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DP Peer Review: Evidence of Algorithm Vote Flipping in GOP Primary Elections Layman's Executive Summary

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The 10th vote is a much larger fraction of the total counted votes than the 1000th vote. As you begin to add precincts - no matter how big - they will eventually be dwarfed by the amount of votes already counted.

Right. But if the percentage

Right. But if the percentage starts at 50%, but the actual results is 25%, then it can slope down for the whole graph until it hits 25%.

Looks like very, very suspicious data to me

Looking at the graphs and data, it looks very much as if after a certain % of the votes is in, someone calculates how much fraud is needed to flip the result in Paul's disadvantage, after which Romney surges and Paul goes down. And only for certain selected, large counties.

Stalin already said it: "the power is not in the hands of the voters, but in the hands of the people who count the votes". Or something like that. In Russian probably.

For a while I thought of an explanation of this: as Paul supporters are more fanatic, they might be temped to vote as early as possible, while Romney voters would be more like the couch potato kind, only coming out when needed... But in that case, the graphs would be that weird in each and every county, not just in the largest.

This might be something huge! I wouldn't be surprised to see the mainstream media ignoring it!

What the Hell happened

to page 5 of the lay report? Somebody smear a lot of Vaseline on the lens?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I sent the link to Tom Woods

There's got to be someone in the Mises community that can 'scrub' the numbers.

Try getting this to Richard Charnin

He posts on WatchtheVote2012 and is a mathematician.

More controls needed

If you really want a neutral party to believe the analysis you have to find the frequency of this anomaly in 2008 and compare it to the frequency of the anomaly in 2012. Otherwise we dont know if your analysis stems from sample bias.

It isn't a sample problem. The stats heavyweights have confirme


We are not dealing with samples.

We are dealing with full counting of a known population. A true census.

Aren't some New Hampshire precincts hand counted?

According to New Hampshire Secretary of State http://www.sos.nh.gov/voting%20machines.htm
some precincts are machine-counted (178) and the rest are hand-counted (125 that I counted had votes from the 2012 primary).

Would it be helpful to test the algorithm against results that you know were NOT machine counted? or run your data for New Hampshire with and without those precincts to see if the swapping is minimized or exaggerated when the precincts are taken out of the analysis that you know were seen by real human counters?

The FOOLPROOF way to catch them:::::

Set up a "STEALTH" exit poll.

Videotape the entire poll. Withhold the result until they "fudge the numbers". Run the exit poll in a location where the staff inside would not be aware of it.


Do it next primary at one of the larger population centers. (They never play their algorithm game in small areas which would be more obvious)

After they confirm the vote in that area, THEN spring out with "OH, BY THE WAY WE RAN A STEALTH EXIT POLL ON YOUR A$$"


Hard to be stealthy when you're taking affidavits.

If you're not taking sworn affidavits I don't think you'd have anything. We're free to lie all we want, especially when someone asks who we just voted for. Also, many would refuse to answer. Exit polls might predict a winner but they have never been regarded as proof IMO.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

The algorithm can be proven

The algorithm can be proven if we get the results from the IA caucus where a Ron Paul supporter realized they IA GOP was using the wrong totals. His results verse what they reported should show the vote flipping right there, right?

Who is the most powerful person to get the info to

The Justice department? Forget it and probably no jurisdiction anyway. Any Republican? Can't think of anbody - maybe Gingrich. He has the clout and the courage to stand up to a machine. And he is affected too.

The media may be better. Perhaps an older reporter who is near retirement and is patriotic. Maybe Jack Cafferty. Fox - forget it. MSNBC? - partisan and nobody watches. Maybe a retired guy like Brokaw or Koppel.

Who else?


"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an


But in what venue? As a Paul supporter he may have less cred.

Send it to Al Sharpton on Politics Nation

He carried the vote fraud in Maine story. Not out of any sympathy for the Paul campaign, but because he hates the hypocrisy of the GOP for their new voting rules.

He might air it. For the wrong reason, but what do we care?

If you send it, frame the information as "GOP massive vote fraud".

Don't send it as "Ron Paul robbed of victory".

THIS is without a doubt THE

THIS is without a doubt THE BIGGEST story of this entire campaign, and the biggest story since 911! This has to 1) be validated, and 2) make national headlines! GREAT work and kudos to whoever put this together, they need to receive a Nobel Prize!

Hummm, I think they deserve a

Hummm, I think they deserve a prize that actually is worth something...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

This significance is

This significance is profound. We must validate and strengthen, then advertise this to the general population.

The media will support it when enough people know about it to hold them accountable for not reporting it, and not one person earlier.

Question about the data

Are electronic voting machines the method of vote counting in each of the locations these "phenomenon" occur? It would speak toward method of generation of the irregularity if the answer was either yes or no.

No, it is happening in caucus states with paper ballots as well.

Which, barring a demographic or other natural cause, means the hack is happening at the central tabulator.

In caucus states with paper ballots, there is still someone in a central location that is putting that paper data into a computer. It is THAT computer that is flipping the votes. (if they are indeed being flipped)

This is also evident by the nature of the algorithm. Since it is triggered based on the particular precincts' relative percent of the total county vote, it can't be at the machine level. This is because, until the vote is all in, in that county, there is no way to KNOW what relative percent is for any one precinct.

Thus, this isn't happening on the fly. It is happening after results are reported in but before being reported out to the world.

Not only does the nature of the anomaly allow the calculation of the algorithm as shown in the full document, but now we can narrow down who might be persons of interest in a criminal investigation.

If you had timely access to the central tabulating computer in those states, then you are a person of interest.

This is not surprising, as the central tabulator has long been claimed to be the weak link in the system. With some systems, it is a simple EDITABLE and UNPROTECTED spreadsheet. And thus, the votes on the machine tape or cartridge can be edited and thus the original electronic record of the real vote, lost forever.

If any of these states retain original signed tally printouts from each machine, this should be able to be correlated to show the proof of the discrepancy and thus the fraud.

I have been thinking

I am more of an intuitive type person and I tend to think there is something profound in the opinion posters statistical work even though I could not give you a statistical proof of this. However, I did get an A in my Intro to Elementary Stastics class.

At first I thought it would seem logical and simplest to explain this as rogue party hacks doing their "patriotic" duty by padding the numbers using their calculators.

But knowing now about the total amount of business Romney has given to Goldman Sachs, and apparently the election machines and back office election support that former Goldman employee's companies now provide in the United States,it would seem quite possible there is not only human finagling on election day but technical wizardry that could give the odd looking charts that the OP has shown us.

The OP methodology would show the same fraudulent results either way. As far as I am concerned looking at this data it is highly likely election fraud is systemic.

This does not have anything to do with demographics as some posters are trying to convince us.

they figure out the trigger

on pg 64

Here's my summary of important pages

starting at comment 733 pgs 61-65

pgs 74 - 78

Great summary pgs 128 - 129

I've just spent about 3 hours reading through most of it and this work needs to be recommended for some kind of award!

They even found vote flipping in 2008- and again mostly to Romney's advantage though McCain also benefitted. Was Mitt getting Goldman Sachs money back then, too? They have to figure in there somewhere.

And although Paul has been the main target, they've flipped on everyone - even Bachmann, Huntsman and Perry. I betcha Newt's camp won't like this one bit, either, and if the Paul and Gingrich camp make a big enough stink who knows what will happen. Knowing what we do now will also mean it will be much harder for Obama to rig the election in November and that is GREAT news.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

to summarize the short version

- Ron Paul should have had a tie with Santorum in Iowa with Romney in distant third!
- Ron Paul should have won New Hampshire in front of Romney
- Ron Paul should have had a strong second place behind Gingrich in front of Romney.

Given his excellent GOP debate performances no wonder.

Imagine what the subsequent numbers after Iowa and New hampshire would have looked if the real numbers were reported!
The momentum would have elevated his numbers even further and he would have been the clear frontrunner in delegates.

Instead -> total media blackout! Ron Paul didnt win state and has no chance!

I hope this fraud can be proven and Ben Swann gets the word out!
After that we need only one piece in the national media and the whole GOP establishment would have to step down(replaced by Freedom loving Paul supporters)


I urge you all to stop talking about beeing a stealth delegate for RP! You can do what you want but you want to have no grip for the gop establishment to turn this on you in any way!

Can't believe this...

I really want someone to prove this wrong. I sincerely mean that. If this is real, then things are worse than I thought.

Also, we need get this to some university professors or doctorate level math students. Email addresses are not difficult to find. Contact your local university.... just don't bother with department heads because those guys are either pompous, busy or both.

They already have

though someone commented in the doc that these guys are expensive if you want them to put something in writing. And Liberty 1789 gave it to some rocket scientists who have passed it on to elite mathematicians. They are covering all the bases.
yes, this is huge and will affect vote tallies from here on in. We may actually have real elections happen.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Good point...

I never considered that mathematicians probably like working for free as much the next guy. It makes sense that they would be expensive too....

I second that

I second that

This explains a lot!

This is just wild to review. It looks like the GOP is clearly engaged in outright fraud to me.