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Michael Steele interview grabs the attention of journalists

Michael Steele's interview grabs the attention of the surrounding journalists. You can listen to their comments in this behind-the-scenes look at the interview process and thereafter. You can observe the effect of Socratic interviewing on what would otherwise be a blasé audience. Furthermore, you can get a glimpse of Jan Helfeld and Michael Steele letting whatever hair they have left down. Watch Jan Helfeld working hard to bring you these interviews. The discussion with Michael Steele continues in Postmortem 2.

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How can Mr. Steele hold these Liberal ideas close to heart and

this man was the "Chairman" of the Republican National Committee ???
Has anyone called him out on this.
In essence...he is in support of Obama!

Can we curtail this obsession with Jan Helfeld, now?

Do we really need to see him drink water and chit chat with an observer? Isn't that overkill?

I agree with him, but frankly, I find myself empathizing with his interviewees. They're gracious enough to sit down with him and answer his philosophical questions, but its obvious to all that he's trying to lead them down a path for a "gotcha" answer.

You can throw rocks at me if you like, but I think we've been seeing too much of him on the front page. We need this space to communicate action plans that lead directly to a Ron Paul this:

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

Jan Helfeld's picture

I gave you a behind the scenes look at the aftermath of a Socrat

I gave you a behind the scenes look at the aftermath of a Socratic interview where Michael Steele argued that taxes are voluntary. It showed that the very journalists that are destroying your freedom can be captivated and interested in a Socratic interview on the fundamentals of a political commentators views. Too bad you didn't appreciate it.

Jan Helfeld

You are the best, Jan.

As always, your work and great candor are tremendously appreciated.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

I agree

I agree, seems like they are running out of Jan material. He keeps asking the same questions about the transfer of wealth. It's getting old.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Ahhh no

Jan is doing the world a service. He is so good at what he does and he is alerting the world to the ridiculousness of the people running our country. I support Jan Helfeld. I wish he had his own show on television.

What's old is the perpetrator, not the person exposing them.

"It's getting old?" So the government bureaucrats can just dodge and hand-wave the question away and eventually you think Jan should shut up and stop bringing it up?

No. Jan Helfeld and arguments like his do NOT get old. What gets old is the foolish behavior of government, the person DOING THE WRONG and dodging the question, not Jan and the men following them around calling it out in clear terms and trying to get everyone to see.

Don't stop Jan. Do it again. Over and over and over. Don't let them hand-wave you away, as long as they pull out this crap, make them deal with you. You're not the problem. THEY ARE.


Err no

Err no they aren't "got ya" questions seeking a gotcha answer. They are questions that ask for specific opinion. Got ya questions try to put words in your mouth and with unintelligent questions that any idiot in the media can do - that's why they all do it! If anything Jan is seeking FOR an answer as he states he has much difficulty getting from people in the media and politics because they like to avoid questions altogether.

Research on Jan's website and he explains his interview style. It requires both parties to be honest.

I am thankful he is not

I am thankful he is not Solomon.

Don't imply that Jan has no empathy in interviewing Steele.

Clear as back and white

One understands the point, the other can't.

If the majority is

not "we the people", who is? You cannot tie down the majority with a Constitution. Would you be happy if the majority has already amended the constitution the way they like? Then you would have no arguments at all...

Majority of people are affirmative-action recipients if you count women. Most feel they wont be on top in a free-market competition. They just know that.

I never

did like Michael Steele, he always came across as an opportunist to me

Great job again

I like the part when Jan remarks on the political leanings of commentators.

btw, I would not like to be cross-examined by Jan lol


A man's intelligence

Jan Helfeld interveiws reveal one great thing. The intelligence of a man during an interview when faced with a debate on opinions and issues.

An intelligent man remains calm, LISTENS, reasons, notes points, understands the questions correctly by comprehending and hearing every word in a question, providing their opinion when asked and so on.

Michael Steele reveals by his own doing that he is not at all a greatly intelligent person.

Jan Helfeld is gold. Rare and precious to everyone.

Intelligent enough to realize that logic demand he find

Intelligent enough to realize that logic demand he find that his positions contradict.

He attempts to deflect the conversation by creating a mountainous barrier out of political reality. That's fine, it's one of the free choices available.

It won't help, raindrops of truth drop from the sky.

Free includes debt-free!

Jan you're the fuckin man,

Jan you're the fuckin man, but don't drink salt water! Read the back of your Dasani bottle for the ingredients. They put salt in it so you get thirsty and buy another one. Not saying that salt is bad, I just don't think you should drink salt water.

Fluorine salts a carcinogenic. And hinders iodine uptake.

And the estrogen analogues used as plasticisers in the clear plastic bottle hinder testosterone replenishment.

Glass or silver plated steel containers are best. Milk jug plastic (PE) used in medical laboratories is OK.

Free includes debt-free!


"This is something we have decided to do as a community"... When did WE decide this! Sorry Mr. Steele, I never had a say in this decision to have my earnings taken from me by force and I feel violated for it. I do not feel like I am helping the community at all.

Mr Steele, the answer is

to allow the states to come up with solutions for their individual needs. One size does not fit all. I appreciate that you gave some consideration to the interviewer and respectfully voiced your opinions. It shows you have substance.

Little Freudian slip on Michael's part-

He left because "he's worn out" from your dogged unknotting of his double-think, not because he had "somethingelse" and was late or he wouldn't have stayed so long. And your right, engaging him on an intellectual basis kept him longer than he wanted!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Steele Has It Backwards

The question to start with isn't "How do we care for those in need?" The question to start with, as Dr. Paul so often says, is "What should the role of government be?"

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


You got it!

SteveMT's picture

The essense of jouralism = Jan Helfeld.

Believe it!