIL

My name is still listed on the Sec of State as a Ron paul delegate, and my county registered 5% more voted for Ron Paul than the state.

I did very well.

What concerns me, is that I have a Ron paul Republican show up to my Republican Central Committee meeting, stealth. I'm way way way NOT stealth. I educate my committee on Ron paul's possitions every opportunity, so by the end of the meeting, this guy who comes and says he's for Romney, whips out two campaign buttons that say Ron Paul.

Do you think the committee trusts him?

The stealth stuff may be fore a few people in TX, but you have not proved that. Not that I care about who is stealth in TX. I care that those in CA who don't have to be stealth don't play stealth games. That is not how we win.

So you general fearmongering stealth posts HURT others. Apparently you don't care. And sonce you don't care, I can't respect your wishes, insults, demands, or threats.

I suggest people come to the Daily Paul for news in general, not campaign information. I have never posted anything about who my campaign leaders are or those who I wok with. You will never see me posting their names.

I love your stories,

I love your stories, Granger..look forward to every one..:)

It was encouraging...

...because it didn't seem contrived. Real, random evidence of spontaneous support.

Somewhere, Charlie Webster just got an ulcer!

It definitely made me feel

It definitely made me feel good too, thanks for sharing!

metalhed19's picture

Good post guy....made me

Good post guy....made me smile, nice work

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"


Thanks so much for posting this uplifting story.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I'm a Ron Paul Republican too!

That's what I told my pooled caucus chairman's wife when she was hassling a Ron Paul supporter who I think she recognized was a "democrat", even though we don't even have party registration in this state, by claiming falsely that you "have to be a Republican and you have to support Republican candidates". I asked her what the deal was because I had just signed him in on my sheet and she said something about some people just wanting to disrupt the process. In response said well don't worry I'm a Ron Paul Republican, to which she said "I know", since I was sporting a Ron Paul button prominently on the lapel of my suit. The supporter ended up becoming a delegate for Ron Paul in his precinct even though he was the only one out of 10 people! We should form Ron Paul Republican clubs across the country, one of the first events I went to was a straw poll at a Ronald Reagan Republican Club, I think we should steal the idea and make Ron Paul Republican Clubs across the country to organize and find local candidates to to promote and endorse.

Didn't meet up steal the idea first?

Isn't that what Meet ups do?

One thing I appreciate about us Ron Paul Republicans is we appear to have each others backs.

I'm prud of you for standing up and being counted!


Meetups are great but we don't have one here on vashon

and I don't need to pay meetup anything to have my group made up of people who I personally got to sign in with me at my pooled caucus as Ron Paul Republicans most of whom are delegates or alternates to the state legislative district convention. Plus the problem with the meetup is the biggest one around here had 700 people and then after the election in 08' they converted in to campaign for liberty so this time around they weren't allowed to use it to promote campaign events! I'd rather have my own little club I learned from campaign for liberty that top down groups have their place but their is a need for bottom up grassroots groups who make their own rules. Look I even made a free website already over night:
Vashon Island Ron Paul Republican Club

Thank you for the education

That's interesting what you have done and I agree about Meet ups, didn't know that about C4L, and maybe a Republican club would work here... I don't know. I appreciate the food for thought and the links. Very cool.

Not just any Republican club

We're Ron Paul Republicans! We support sound money, personal liberty, limited government under the constitution. We demand honesty, transparency, and integrity of our elected officials.

That's a great...


Good stuff

I had a good day. A family member that has always described themself as a 'bleeding-heart libertarian' (that always made me laugh) and has voted Democrat for decades called and said, "I'm on board".

I first thought that there would be a joke following, but they stated that the news has recently made them see that Obama is not any different than Bush.

And this person was an Obama devotee.

March on, brothers and sisters!



Great story!

It's always good to be reminded that not all RP supporters are internet-savvy enough to not be discouraged by the MSM. We have to be mindful of those who are more easily discouraged.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


I would like to be able to determine when the delegates are elected in VA - no luck so far, but I e-mailed the local party for information.

Contact your County Clerk

they should have those answers for you

Such a good idea

I am also going to plant a tree of liberty in my yard :)

I have to wipre my eyes while I type.

Freakin' awesome story on so many levels!

Reaching out to hug the whole world right now

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

That's why you're so special here

You share LOVE and I love you for that!

Well you could add this to your RP stickered up monster car ;)

I had a red "republican" bumper sticker from the House Republican Women and I covered everything up but "Republican" and added a bumper sticker of Ron Paul's signature atop. So it was fat but it read "Ron Paul Republican"....I drove it in everybody's face for years.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

OK I'm going to do it

I'm going to buy a several Republican stickers and do exactly what you did. I sincerely THANK YOU for the idea. If I didn't already have a butterfuly in my car, I would get one to remind me who I owe what's going to be my Ron Paul Republican sticker/s, to. YOU!;))

As Dr. Paul would say...

"Starting brushfires of liberty in the minds of men" one at a time. Great story.

Ron Paul also says

"Liberty brings people together" :)

You should have told him you were looking for the Tree of

Liberty because they all seem to be dying here in America. LOL. Great story, you should have sent him over here to dailypaul. Keep up the great work!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

No kidding tog2467

I'm think of getting one more tree.... and now you've convinced me, I need to go looking for a tree of liberty... and bring my Super Brochures... I couldn't believe I didn't have one in my truck... Seems I'm passing out more of them than what I think.