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Ron Paul Wins Another County

Ron Paul Wins Another County

On Wyoming's high, brown, coal plains, brush fire hot spread hour by hour,
And an old cracked bell tolled warning: Flee ye dogs who lust for power!

Four years ago, I was privileged to write an article for Lew Rockwell about losing.

We lost a contest for Ron Paul. We lost the fight for a national delegate. We lost a battle for freedom against the entrenched forces of evil and stupidity. By a vote of 37-44, my county failed to send to the national convention a soft-spoken doctor with honor, high integrity, and a dedication to human liberty, instead sending a professional lobbyist.

No one likes to lose. Unfortunately, to be a warrior in the cause of freedom means to constantly lose. An unceasing string of losses generally awaits anyone wanting to pursue liberty in the political arena. Even apparent victories will often turn into losses, as once the "forces of freedom" storm into power, they quickly become as corrupt as those they displaced. One gets used to this. One reads Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell and other stalwart libertarian optimists and tries to keep things in the correct long-term perspective.

Nevertheless, one does not like to lose. One does not like to see our bright-faced bands of upstart freedom-fighters constantly crushed and humiliated by the inexorable numbers of putrid, slimy power-worshipers, proudly waving their vomitous flags. Ever-triumphant. Ever-unstoppable.

No, one burns deeply in righteous hatred of this evil, this madness; ever-longing, ever-seething to stomp these vermin and grind them forever into dust. And from time to time a man, if he is to call himself a man, must stand up for himself and attempt to do just that.

It is thus with exceeding pleasure and great gratification that I bring LRC readers, and thus the world, the following report:

This time, we won.

Oh, what sweet beautiful words. Yes, we blasted evil to pieces. We tore stupidity to shreds. Victory, for once, was ours! Ron Paul won my county, Campbell County, Wyoming.

Now it occurs to me that it would be most useful to the reader to know how we won. Here is how.

It is mostly a story of procrastination and inaction. Let us skip that part. Yes, a couple of us kept our Ron Paul signs up for the past four years (mine kept on getting stolen for a while, until I literally screwed one onto the front side of my house). Yes, we Ron Paul supporters had a few meetings in the interregnum period, including one I find hilarious to look back on, wherein the momentous topic of what we should name our group was discussed and debated for what seemed like forever. I ran for state house in 2010, and another Ron Paul supporter ran for city council. We both lost, of course.

So the freedom flame was kept alive, but for the most part, nothing happened. Life went on, and politics was not the focus of it.

Then about a week before the precinct caucuses, I rolled back into town, realized it was now or never, and sprang into action.

I attempted to contact everyone on my list of supporters from last time.

I visited the people on the FEC report -- those who had given more than $200 to Ron Paul.

After much struggle and many phone calls, I finally convinced the "official" campaign to give us their list of under-$200 donors. I then called, e-mailed, and personally visited the homes of as many of those people as practical.

I brainstormed anyone and everyone that I might be able to get to the caucus: friends, acquaintances, people at businesses I patronize, people I know from church, co-workers, former co-workers, etc. I invited them out to the caucus. I asked all the Ron Paul supporters I was contacting to please likewise get not only themselves but as many people out to the caucus as possible.

We are all aware of how well Ron Paul does among young people. With that in mind, I gave a presentation to a class at the local community college announcing the caucus was coming up that weekend and explaining how to participate.

High school seniors here are required to take a course in government, a requirement tailor-made for my get-out-the-youth plot, because virtually all the seniors are eligible to participate and vote at the caucuses since they would be 18 years old by November. So, I also gave my presentation to every single government class at the local high school, nine presentations in all, getting the word out to half the senior class, amounting to a few hundred individuals. In this case my procrastination worked out ideally. Because of it, I was telling them on Thursday and Friday to come out on that Saturday -- the day after tomorrow or tomorrow, the same way they'd be informed of a party coming up that weekend. Any longer interval would have been too long and the event entirely forgotten by the time the day for it arrived. In these presentations, I had to be very non-partisan and non-biased. I was not promoting Ron Paul, I was promoting the idea that they come to the caucus and have a chance, for the first time in their life, to have some small amount of input into the system that presumes to boss them around and rule over them (as I told them, the young are a perpetually-renewing underclass). Nevertheless, at least one young man apparently saw right through me, and from the back of the class he caught my attention and held up a page in his notebook he'd sketched in large letters "RON PAUL!". I just smiled and gave him a little nod. The libertarian revolution does indeed continue to spread and the future is getting brighter.

On Friday night another supporter and I called a last-minute meeting, to which almost 20 people showed up. We went over what to expect the next morning, talked about what had attracted each of us to Ron Paul, and had a great time.

We then had the caucus. We lost the straw poll to Santorum, 38 to 32, but every single one of those 32 was a solid, hard-core Ron Paul supporter, and we elected almost every one of those 32 to be a delegate for the county convention. We even elected a few supporters that couldn't make it or came late and missed the straw poll, so that in the end we had 36 delegates and 4 alternates.

In the intervening weeks, I continued trying to dig up more Ron Paul supporters and get them appointed as delegates. Then, a week before the convention we had another Ron Paul meeting and a young man presented an idea: he could make up a flyer and then we could go around and give them to all the delegates to the convention. Aha! How obvious! There's only a hundred of these people. Let's get out there and do some old-fashioned retail politics!

So I got the list of delegates from the county chairman and off I went. The young man who'd had the idea helped too. We didn't get around to all of them, not even close, but we talked to about 50 out of 161 delegates and alternates. I was able to convince many of them, even if not to support Ron Paul, to at least support me. It's just a matter of going around and convincing them you're a half-way decent person. It's not that hard -- even politicians can do it, and most of them are in reality not even one-eighth-of-a-way decent people!

The day of the convention arrived. We had our Ron Paul table with our Ron Paul literature and our Ron Paul signs and our Ron Paul free donuts. A Gadsen flag hung nobly over it all. I went through my list, giving last-minute reminder calls to all the good guys. I mingled through the crowd, succeeding in meeting many of those whose homes I hadn't been able to get to.

Things went wrong. Another Ron Paul supporter, one who had not participated in any of the work listed above by the way, now insisted that he was going to run as Alternate National Delegate and refused to talk to me or anyone else about it. This was after he had explicitly assured me that he was fine and happy with me being the nominee. Also, some of our cadre of 36+4 didn't show up. Many of the people I'd visited and who would've supported me didn't show up. Many of those who did show up left before the election of the national delegate. I can hardly blame them, by the way. I had thought that we liberty folks were ridiculous debating the name of our organization, but we pale in comparison to these guys, who could debate -- at incredible length and totally unblushingly -- such topics as the grammaticality of adding the word "only" to a platform plank. Clearly we should leave utter banality and slack-jawed stupidity to the professionals: the Republican Party of the United States. No one can compete with them. Such burning issues as the redundancy of "only" we attacked from 10 AM to 3:30 PM. Finally it was time to put our two cents into the mysterious slot of our nation's Free and Glorious Election Process.

I stood there and observed as the votes were tallied. We're ahead...pulling away...uh oh, a whole block of establishment votes...they're catching up...oops, it looks like they counted one (establishment) ballot twice; I point it out, the elderly lady says I'm wrong...only a few hash marks apart...only a few ballots left, though...could it be?...yes....

We won!

Despite all that had gone wrong, by a spread of four votes we had won it (really five if I was right about the counting mistake. There was no second counting to make sure, and doubtless the evidence has now been destroyed). It took quite a bit of work. It took the lessons learned back in 2007-8 of how the system worked. It took intelligence. It took numbers. But most of all, it took initiative. Just as I explained in my article about losing four years ago: if you do not do it, no one will do it. The "official" campaign will not do it. Do not impotently wait for their help. The other supporters will not do it. They are waiting for someone else to take charge. At some point, someone has to seize the reins and decide that things are going to happen, and that he is going to make them happen.

Go out and be that someone.

You are the campaign. You are Ron Paul. How do you think Ron Paul got to be Ron Paul? He did something -- on his own initiative! No one told him to run for Congress (as far as I know). He just did it. Lo and behold, eventually something good came of it. You too can be a Ron Paul. Just seize a pencil, write a plan, and then take the action to make it happen. It doesn't have to be about electoral politics. Obviously!

But in! into the fray! Boldly dive!
And fight! Fight your own way! While you live!
Be a go-getter, a true freedom fighter. A legend. A hero. A man.
Though tyranny's bitter, and nooses grow tighter, let's fight them as long as we can.

Join the fight for human liberty. Take your place beside Mises and Rothbard, Cobden and Bright, Henry and Paine, Locke and Rand. Let us all, when our lives are over, go to be part of that great and noble pantheon of those who stood firm and spat directly into the foul face of tyranny. Be one of those immortal Bold Ones.

The few.

The brave.

The Individualists.

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thank you!

So, will I be seeing you in

So, will I be seeing you in Cheyenne April 12th?



What is the situation looking like? Do we have enough delegates to have a chance? You have the list of delegates from Campbell County and know which ones are RP supporters, right?


Isn't this your story?

Now I am confused about this/your story. Are M R., N K., J M., D G., K B. and C S. rp'ers or not? Didn't you stand up to be on a committee, any committee? Why would you say your county won, but be so slack about going to state? Don't you want to put your best foot forward and help gently sway our state party towards a platform of Freedom and Independence? We already have 2nd amendment carry, food freedom is starting to make headway, and many of the platform and resolution proposals coming up from the counties are VERY Freedom oriented...

By my count, we have at least 16 of 41 Nomination/Election committee members as declared supporters. Those look like good chances to me. Doesn't it look good to you?

So, are you a state delegate, and if so, will I see you in Cheyenne next week? =)

Oh, and BTW:

From: Tammy Hooper
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2012 11:09 AM
Subject: Extension of on line registration

Good Morning:

In response to concerns about the deadline for registration from a some and several folks who tried to register after 5:00 pm yesterday, the Visitor's Bureau has re-opened the on line registration so if you have any one who has not registered yet, this is their opportunity to do so and the only opportunity. Following Monday, April 9th at 5:00 pm, if they want to attend, they will be registering on-site at Little America.

Please encourage them to take advantage of this at their earliest convenience and get their payment in the mail.

Thank you everyone and Happy Easter

Tammy Hooper, Chairman
Wyoming Republican Party

You can register AT THE DOOR!



OK. I not only have a short memory, I have a complete lack of caring in understanding any of this. I'm sorry that you guys aren't getting along and are betraying each other and what-EVER. Let's keep fighting for freedom, though, shall we?

Yes this is how its done! We have a lot of States Left..

Get involved and organized as this is how we won our BPOU convention and many others in MN


Hard work and persistence wins the day!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.



Thanx for the post

and more thanx for all your hard work

Shared on FB

Bookmarked Your Post

Wanted to keep it. Thanks for your dedication.


Persistance pays off

It's amazing how random politics can be sometimes. All the little things have to come together. So many opportunities for things to fall apart. It takes people like yourself to keep plugging away in the same way Ron Paul does. Maybe that's why he inspires so many to just get up and do what think needs to be done. That's true grassroots.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website


I am going to try very hard to just take heart from what is happening in other states. Please understand that in 2008, we had some major victories in Idaho and pretty much all of our fruit rotted on the vine. I have had the sense that something is VERY wrong in Idaho, the fellowship of 2008 is gone, replaced with an odd "libertarian political correctness" and a healthy dose of backstabbing. The establishment rallied to ensure we got nothing this time, and they succeeded.
So I am delighted with your report, please heed my warning: You are fighting the Hydra, and some of the heads will start acting like Ron Paul supporters.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


who on earth do you think was responsible for that? (sarc)

You, Sandra.

Seriously. People like you, who decide politics is FUN and love stabbing people in the back if they are not up to your standards of purity. Thanks for popping in and proving my point.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

For those of you who don't know fishyculture:

she's NOT here to get support for Dr Paul. She also prays we have a short memory.



More People Should

Read this. I want more people to read this. Stay excited, everyone, and keep fighting for liberty!

There's Still a Lot of States Left

and still a lot of work to be done! Let's stick with it to the end, everyone!

It's out of control!

Here's an interesting part of the story I left out (one of many): While calling up all the Ron Paul supporters, I tried calling one guy but it was a wrong number. The young lady on the other end said that she had had the number for a few years now, but she still sometimes got calls for him. I explained I was calling because we were both Ron Paul supporters, and she wasn't real familiar, but after explaining how he wanted to end the wars she was on board and said she might be able to come help us at the caucus!

Then, at our Friday night meeting, I was talking to one nice couple who had come and they told me "we didn't know this meeting was happening." I said "Wait, what?" How could they be there, then? It turns out that they just happened to be in the store, and they saw the signs and shirts and stuff, and being huge Ron Paul fans, they came over and joined us! And then they came to the caucus the next morning too (luckily they were already registered and registered Republican, certainly not the case for all of our people in general)!

Then at the end, I was thanking the ladies behind the counter for being so accommodating (they turned down the music for us, put up with us, etc.). The older one said that it was no problem, and that she was a Ron Paul supporter as well. "I just moved from Washington state. My son told me about him and got me into it." Wow!

So the lady behind the counter is a Ron Paul supporter, the random people at the Hastings (bookstore, movies, cafe) are Ron Paul supporters,... even the wrong numbers are Ron Paul supporters! I mean, what's going on here?

We're everywhere, people! It's out of control! The rEVOLution brush fire is spreading, all across fly-over country.

It is so hard to believe that

It is so hard to believe that ALL the work you did resulted in only 4 votes for the win, but I am so happy for it and also amazed at the work you did for Ron. We should give trophies for some of the efforts individual supporters achieved. I would vote for you this week..:)


Hey, thanks guys for your kind words. I am just hoping to inspire as many people as possible.

Very nice ! This should be

Very nice !

This should be quoted "You are the campaign. You are Ron Paul. How do you think Ron Paul got to be Ron Paul? He did something -- on his own initiative! No one told him to run for Congress (as far as I know). He just did it."

It is sad that I am not in US, I would love to participate in this, missing so much fun :( Don't understand why some people even Ron supporters, don't fight in the end, guys it will be too late then..

metalhed19's picture

Awesome, awesome post. Well

Awesome, awesome post. Well done!

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

frontpage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote up!

This is a hero!

Inform the people. Be a delegate, vote for a delegate, show up and you will be a hero too.
These flyers are all free to print:
please share

Good job

Good job! Thanks for inspiring us.