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Open Thread: Missouri Caucuses - Saturday March 17 - 24

Missouri caucuses

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Just in case you or anyone

Just in case you or anyone you know in Missouri; The Missouri National Convention Tomorrow!
Saturday 21 April 2012: 24 of 52 delegates to the National Convention are elected and bound to Presidential contenders in today's Congressional District Conventions.

Delegates, elected at the County Conventions, meet in each of the state's 8 Congressional Districts. Each District elects 3 National Convention District delegates.

Before voting begins, the National Convention Delegate candidates indicate their Presidential Preference. The Convention participants then cast ballots for the individual candidates.
There is no formal system applied in the District Convention to relate the presidential preference of the District Convention delegates to the choice of the district's delegates to the National Republican Convention. The delegates in attendance at each District Convention alone determine if presidential preference is to be a factor and, if so, how it is to be applied.
Congressional District Convention Locations
Congressional District 1
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, St. Louis

Congressional District 2
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Lindbergh High School Cafeteria, St. Louis (63126)

Congressional District 3
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 1pm
Location: Hermann High School, Hermann

Congressional District 4
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Best Western, Sedalia

Congressional District 5
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Truman High School Auditorium, Independence

Congressional District 6
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Chillicothe High School Performing Arts Center, Chillicothe

Congressional District 7
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: National Guard Armory, Pierce City

Congressional District 8
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Gamma Labs Conference Center, Poplar Bluff
Here is one of the additional things you will be voting on: the draft 2012 Missouri Republican Party platform http://www.mogop.org/media/2012_Platform_DRAFT.pdf

If you would like to see any changes to this document (I would pay particular attention starting on page 3), be sure to attend your county caucus.

If anyone from or knows someone from Utah please read the following thread ASAP: http://www.dailypaul.com/227553/reminder-about-utah-for-apri...

How about this?

Hand this to the chair at the next caucus/convention you attend:


This is to put you on notice that I charge $50 per hour for my time. Other incidental costs of coming to this meeting amount to another $50. If we have repeat of what happened at caucuses in Georgia and Missouri, where the Chair did not heed parliamentary procedures, I will sue you in person for a recovery of my costs of attending a caucus/meeting/convention that turned into a farce. Other of my family and friends intend to do the same. We will apply for a class action lawsuit to facilitate the process and save court time. Please follow parliamentary rules and you will have nothing to worry about.

Plano TX

File a personal class action lawsuit...

... against the temporary chair. Sue him in his personal capacity for all costs incurred in attending the caucus, including cost of time wasted. Once these suits are filed, no temporary chair will ever again try and bypass the parliamentary rules and procedures.

County taxpayers should also sue him for a recovery of costs incurred in calling the police and putting helicopters in the sky. Improper use of county resources. If you make a frivolous 911 call, you'll pay the costs, might even be indicted.

Time to file lawsuits.

Also file for UNLAWFUL ARREST - violation of Constitutional Rights... We the People RULE!

Plano TX

The first two sound great for

The first two sound great for any dailypaulers on who were there. The wrongful arrest should only be tried by the

I think this is a great idea. Everybody needs to start out with separate suits, then they will probably lump them together in a class action law suit.

Are there any Ron Paul loving lawyers in that area? If only one of the supporters was a lawyer, that would simplify things.

I really hope all of you there file a lawsuit.

Hot and heavy READ

The REAL story IS in The Comments- #GOPFraud Party Central Committee Member Reacts To St. Charles Caucus> CBS St. Louis http://cbsloc.al/FQhEj5

Quite a showdown in the Comments Section between Jon Bennett & Joe Wetter and others.

Jon Bennett tells KMOX that while they’ll deny it, supporters of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney were planning to take over the caucus, and divide all the delegates between their two candidates.

Bennett says the rules they objected to, including electing a caucus chair without opposition, were designed to prevent that from happening, “A lot of the rules that were put in place were put in place in order to maintain a fair caucus, and some people didn’t want a fair caucus.”

a must read>>> http://cbsloc.al/FQhEj5

What is the plans for St.

What are the plans for St. Charles caucus now? Is it just cancelled and people lose their chance to vote? Any news?

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

This needs to be the

This needs to be the priority!

Lets try to migrate all our evidence

to this site as it sounds like a good idea to have all election fraud and robert's rules violations documentation in one place:


p.s. I'm in California and have signed up to volunteer at the polls. If I'm picked I will keep my eyes and ears open, as well a document on video.


You may directly copy

any of the info or links from my Robert's Rules post below. I believe I have all of the (indoor)videos that have been posted about the St. Charles Caucus as of last night(I'll check again later tonight). You can find them in the section "County & State Conventions" or in my latest comment.

I have not included any outdoor videos which were taken after the caucus yet although I have them bookmarked if you want them.

Fyi, the numerical links after the videos are the best or most informative posts I could find to provide context for the videos.


reply to pixelcraft (don't know why it came up as a post)
Someone with a facebook acct needs to comment on that site to say they're using a pic of perhaps a gang bust cuz that certainly isn't a daytime pic in front of a school.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison


Is the picture in this article actually from the caucus? Looks like a LOT of cops.


That is clearly not the

That is clearly not the event. Its a shame they used an image like that, since a picture helps set the stage for the story, but it is supposed to be an actual image. That is just a poor excuse for a picture to be tied to that story.

There are kids lined up on the street in a city there. The actual event was at a suburban high school in the middle of the day.

Nice Ron Paul article

This is a great article about Ron Paul.


Truthbearer's picture

Ron Paul is the Light!

This is beautiful.

Share it around!


Not to sound

rude, but do you honestly believe MOGOP hasn't been watching this and doesn't have people on the panel who wouldn't call in results? We know that there were slates that were 100% Santy. We know that there were slates that were Santy/Mitt. We know that there were slates that were Paul/Mitt, and slates of all Paul. We know there were chairs pushing their own made up slates and if you think I'm going to believe that MOGOP wasn't involved with making up the slates they wanted elected... well, I can't believe that. The GOP is going to use every avenue open to it to get 'their guy' in, no matter who their guy is and what we know for fact is that it ain't Ron Paul.
Sad fact is I don't trust the system as the system has proved less than trustworthy.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Our problem is similar to 2008, however, not as bad as 2008.....

our goals were to have more delegates elected at the district/county levels and to fight to obtain a greater proportionallity of delegate chairpersons positions nationwide of which I believe we have made great strides. The problem now is as follows: We simply will require more time to acieve our objectives. It took us well over 100 years to get into our current situation, and it's going to take some time to reverse things. The problem we currently face is that time is not on our side right now. I'm not so sure we can find enough time to resist and then accordingly implement the original agenda (The Constitution/Bill of Rights) and move it forward in a most timely manner. The major hurdle we will now face is that The NWO/PTB is getting antsy to move their agenda forward as quickly as possible (I'm not sure of their reasons, unfortunately I am not privy to their private discussions about the next wars, economic collapses, etc. Haven't been to a Bilderburger in the last few years, however, I absolutely refuse to miss the big party at Bohemium Grove (for 2 whole weeks once a year. Since NO women are allowed to be a ;part of this fraternity, I love the part when we "can choose" to cross-dress, this is one of the most entertaining events of the two weeks. Of course that fails in comparison to when "The Cremation of Care" cerimony begins with at lest 1,000 in attendnce. Just imagine, we get to stand before a 40 foot "OWL" while the servants wheel in a child efigy in front of the owl and then accordingly "burned" in effigy; this was the sacrifice required by the ancient demonic God "Moloch" (the owl) whom swallowed his children whole. And keep in mind, these are the global decision makers, the very people whom direct the agenda (their agenda) toward their desired global design. How scary is this? And this is just a very tip of the proverbial iceberg, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking surely about pure evil. May God always be with us and most importantly during these (what will be) most trying times in perhaps human history.

i'm guessing

the acceleration is due to the rise in popularity of the internet. they're losing their ability to tell us how other people are thinking.

So we all know that Police

So we all know that Police and Sheriff's power runs down the same stream as judges and the court system. Easy right? If this is true then how in the world can the Judges say they have no right to intervene when the voter has a problem with fraud or party rules, but their police officers show up in droves when the party has a problem with the voters?

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing. It seems when the voter has a problem they are sent back to the GOP (who caused the problem). But when the GOP has a problem. They have the right to call the Police. That is very Top/Down and arse backwards.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Not sure about this...

My thoughts were, "I wonder what would happen if WE hired off duty police to protect us and prepped them before hand."

I wonder what would happen when the police show up and there is already police there.

How would that end up?

Hire your own police or find some Paul supporters that are officers and make sure to bring them.

We are going to have to replace everyone.

Judges, Mayors, state representatives and senators. We are talking the whole damn system here. It is corrupt to its core.

Get Out Of Our House

How did Johnson Co. do? There

How did Johnson Co. do? There were a few dozen people there but I had to leave because it was the delegate selection process not private voting like I thought and I was in battle dress uniform so had to leave. I believe 18 delegates were up for grabs. Wasn't sure who was for Ron there since everyone was divied up into clicks around the room discussing strategy I guess, but did talk to one nice couple that were for Ron Paul. They seemed exited I was there in uniform and supporting Paul. Felt bad for leaving.

Truthbearer's picture

Big Honor

To U Brother.

So, are you saying, active duty soldiers are being barred from participating in any part of this process? And the admiralty law contractor kee-stone-kops are having their way over the people as usual?

Say it ain't so Joe.

What have we lost in this country when those who would defend her are barred from having a voice in the process itself?

May we have mercy on our selves for allowing this to get this far when we have all been told over and over again by the watchmen and women on the walls that all this was coming.

What is left for law abiding Americans to do when the govt has turned nazi germany tyranny and is set to begin a war between those who stand for the principles and foundations upon which this country is founded like this good soldier no doubt does, and those who would steal it away from women and children and innocent men like they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What soldiers need to come forth and speak to is the very idea of the kind of war they have partaken in overseas happening in the streets here in Isramerica.

Tell these people what it is like in a hell called war who have never heard the buzz and spins of bulletry whizzing over head and any inch of movement could be the last thought you ever knew. Tell them what it is like to see blood, death, carnage, dead human bodies torn apart, and savagery like nothing God ever conceived for man to do to another. Tell them of this lawless evil war in hell. It is the only way out for many who are already to far mentally gone. Forgiveness comes to those who seek it.

All we can do is continue to pray for the healings of these war weary kids and their soonest returns to the families that miss them so dearly. We must stop the war for profit madness that seeks to destroy us all in our communities.

Thank yo sir for your service and good works for this country. You are commended and honored in the Highest Halls.

Charity begins at home.


I like your enthusiasm sir!

I like your enthusiasm sir! As much as we would all like, we can't all be bootin it on the ground. I work on bomber's. B2 specifically. We are the second of the three waves. First recon/marine types, then heavies (us) to clear way for the third wave, ground troops. Cant have the men and women walking straight in there without laying our groundwork.

Seems we can't run a nation, but we got taking one to the ground down to a science.

The state caucus rules

specifically say that extra effort should be made to allow military to participate.