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Ron Paul campaign bleeds cash

Ron Paul’s flagging presidential campaign is also bleeding cash, spending more money than it raised in February and finding itself with less cash on hand than during any other point this election cycle, new federal filings show.

Paul ended February with about $1.37 million in his campaign account — a pittance for a political campaign competing nationally.


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Ok, my mistake...

I just assumed they did not get pay because I thought Tom Woods said the work he does to promote Paul is all free.

But I still say donations to RevPac are better spent than those to the campaign when you have people like Benton making comments on deals with the devil's surrogate - Romney.


I was disappointed to see that Tom Woods was paid more

than a few grand for books that he signed to be given to donors. Maybe that is normal but it makes me wonder.

On one of Barack Obama's fb

On one of Barack Obama's fb sites he has 25,000,000 likes. We have much more work to do. Paul has many more speeches to give, and to keep him going we're gonna have to chip in!

Politico is NOT our friend.

However, the campaign will need continuing donations thru August, at least.

I like the idea of automated payments from a credit card. That would help them realize a steady cash-flow.

This isn't over Ron Paulers! Stay the course!


Donate! Even if it's $5! Ron Paul needs us as much as we need him. Now is the time for all good people to come together!

Can't there be an "auto plan" program where we can sign

up for an automatic monthly contribution? I give regularly but haven't maxed out yet. Would certainly sign up for something like this and think a lot of his supporters would also.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

You would think

The advantage of having tens of thousands of dedicated contributors is that they would sign up for weekly or biweekly donations timed to their paycheck. Then the campaign doesn't have to rely on them remembering or feeling generous - the donation is automatic until the contributor takes action to stop it.

The campaign has been far too reliant on money bombs which have, you may have noticed, predictably fizzled out as we get deeper into the primary season without major wins, same as in 2008. It's very difficult anymore to motivate tens of thousands of people to donate at once. An ongoing stream of income would be far more reliable at this point.

Bomb Post

I know one can simply go to the campaign site to donate. But maybe one more bomb post in here? I am sole inclome of this house and very little discretionary spending, but I am going to keep donating when I can. We have to try to at least get him to California.

would love to donate more

At this point, new pockets need to be found. ;-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

what exactly does he need more money for?

Race is almost over, and only negative ad left is to do is on Romney. Campaign would have to get media coverage and fight back if they don't believe the race is over with a deal to be announced.


During his campaign speeches

During his campaign speeches and rallies which attract thousands, if he isn't telling people to vote en mass with friends and also to donate, then he needs to start soon.

Maybe he should mention voting and the fact that he has to

count us "little guys" to give a few small donations. To the crowd of attendees; RP could pose the question; "If you ask yourself; "what can I do for my country? I am just one person?" Ron Paul could explain to the "newbees" that the Fight for Liberty isn't free it costs money, time and effort, especially when the news media will not give equal and fair coverage to all of the candidates. Invite them to be a part of history with their vote and their pocketbooks. Maybe Jessie B or someone else could speak and teach some simple math and economics.
"We have 3000 attendees today if each of you could give $10 a month or $100 today that would be $30,000 multiplied by each county in this state, etc..."

Show slides of college kids at creative social gatherings to raise money on-line, yards sales, car washes, etc. Emphasize the satisfaction in having a purpose and being a part of a group that is making history.

"Be a part of history vote,and donate your time and money."
This may be your only chance to participate in a rEVOLution."
You belong to an honorable group who are fighting for and spreading the message of LIBERTY.'

This is the first time many people have ever been involved in a political campaign. They may not know how it all works,and just need a little lesson and a friendly reminder once in awhile. During each rally Ron Paul could take a couple of minutes to educate them on how he gets campaign funds and how Mitt does it. Thanking all of those who do help.

Truly sad that without the likes of Goldman Sacs

and the big corporate donors, it is virtually impossible for some one to compete in this rigged system. Just keep giving what we can and hope the movement reaches critical mass. If MSM didn't black him out and suppress his true popularity, this would be all but over with Ron in the White House. BRUTALLY PAINFUL to witness this crap.


Let's do some garage sales to

raise money... We've got a motorcycle we can sell. Lets give it all we got. It's our only shot!

Donate = Freedom!


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Just as it seems more and

Just as it seems more and more are waking to his message as evidenced by the crowds he attracts. I was paid on the 15th and put $100 to the Paul campaign. Come on folks, dig deep and go to ronpaul2012.com to help the good dr out! It doesn't take a lot of money - just a lot of people!

Am also going to post this on

Am also going to post this on as many fb sites as I can think of.

I am glad Ron Paul is spending the money

Now let's send him some more!


Thank you for your generous donation!

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Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxx
Transaction date/time: 2012-03-17 11:00:03