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Jesse Benton: "We're looking potentially for Ron to be the vice presidential nominee”

“Benton denies that speculation (as does Romney) and dismisses a possible prime convention speaking slot as ‘window dressing’."

‘It's something we'd like but it's not terribly important to us," he said. ‘We're looking potentially for Ron to be the vice presidential nominee...we're not looking for easy concessions like a speaking slot.’ He says the campaign would also push for a cabinet position for Paul or major changes to the party platform.”


It sure would be nice to hear Ron Paul's take on this... now everyone thinks Ron Paul is not going to settle for a measly speaking spot... he wants something bigger like a VP slot or a cabinet position.

Here’s Benton on video clearly saying SHORT of a nomination there are various things that could be negotiated for. And one of those things that he clearly said could be negotiated for, besides cabinet positions for Ron Paul supporters, is “the VICE PRESIDENCY.”


Now in the next video Benton doesn’t mention anything about the vice presidency. But he does say something about Ron Paul supporters when he says there’s a CHANCE that Ron Paul supporters might come Romney’s way if Romney talks to them.


And here we have Bruce Fein on radio, Ron Paul's senior policy advisor... he says that Ron Paul will “negotiate for policy positions, cabinet positions, VICE PRESIDENT RUNNING MATE in exchange for delegates who… support Ron Paul….”

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Steady on Guys... I'm always

Steady on Guys... I'm always amazed at how MSM can make a hit piece look conciliatory, even congratulatory. This tidbit of news would be out of character for Ron Paul to even agree to this. Even in his wildest dreams if RP considered it...he knows his supporters would not stand for it. For CBS to quote Benton without an actual video or recording to legitimize this statement is suspect in the first place. Since when has CBS become more believable than RP's campaign?

Ron Paul for President, 2012.

Did you know I was the Vice President of the Anti-Imperialism League? The Printers-That-Be did not approve.

Did you know that I wrote of my experiences running for President of the Untied States? My family did not approve.

Whilst others look & dream, let us get Ron Paul elected to right our ship-of-state. Regards to you & yours.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

"Never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking."

That line is from the Godfather. If I have to interpret what he said, I can only interpret it as subterfuge - "an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something, etc." He is probably trying to lead the conversation and make them believe things are on the table, which lowers their defenses. At the same time, he is planting the chip in the GOP masses' minds that Ron Paul is "mainstream" enough for a VP offer and mainstream enough for Romney....

It's a stretch, I know. But I do find it hard to believe anybody close to RP would reveal RP's true cards. That's not the way to play poker, chess or anything else with the kind of opponents we face.

I Thought About This All Day

...and came to the same conclusion.

Ron Paul described himself in one word...."consistent." I like to believe that was very much a message to us. It follows, "trust me." And, I trust him. He is counting on us trusting him.

Let the campaign play their cards. He has been right about everything so far.


Benton Did a Fine Job …

… fielding snotty questions from a stooge in the hard press interview to which this contrived paraphrase, no doubt, refers. This bogus slant of remarks providing hypothetical examples of why there would be many more important matters to eventually negotiate for using campaign clout than to delight in token baubles such as a consolation offer to give a speech in the unlikely, unhappy event that the powers succeed in snuffing the people's choice for president.

Only pesky troll provocateurs concoct that such academic conjecture should be unmentionable aloud. Ron Paul, and his team, will play the best hand he holds. No need to hold marked cards close to the vest as sharks deal underhanded from the deck they stack.

It’s our turn to shuffle.

Hey! Let's start a movement

Hey! Let's start a movement to try and trick people into thinking Ron Paul is currently winning the Republican nomination! It will be great for donations!

Obama troll.

Obama troll.

I like your humor. lol

I like your humor. lol

This kind of stuff damages

This kind of stuff damages fund raising.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

No! Losing damages fund

No! Losing damages fund raising!

Come on Dr Paul! Third Party!!!!!

Obama troll.

Obama troll.

I think the numbers show for

I think the numbers show for themself. Whose paying through google asense $8 for a $1 donation. Anyone else smell this?

No vote for Romney here.

Thought this was a marathon race?

I'll vote 3rd party before any GOP candidate, other than Paul, no matter who gets selected to VP slot, and no to Obama.

This isn't about winning the GOP. There better be some honking, huge information spelled right out, for me, to ever vote for the unconstitutional ones.

I won't waste my time voting

I won't waste my time voting for a candidate that will not even make the news. That is pointless no matter how noble it sounds or feels.

Obama troll.

Obama troll.

Our only hope is Ron Paul as

Our only hope is Ron Paul as third party or if that does not happen, then a protest vote for Obama! Stick it to the Republicans!

Obama troll.

Obama troll.

Let go of two party illusion...

Obama and Romney do not care which of them anyone votes for as they are in this together. Whoever wins is good for them equally, though they prefer Obama.

True that only hope is for third party, but Paul's campaign staff has long ruled that out absolutely as they do not want to leave Romney and GOP.


Those who make violent revolution impossible...

Make peaceful R3volution inevitable.
What is Dr. Ron Paul suppose to tell all his delegates to do when they get to the convention? I would say he should try for the best deal he can get. I suggest he goes for the vice presidency, negotiate to choose all of Romney's staff and set the foreign policy; in other words just like Bush forced Reagan to accept in order to get his nomination. Bush managed to get almost all Reagan staff to be chosen by Bush's team and pretty much ran the White House. Look at Obama, he was forced to take Joe Biden, mister military industrial complex and HIllary had to be his Secretary. She is a hen hawk who can't wait to invade Iran. Everyone knows, who isn't naive that the presidency is not what it used to be, nowadays it's more a window dressing. Romney has no knowledge of how Washington works. He is actually the only outsider. Dr. Ron Paul has been there and knows what needs to be done and will be telling Romney what to do, believe me. Romney meets with the Queen, bows down to her and Dr. Paul oversees state business. Dr. Paul shouldn't have to do such belittling tasks as meeting with some off the wall countries royalty, he will have real work to do and supporters there to make sure that Romney stays in line signing what Dr. Ron Paul tells him to sign and vetoing what Dr. Ron Paul tells him to veto. I think many people fail to see the advantages and prefer to have a civil war,if they don't get their way and have Dr. Ron Paul elected as President with a Vice President of his choice. Believe me I don't want Dr. Ron Paul elected president with an establishment Vice President, in that case he would be the puppet. Let Romney have that job.

Confirmation that a deal is in the works or is done...

and will be announced at somepoint.

RP supporters deny a deal but at the same time state what they want from a deal as if the 'conversations' are already underway.

I would not let fake 'friendship' with Romney be the main reason for the deal and allow those emotions to go soft on dealmaking. What Romney will do is throw some scraps to libertarians as he hates all of them with a vengeance and then backstab. So why are Paul supporters so intent on making a deal with only Romney and Romney at all?

This deal talking also means Paul will not win the nomination or is not campaigning now to win.

Yes, Romney will be the nominee - GOP makes the rules and that is their rule. But in negotiations, Paul should bind with the conservatives - Newt and Santorum. Otherwise, there will be talk again of a romney-paul deal against newt-santorum.


Personally I find this

Personally I find this offensive.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine Godfather of the American Revolution)


he's RUINING the campaign!

I don't play, I commission the league.

Careful, the delusional

Careful, the delusional Benton cheerleaders might call you a "troll"

You are of course, 100% right


I'm speculating like most everyone else here-BUT CONSIDER THIS
Since the MSM has basically written off Dr. Paul, why not play the game and pretend were just hoping to go the convention for some platform sandwiches , cabinet hardware, some "attahboys" and whatnots. I mean-- if thats what the MSM hopes and wants to believe- so be it. But were going to rock the house right!-- and Transform the GOP into something awesome with NEW LIBERTY BLOOD or else the GOP will just become the OP.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

psnow's picture



"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

I have never sensed passion

I have never sensed passion in Benton about the cause of liberty. He seems to me more like someone who relishes getting ahold of the email list when Rand decides to run for President. Fire Benton NOW!

The problem with issues like

The problem with issues like this is that regardless of whether or not
it's true, it kills fundraising.

The campaign is already low on cash. When people read stuff like this it disheartens them. Why donate to a campaign that isn't competing to win?

Now, of course I don't believe that they are not trying to win. But I can bet a lot of people believe the opposite.

Campaign should come out and squash it sooner rather than later.

I would like to think the

I would like to think the majority of his supporters are smart enough to know he can not win the Republican nomination at this point. So why donate? I surely don't have money to throw away.

Unless he can run as a third party candidate. Then I would bet you would see the money flow in!

Everyone who gives this a negative is an idiot or a liar!

Obama troll.

Obama troll.