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Athens-Clarke County GOP County Convention Fraud Against Paul Supporters

This is what happened at our GOP County Convention. The Chairman of our local party and his cronies worked together to disenfranchise 23 of the 37 delegates (all Ron Paul supporters) and have their slate of Newt supports passed through. Please share with as many as possible. Get he word out!


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Whoops! Wrong Clarke County - sorry about that

this announcement was for WA not GA

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Too late to edit the title?

Too late to edit the title?

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

The title is correct.

The columbian newspaper article is in the wrong thread.

I just realized it.and was going to point that out.

I think Athens, Clarke County, Georgia is having a redo next week.

Something smells fishy

If this is a redo of the failed attempt to railroad the attending delegates at the previous convention, there is no way that there should be 1700 people present. The reconvened convention should have been sufficient. Only that slate of delegates should be considered by the State GOP.

Convention tomorrow - what's the status of the delegates?

Mike Gaston, Clark County Republicans’ executive director, said he expects approximately 1,700 people to attend the Clark County GOP convention this weekend.

Registration opens at 8 a.m. Saturday at the Hilton Vancouver Washington, 301 W. Sixth St.

There’s a $15 registration fee, Gaston said. While attendees include 1,000 delegates and 700 alternate delegates, observers can attend, he said.

The convention will start at 9 a.m., and candidates for office will be allowed to make a three-minute speech. Attendees also will decide on a party platform and elect delegates to go to the state convention.


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

reality check..

Thanks again Ben Swann for the coverage on Fox19 news RealityCheck. We're all thankful for your dedication to seeking truth and your support for Ron Paul.

Interview with Delegate

Delegate Interview w/ Tim Bryant

I don't suppose there's any

I don't suppose there's any lip readers here? I'm sure curious to know what that guy is mouthing to the fella in the front row right after he quickly seconded the motion to adopt the slate.

Reality Check

Ben Swann:

A lot of you have been posting the Athens Georgia delegate video on my page. Just want you to know that I have been in touch with the people who released the video and I will do a Reality Check on this on Tuesday of next week. Beyond reporting what happened.. is the question of what happens next. I'll attempt to answer that as well.


Tell us like it is Ben! Looking forward to Tuesday.

SteveMT's picture

This gives a good synopsis of what happened in Clarke County.

[I lived there for 6 years in Winterville, and I worked in Athens right next to the U. of Georgia campus. This is very disturbing. Is it yet time for the lawsuits to begin?]

Electoral Fraud : Athens-Clarke County, Georgia - Republican Delegate Fraud EXPOSED
March 16, 2012

Now in another disturbing development we have learn that, on Saturday March 10th, in Athens, GA, the democratic process was trampled on. The Athens-Clarke county GOP met to hold their annual county convention. The convention was held to nominate, approve, and pass slates of delegates to the party's district and state conventions.

County chairman Matt Brewster and nominating committee chairman John Elliot blatantly broke the rules of their own party when they improperly, and without a majority, passed delegate slates and adjourned the convention amidst cries for "division", which is a call for a standing head count. With that, many sitting precinct delegates were disenfranchised, and the convention was improperly closed. When warned that their conduct was jeopardizing the status of the delegates and alternates for the entire county, the chair Matt Brewster directed all questions to John Padgett, who is the Secretary of the Georgia State Republican Party. Unfortunately, Mr. Padgett refused to answer questions and fled the scene along with the rest of the local GOP leadership.

Apparently, this is not the first time that the Georgia GOP has alienated Ron Paul supporters....
More at:


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"This is just scratching the surface..."

I've been busy so I haven't been on ATS recently but I thought this was something everybody should see.

This is just scratching the surface of what is going on within the GOP establishment and their under-handed tactics (and that is being nice).

The GOP can't chalk this one up to 'incompetence' LOL.

In other news, Ron Paul supporters are dominating county conventions in states all over the country. I hope some of the ATS members have been keeping up with those stories and posting them here.

I still think it's crazy that

this isn't on the national news. The folks who took this video should be applauded.

My only concern for the rest of the caucuses is that they will run out of batteries filming the shenanigans.


Names/Positions of the Guilty

I'd suggest adding the names and positions of those in charge to the video for the record.

Tell 'Watch the Vote'!!!!!

Anyone who was there - can you please come to the Watch the Vote facebook page and post your version of the story. We are in the process of a Grand Jury case against the GOP across the nation for election fraud and we need your story to help with it!!! Please go here and post it now and spread the word!!


We have almost 3000 members and growing so its a great place to get the exposure! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!

Judy Spady
Watch the Vote Core Team Member

Send to Swann, slewis!

He's been looking for this!

Did anyone else notice that

Did anyone else notice that the crooks looked like lifeless bloodsuckers while the Paul people were spirited and had blood running through their veins?

TAKE The Convention!

Someone should have called a motion to replace the chairman on the grounds that he was out of order and in violation of GOP rules for Delegate Selection. If there is a specific process for doing so, someone please share it here. After someone seconds your motion you could vote on removing said person. Once you nominate a new chairman and he/she takes the gavel and calls the room to order the process of delegates selection could proceed anew.

If the state GOP won't add your delegates then have them just show up at the State convention along with your video proof that according the the GOP's written rules, they are the true delegates. In fact, I'd recommend you gather in the same room tomorrow (or asap) and hold your own nominating convention. Video record it, invite the press, have a notary on hand to certify any signed documents, etc, etc.

Your Delegates should show up to State with a mountain of evidence proving that they are the *true* Delegates of that County according to GOP Regulations. Bring copies of the GOP rules, highlighting the rules that were broken. If you have any attorneys or Law Enforcement Officers among your ranks have them present at State as well to help argue your case. Make sure the media is present! Shame the GOP into honesty (to the extent possible). They rely on our ignorance and fear. TAKE The Convention!

I just noticed joeinmo's

I just noticed joeinmo's comments along these lines. Make sure you send them a registered notice (don't lose the sig!) pointing out when/where/why you're reconvening. Invite them to attend.

Now that it is becoming clear that RP supporters are taking many delegate slots the various state GOP insiders will try this same sort of thing. I'd say it's urgent that delegates and potential delegates get schooled immediately in how to contest this sort of fraud, how to replace a corrupt chairman and nominate your own delegates should that become necessary. Document and record EVERYTHING! Make it impossible for the GOP to deny you without blatantly fraudulent...

Proof of Election Fraud!

Its Nothing a Good BASHING wouldn't Fix


On the order of Rodney King,

until that starts Nothing will Change.


I just watched it again

Division was called before any other motion, so division is currently the question on the floor, no other motions can be made, including to close the convention. As we sit here and blog, the Athens Clark County GOP convention is still running, regardless if anyone is there or not. While there can be no business done until a quorum returns (should be just a simple majority) it's is still running right this minute.

Fantastic evidence of fraud!!

Patriots everyone of you! Thank you shout this far and wide!

This is why you go in

as an UNDECIDED or UNBOUND candidate! If they have no clue you are a Ron Paul supporter then they cannot get rid of you. And if you must pledge support, pledge for Newt that way after the first round in TAMPA you can switch to Paul (because there is no way newt will have 1444 delegates in the first round.)

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

thanks for posting this

thanks for posting this video, and standing up for your right to be heard.

That convention was incorrectly ended

go back to the location, it looks like if you get the same Paul supporters that were there, you will haveca quorum, finish the convention, elect delegates and submit those delegates as the correct slate.

Then properly close the convention

According to Roberts Rules of Order, a Convention has a life of it's own, it is still alive according to the rules and can be restarted if not properly closed, which it wasn't.

Read the rules, re-start it, follow the original agenda, elect a convention chair etc, elect a delegate slate, video tape it all, and send it to the State credentials committee for the State Convention and try and get seated as the correct delegation.

A call for "Division" has to be addressed, the Convention CANNOT end when there is a call for division on the floor, there need not be a second.

25. Division of the Assembly, and other Motions relating to Voting. A Division of the Assembly1 may be called for, without obtaining the floor, at any time after the question has been put, even after the vote has been announced and another has the floor, provided the vote was taken viva voce, or by show of hands, and it is called for before another motion has been made. This call, or motion, is made by saying, "I call for a division," or "I doubt the vote," or simply by calling out, "Division." It does not require a second, and cannot be debated, or amended, or have any other subsidiary motion applied to it. As soon as a division is called for, the chair proceeds again to take the vote, this time by having the affirmative rise, and then when they are seated having the negative rise. While any member has the right to insist upon a rising vote, or a division, where there is any question as to the vote being a true expression of the will of the assembly, the chair should not permit this privilege to be abused to the annoyance of the assembly, by members constantly demanding a division where there is a full vote and no question as to which side is in the majority. It requires a majority vote to order the vote to be counted, or to be taken by yeas and nays (roll call) or by ballot. These motions are incidental to the question that is pending or has just been pending, and cannot be debated. When different methods are suggested they are usually treated not as amendments, but like filling blanks, the vote being taken first on the one taking the most time. In practice the method of taking a vote is generally agreed upon without the formality of a vote.

When the vote is taken by ballot during a meeting of the assembly, as soon as the chair thinks all have voted who wish to, he inquires if all have voted, and if there is no response he declares the polls closed, and the tellers proceed to count the vote. If a formal motion is made to close the polls it should not be recognized until all have presumably voted, and then it requires a two-thirds vote like motions to close debate or nominations. If members enter afterwards and it is desired to reopen the polls it can be done by a majority vote. None of these motions are debatable.

Just a note, it does not appear that thier side has enough people to make a quorum to reopen the convention (you have to know exactly how many people were there voting (not visitors), so they shouldn't have enough to restart the convention without you, but if they do it will be whoever restarts it first. If you do, be sure to send them notice by certified mail that you are re-starting the convention, give the reasons, you can even advertise it in the local paper, this way it looks better for you when you submit it to the credentials committee.

Robert's Rules of Order Quick Sheet

I have a document that quickly shows all the motions and which one trumps the other....how they should be stated, etc. I'll post them on here if someone can tell me how to post a doc.
Judy Spady


I second this motion. :)