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Ron Paul campaign bleeds cash

Ron Paul’s flagging presidential campaign is also bleeding cash, spending more money than it raised in February and finding itself with less cash on hand than during any other point this election cycle, new federal filings show.

Paul ended February with about $1.37 million in his campaign account — a pittance for a political campaign competing nationally.


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Frankly I'm happy to hear

Frankly I'm happy to hear they are spending it.

I was afraid they were hoarding it so I wasn't going to donate.
But if they're using it to get elected then they need more and I'm going to start giving again.

Giving Up Is Easy

It's harder to set a goal, have crap thrown in the way of you achieving that goal, and deciding, early on, that your goal is too important to let the crap stand in your way.

The Following is from a previous post, but seems pertinent

so for those who maybe interested:


Granted the following articles are discussing last fiscal period, where a lot of 'money' was spent in run up to Super Tuesday, we may have to really, really dump a lot of GOLD on the campaign, IF any of the two articles have any validity. Ours was the first to file with the FEC, thus the bad headlines.

Be that as it may, for those of you who are able to, donate away, NOW please.o)

I really hate these TMZ-wannabe a-holes. Check out the photo they used! arghghghgghghghgh!

These smug bastards are writing with such glee at ANY bad news they can spread about us.

Ron Paul campaign bleeds cash

and here's our resident Faketarian & Kirchick Co-Conspirator Extraordinaire, David Weigel's slightly better take, but not by much:

Ron Paul's Cash Crunch

Donate away!!!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Di you notice the Dr. Paul

Di you notice the Dr. Paul picture they put in this article ?
Dispicaple ...

OMG ... the patient is bleeding??

what would Dr. Paul do?
an emergency transfusion!

Amount: $50.00
Transaction ID: 346551294
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-17 04:16:33

hey, how do ya start one of them money bomb thingies?
is it ever a spontaneous thing, or do we usually just wait for the campaign to start it?


Amount: $50.00
Transaction ID: 346519536
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-16 23:01:51

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Maybe Ron Paul will have a "John Sears Moment"

In 1980, Ronald Reagan hired "political expert" John Sears to run his campaign and it was a disaster. Somewhere between Iowa and New Hampshire, Reagan took control, fired Sears and started winning. Don't get me wrong. The Paul campaign has been good. However, with Ron Paul's political foes, it needed to be great. Ron Paul had 4 years to learn from his mistakes in 2008. He knew his foreign policy would hurt, if not cripple him in Republican primaries and caucuses. The first ads out of the campaign should have been testimonials by military and counterintelligence experts supporting Ron Paul's positions. Had those been on the air before South Carolina, Ron Paul would likely have at least matched his showing in Iowa. It's been mostly downhill from there. I knew we were in trouble when Tom Mullen bragged about "Ron Paul increasing his totals by 200%-400% since 2008". Excuse me, but 200% of NOTHING is still NOTHING. Now we are well past "Super Tuesday" and we STILL have no hard-hitting foreign policy testimonials. It's going to be infinitely harder to raise cash from here. By the way, I go out to red state neocon sites and "eat red meat" for hours. NOBODY touches me on the foreign policy issue, BECAUSE I attack it DIRECTLY and FORCEFULLY. Ron Paul does this in his speeches. However, how many primary and caucus voters actually HEAR those speeches? I've said before I'll say it again, give me those ads and I'll donate the MAX to this campaign.

me too

But if the donations are made to the campaign they/it may not spend the money on ads but something else it deems more important. So there has to be a RonPaulAdPac made by someone, someone to design and edit the ad and get it out on the MSM channels. I will donate to that, but have no real technical skills with digital media, setting up web sites and the like.

I have an idea.

Donate money! If you do that, he won't be so strapped. Also, he does NOT take matching funds from the gov't.

Another trip on Leno, face to face time with TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE who sit for an hour and hear, IN REAL LIFE, the truth...

Ron Paul has had the big dogs after him for 30+ years and he has been elected how many times?

Dude is a fricken' doctor and he understands Austrian Economics better than 99.999% of the entire world...

I think he is doing a fine job spending the money he has received so far... a much better job than I could anyway.

Go Ron!


I saw this comment on another post "I saved a trillion dollars by switching to Ron Paul". So I did this

Amount: $50.00
Transaction ID: 346519005
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-16 22:41:33

Sometimes I feel that I'm the only one donating anymore and the ticker hasn't gone up much since I last did but this could be my last chance at helping change things in our political system that have bothered me most of my life.


This is what I am talking about.

Quit complaining and donate. Simple.

Thank you. You are a true patriot!

Question + Comment

Question) What is the best way to contribute to the CAMPAIGN if over my contribution limit?

Comment) I am surprised that I haven't heard Paul, in any one of his speeches, to tell/remind/instruct the attendees to register and show up at the caucus/primary. After all, we all know some people will sit on the couch until they are literally told what to do. I am understanding the assumption that many do not realize that caucusing is how to get Paul to the top.

He had 3000+ show up in his speech in WA. And I didn't hear him say anything about the caucus for crying out loud!

I can't tell you how important it is too call people.

I know that we won our BPOU carrying 90% of the delegates, however we could have done even better in our BPOU and others if we could have reached out out to all the delegates that won at caucus night.

I can't say how important it is to talk with Ron Paul supporters in the upcoming states and convince them we need them to become delegates. I was able to convince one such supporter who came to my precinct caucus he gave a speech for Ron Paul and won a delegate spot. He went on to the BPOU and while he didn't advance he was able to vote for 25 Ron Paul supporters at that Convention which is huge.

Please folks call...

In Liberty!

Transfer the funds to a friend

Have them do it under their name. I rather give to the campaign then to revolution PAC

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Seems the simplest way

Is to hand some cash to a relative or friend and let them donate it for you. Gee, you might even get them started on something of their own.

The campaign is running on

The campaign is running on fumes. They need more cash.

That's about the size of it...


Romney outspends 10-1, 15-1

Romney outspends 10-1, 15-1 and he is still struggling. We are doing well with the budget we have. Don't forget it is about the delegates but we have to keep Dr. Paul chugging through each month. But, keep the phone banking and door knocking going. We are his greatest asset, his army of volunteers. So get fired up, watch a few You Tube Ron Paul speeches, make a donation if you can but keep involved. Put a bumper sticker on your car, sign in your yard, and shirt on your chest. The MSM will not give us the free advertising by putting Dr. Paul on the air but we can make the public know who he is on our own.

We cannot fail

because of being cash strapped. We need to shift into overdrive!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Personally, I think the

Personally, I think the campaign has been run horribly! I could have come up with a better campaign strategy. How in the world could they have forgotten to address the concerns of seniors? IMO they over relied on the hope that the young would turn out to vote.

And today we hear from Benton, that they might be satisfied with a VP spot!

I love Ron Paul. But he is a horrible politician. He needs new people yesterday. I do not trust his handlers. They seem way too content to wait till Rand goes for it, to get a serious, hard hitting campaign, that does not allow tv anchors to frame the debate. Maybe Doug Wead is one who truly did try to change the frame. But Jesse Benton? Good God, he sounds like a Aw Shucks all is fine kind of guy.

Keep in mind that...

We have no reason to believe that the young voters failed to show up to vote but every reason to believe election fraud has and continues to take place. Never believe what you hear about Ron Paul's supporters from the mainstream media and we must also realize that the establishment is busy on sites like this in an effort to quell the enthusiasm to continue forward. I believe we may have reached or are very close to reaching a critical mass of support which they must not allow to become known because at that point, there is nothing they can do to prevent a Ron Paul presidency. There are signs of desporation in the GOP's actions to prevent Ron Paul's army of delegates from advancing towards becoming national delegates or from obtaining any leadership positions that may threaten their ability to maintain the complete control they currently enjoy.
It is IMO our duty to continue forward, unwaveringly, until this whole nomination process has completed. We must not surrender at any time, the stakes are too high! Even if they are some how able to prevent Ron Paul from becoming the president, we still have no other option but to continue the good fight. To do anything but increase our efforts every step of the way is tantamount to committing suicide after killing your family and fellow Americans.

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

"they might be satisfied with a VP spot!"

I had not heard that and I find it very disappointing. I agree that a few things could have and should have been done differently.

This was something I saw yesterday on the front page of this site. It was about RP not committing to backing Romney. "Paul said he'd need more information about Romney's foreign policy to make that decision.

"I'd talk to him and see what kind of a foreign policy he is going to have," Paul, a congressman from Texas, told reporters after a rally two days before Missouri's presidential caucuses."

The way that this was worded bothered me a great deal. I may be making more out of this than there actually is, but the way this was worded made it sound like Dr. Paul was agreeing that Romney was indeed going to be the candidate. I personally don't want to donate any more money to this campaign if he has already accepted defeat and is only hanging in there in order to help his son's future as a member of this P.O.S. republican party.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

I thought that back when they

I thought that back when they decided to run nothing but NEGATIVE adds on other candidates, rather than showing voters the Ron Paul we all fell in love with.

Bad strategy, and Benton. Formula for failure. And we don't get any more chances. There ain't gonna be another Dr Paul

I felt like he made a big mistake when he stopped going on

Hannity and Beck. these were a lot of the voters that we needed and since he stopped going on they have only herd their side about Paul. Seemed almost like his numbers started going down after he stopped being interviewed by them.

As long as Paul stays in GOP, he will have same campaign..

of course the campaign has been run horribly. When you can't get a single fulltime reporter to cover you, then that tells you something about the campaign.


I am more than a little bothered that they spent $410,600

for strategy consulting but only $144,344 for advertising. Can anyone explain that? I am wondering if we should send our money to Revpac instead. Or do I simply not know what I am talking about? It wouldn't be the first time.

I believe John Tate was taking in low $100K during C4L phase

Doug Wead is probably up there too, but F'NG WORTH IT!

Bruce Fein's fee is REALLY STEEP, while I trust Dr. Paul has his own reasons for hiring him, but I still got my issues with him, because he's the lawyer for Turkish-Mossad Merc intel network in the case AGAINST the most gagged Federal Employee/whistleblower in history, Sibel Edmonds, who testified on record at a Federal deposition that CIA were IN CONTACT with OBL UP TILL THE DAY of 9/11! (Yes, those are her words, as she was FBI's contract intel translator who had access to the communiqué herself!) and Bruce and his wife are both heavily tied to AIPAC and the neocon American Enterprise Inst., the AEI.

Those three probably make up the bulk of that cost.

Frankly of the three, the ONLY man whom I'd have no reservations on pay is Doug Wead.

Doug is a godsend!

And, I'm not sure if their internal pollster Fritz Wenzel would fall under that budget, but if he does, he's also worth it, as he used to work with the ONLY reputable 'scientific polling' company: Zogby International. I heard that every time someone does a comprehensive poll, it can cost up to $40~60,000, EACH TIME! IF so, that's gonna cost us as well.

Plus I understand your point about ads, but consultancy is ongoing; it's more of regular out-go/expense, so it's bound to rack up, consistently. Where as ads are run targetedly and timed specifically. It seems counter intuitive, but it is bound to cost less than a full time campaign consulting.

You know, I'd love it if those who worked with the Doc ALL believed in Dr. Paul his message, and us the r3VOLutionaries enough that they'd do it for free, but the reality is, people do deserved to be paid for their services, especially if they're worth it.

Frankly other than the occasional issue with Bention, whom I attribute more to his age and inexperience than anything, I think we really DO have a solid team this year.

Besides, no one here is truly privy to exactly what their roles are, what they've done and are doing, and what we don't see publicized.

All I know is that MONTHS prior to MI, for example, both John Tate and especially Doug Wead's been busy making direct visits to Michigan to 'warm up' the potential voters before the contest and before Dr. Paul ever spoke there. I myself posted a bunch of videos on Doug speaking at MI universities weeks prior to their primary.

And I have no doubt that Doug Wead was responsible for much of the Evangelical outreach strategy, especially in Iowa and that TX evangelical 'summit' couple of months ago. Frankly I have no doubt the emphasis on Iowa was his idea.

either way, the fiscal report was based on period leading into SuperTuesday, so A LOT of funds would've been expanded.

Still for those of you who aren't maxed out, please consider donating.

Heading into CA & TX, no doubt we're gonna need some mega moneybombs soon, regardless.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Revpac is cleaner...

and wouldn't pull stuff like you just stated. You can count on every dollar going to revpac and revpac staff does not get paid, so they have no agenda for their work other than purely to get Paul elected.


Are you kidding me!? Of

Are you kidding me!? Of course RevPac staff gets paid. In fact, Gary Franchi, the "founder", skims off and pockets 10% in commissions on donations he claims to bring in, on top of what he already takes as pay.

If you haven't exhausted your contributions to the official campaign don't donate anywhere else. Then if you have money left over, donate to Endorse Liberty. Endorse Liberty's founders do not take pay.

Never forget:

To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable.

- Barry Goldwater

I think I had this discussion with you before, but are you aware

that operating expenses/overhead are the norm for NGO's/non-profits?

and, the founders of Endorse Liberty PAC can afford to not to get paid because they're founders of the very successful Ora-Brush, a tongue brush which they pioneered a very successful viral online campaign, which led to their product being carried by the likes of WalMart.

That said, Endorse Liberty PAC's predominant focus is on online ads, as the founders said as much. They may be shifting toward a bit more of hybrid online and traditional retail campaign advertising now, but if you REALLY want to see powerful ads on TV, donate to RevPAC, and if you can afford it donate to Endorse Liberty PAC, as well as a few others that you'd like.

Do what you can and do what you want to do. We're all cash strapped and fragile operations here. I don't see the need to kick RevPAC & Gary Franchi while they're down.

I still don't get why there's so much reticence about Gary & RevPAC even here at DP when these are the guys who made great ads like "Plastic Men" and "Compassion of Dr. Paul."

It's not their fault that the ads couldn't be aired in as many markets as they'd like, if they weren't getting enough donations. Think: they had a 12hr telethon recently, and only raised $25,000! A sum that we raise for the Doc in 5~15min in our Moneybombs!

I also posted their 32 videos videos from that event, but the thread never made the FrontPage.

Don't know if it was still over the minor spat in beginning as SuperBrochure project were getting off the ground or not, but whatever the case, I hope they resolve it soon.

plus, STOP spreading nonsense. You have no proof that he "skims off and pockets 10% in commissions on donations he claims to bring in," especially not in the way you characterized it.

like WTF?

He's doing the best he can. If you think you can do better, I welcome it, and will personally donate to your project if it's worthy, and if my financial situation allows, then.

And please, don't reply to me with that guy's blog post about how 'shifty' Gary is. He's a clueless Johnny Come-lately to whom everyone looks suspicious. He's like two mouseclicks away from being as vapid as that "DallasGoldBug"/WellAware guy who hasn't seen a shadow that didn't look like a jawline, or a face that he didn't think was the same person everywhere. I've already debunked it in previous posts; don't feel like re-linking it. If you're interested it should be searchable in my own archives here.

Plus, Gary and RevPAC don't have Peter Thiel's $2.7 MILLION to burn through. That's why the founders of EL PAC don't need to pay themselves, aside from their Ora-Brush biz.

On the other hand, Gary has to get by on a meager $25,000 with a studio full of people.

You're comparing apples and oranges my friend.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul