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Director of Top-Secret Pentagon Dept. DARPA Hired By Google

Top-secret Pentagon department DARPA losing its director- hired by Google...and of course, she was investigated for giving lucrative government contracts to a company she partially owned. So surprising!


"One of the most top-secret Pentagon departments — the same that spawned America’s drones, military robots, electromagnetic guns and other sci-fi weaponry — is about to lose its top officer to Google.

Regina Dugan oversaw the development of some of the US military’s most marvelous high tech accomplishments as director of Darpa, but the head of the DoD’s research lab is parting ways with the Pentagon to take on a role with Google. Not even three years after she took on the role as the first female director of the America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa, Regina Dugan is now walking away to join the ranks of America’s other innovative powerhouse. Dugan will be relinquishing her top roll at the Defense Department’s Darpa program and trading in the Potomac River for Silicon Valley, and says it is a natural decision to move somewhere where the possibilities seem endless. Apparently within the cogs of the war machine, there is only so much left to explore.

Confirming the move to a “senior executive position” with Google, Darpa spokesman Eric Mazzacone tells Wired that Dugan couldn’t refuse an offer with such an “innovative company” as the search engine giant. Until the latest news broke, however, Darpa had been touted as a creative — yet controversial — research lab for space-age technology only once imaginable. Darpa has developed technologies used across the globe that can take away lives and, as seen with cutting-edge robotic limbs, practically create them.

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Not too surprising. Has

Not too surprising. Has anyone else noticed the similarity of the appearance of the new and recently adopted software running Amazon's website and Google's GMail? I wonder what's under the hood? ;) Both CEO's of Amazon and Google attended a meeting of Bilderbergers last year so we should expect FASCISM * from both popular websites, Amazon and Google. Also, notice the number of clueless people advocating the use of Google's "free" VOIP service, Google Talk, over hardware such as Obi's 1x0 series. The old adage that "nothing is free" comes to mind. Everything has it's price. ;)

* "Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power" - Mussolini