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Regarding Ron Paul Flix

Hello all, something just occurred that I thought I'd bring to the community's attention. I would first like to preface by saying that I am in no way attempting to charge formal complaint or call for any form of boycott whatsoever, but I feel that a dialogue should take place when one of our resources commonly used appears to contradict the message of free exchange of ideas that we so fiercely preach.

The Ron Paul Flix website posted a picture depicting a woman kneeling with hands clasped together and held in towards her chest, while she gazed upwards (clearly watching the good doctor speak.) To the right their was a quote that said "I just lost it... I couldn't imaging being near him... ever... and there I was... directly in front of the stage... just floored at his passion... floored at his love of liberty... and freedom... If we all have a part of that... man... 'I see other candidates as the past... I see YOU as the future'... f*cking unreal. Major reality check for me... I'm STILL crying!" I'll go ahead and post the url of the image here:


When I saw this image, I decided (much as we all chose to do within the DP community) to express my view that while I agree with the sentiment of what had been posted, I felt that such activity may portray us in a light reminiscent of "obama mania," and perhaps fuel the fires of the MSM to label us as overzealous and fringe. A free spirited debate between many ensued, which remained quite civil (thanks in part to the fact that it was a disagreement between Paul supporters, it really is great that we tend to be so good to one another.) Others chipped in their two cents, and after a few minutes of hearing other individual's opinions I had noticed that a few individuals had really gotten into it towards the bottom of the screen. I began to type something to the effect of "Guys, let's all remember that we're working towards the same end here. Let's dispense with the petty fighting and remain civil." I proceeded to click the "post" button, and found that I had been blocked from comment on the entire site, and that my opinions (along with those who cordially agreed with me) had been removed as well!

I reflected for a moment on the fact that I have yet to hear of an individual or group of individuals with a certain opinion being censored or blocked by the DP, and have largely found both the moderators as well as MN to be polite, welcoming, cordial, and tolerant of all views pertaining to our own opinions on the campaign, RP's performances, any staff, or any event that had occurred. Once again, I cannot stress enough that I am not calling for any sort of community action on our part whatsoever, nor am I looking for flaming of any other sites or groups. What I simply want to ask is this: What do you think the role of site owners of our collective community should be in facilitating discussion or censoring dissenting views from the owner of the site? Is there a proper role? What is your take on what had transpired? Heck, if you'd like (considering that this community has been so tolerant of open and respectful debate), let's even hear your take on the picture! I'd really like to discuss this with some like minded (and not so like minded) individuals.

Shout for freedom,


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