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Secret group behind 300+Bankster Resignations? Please comment, I want input.


It sounds SURREAL but I received this from a known source of over 5+ years. Something is obviously going down. The (above) link records the interview of the group behind the bankster resignations. Part 2 is Sunday and he is encouraging active duty and retired military to listen up re: guns, ammo, etc.

As you listen to the radio recording "Drake" (W.VA) begins speaking at "66". He explains when and how the reconstruction will begin. They are going public now to inform people of the major arrests soon to be everywhere. They want us to remain calm and peaceful as we see the crooks in our community hauled off to FEMA camps.

Does anyone have more info on this? If true, this is huge and happening soon in a city near you.

I would like my fellow DP'rs intelligent and intuitive input on this one.

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Or ... big trouble

Hitler was a big opportunity. Big change.

So was Stalin. And Lenin. And Mao.

And on and on and on ...

Be careful what you wish for.

Good point, Von...

Stay ever vigilant.

We wouldn't want Joseph Ackermann taking over or some other pretend Arabian messiah who brings back the Nazi regime. They could even claim we're all going to be saved by God, and make it look like a sweet deal!

Remember Revelations 6:9, don't ever drop your Bible....

There's no coordination

There's no coordination amongst the resignations etc. It's a natural fallout of the financial crisis and all the books and respected criticism of the Fed and the entire nature of the system.

This is pure fantasy and a hoax. You can't just arrest a mass ton of people for being "bankers". Sure I think the public heads should be arrested, and could be, but it's not happening.

There is zero evidence of any group behind this.

EDIT- You shouldn't downvote if you disagree, that's not the point. Post some facts to counter my facts or theories. BTW, I bet I'm the only one here who actually KNOWS BEN and some of his sources (or caliber thereof).

You can't just arrest a bunch of mid-level bankers, it's insane and a stupid delusional idea. There's no super-villains. These people just have a conscience spurred on by the anti-financial Wall Street movement, financial crisis, Ron's Fed awareness etc etc.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

I didn't listen to the whole

I didn't listen to the whole recording; I started at the 66 min mark and i made to somewhere in the 70min area. He was stating that with all of these arrests people would panic because of government officials being arrested and that the Military has the ability to formalize control over the situation; or some BS like that.

This guy, like so many others, never heard of COG (Continuity Of Government) -look it up- it is a government apparatus convened in secret hidden away from everybody for the purposes of taking over government functions in a situation where the normal government cannot convene or is in some-other way prevented from operating. This was introduced under President Eisenhower, but it has grown under every president since; nobody outside the government knows who these people are, because they are appointed, they are not elected. So, right off the bat, I knew this guy didn't know what he was talking about, which is why I quit listening to what he had to say.

Also, if the NWO controls everything or nearly everything, then why would they feel the need to arrest each other? If the NWO controls the media, which I believe they do, then why would the media cover any of this?

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You are so obviously right

I wish more of us accept this as it is:

1. No matter what the MSM or the useful idiotic, or clueless, or corrupt politicians say: the debate over large scale conspiracy is way OUTDATED already; this has been going on for a century

2. However, we must know what are our priorities: which parts of the Beast we have to defeat first, then second, and so on

3. This implies seriousness, verification of sources and references, and not fall in complete spiteful paranoia

4. Racism or seeing people as groups of interest AND calling hatred towards them IS NOT WHO we are; I urge everyone to re-read carefully John P Slevin's comments in this thread for instance: these are applied wisdom to stick to, for me

5. As much as my heart cries for it otherwise, I KNOW I just can't go outside in the street and start shouting out loud alone and bother people with my denouncing the CFR beast and the others... Not because that's wrong, but because it's counter productive

6. Our first task is to get Ron Paul elected by every possible lawful, peacefully patriotic means. But firmly standing for our cause doing so; we WILL FIGHT literally when we WILL be attacked only, IN DEFENSE and in the name of Liberty and Peace

7. Keep studying really... AJ, Griffin, Woods. But let us not fall for non sensical sensationalism

8. We DO know about this 100 year long conspiracy, duh. But we cannot know every daily details of it. The best we can do is be informed enough to understand the phases of the Evil plan's big picture

9. Let us focus on Globalist Organization, not people by groupings of races, professions, or whatever

The true Evil is the Plan going on, these people are only the flesh of it, the Beast.

Let us defeat the plan... Let us defeat the brainwashing of the sheep of the plan's legitimacy.

Let us do it in peace, positively, with hope and a message of Restoration. Not of change nor vengeance.

For Liberty,

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Excellent points all.

These revelations should not distract us from our primary mission of securing freedom for all; vicariously thru a Paul presidency.

The scope of this scandal is so broad that sometimes it's difficult to asertain whether we're just dealing with a manufactured distraction created by the controlled opposition or we have unveiled significant layers of a horrid mechanism used to wield power, control and rule the world.

Everything I have found on the subject seems to suggest that it is for real and not just a bone being offered up by the "elites" to placate the masses starving for some truth, any truth, in this age of deceit.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


What do you mean by the words "The scope of the scandal is so.."

"broad that sometimes it is difficult to ascertain whether we're just dealing with a manufactured mirage or we have unveiled significant layers of a horrid mechanism to wield power, control and rule the world."

I'm curious of what you mean by this?

Hi, I found your topic very interesting. Are you saying it has been finally uncovered how the Federal Reserve works, including its countless crimes, or is this related to something much bigger?

What about this Leo Wanta person that anyone should regard him as someone serious. Does anything Leo Wanta did relate to the known program for a coming Global Federal Reserve system?

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Are you saying it has been finally uncovered how the Fed works

"Are you saying it has been finally uncovered how the Federal Reserve works [...] or is this related to something much bigger?"

Well, this is publicly available information in fact.

Help yourself from an undisputed source (to this date):


Hint: read slowly, very carefully the sentences #2, #3, and #5. Interpret literally. Then, combine this information with:

1. the fact that the Fed can virtually print all the USD paper money it wants "ad vitam eternam" (or so they, FOOLS, think),

2. the USD is precisely today's world currency standard, DE FACTO

... and judge for yourself re: the full extent of the implications.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

We don't have to verify everything, come on now...Be real..

IF we were alone in this war, don't you imagine that by now Adam Kokesh and what not would already be shot dead?

There's no way the Federal Reserve system would allow this much truth about their treason to get out - on the national airwaves no less - unless "behind the scenes" people are with us on this goal.

Think about it. Andrew Napolitano couldn't have gotten into the media at all, period, if *SOMEONE* wasn't behind the scenes assisting us.

He would have been shot, after being in the media for maybe a week. Then they would have taken his entire family, humiliated them & disgraced the family & probably locked Napolitano up in a mental institution the rest of his days.

Given we know the BEAST, of the CFR/Globalist Israel control structure; given that they have all the power....we know for a FACT that is what they would have done to Napolitano.

They're not going to allow him to reach that many people, there's no way in hell. They're not going to let these people speak.

Someone else intervened, people "working" the system & most likely God - to show us how treasonous the Federal Reserve System is. Perhaps also so we would run with the ball and finish this revolution with as little blood spilled as possible....

Come folks, there has to be a reason the Federal Reserve exposed itself to the masses. It sure didn't want to, but it finally came crashing down. The facade of our government showed itself, including all the attacks on our freedom, to be a total lie concocted by the FRS Beast system.

It begrudgingly then was forced to reveal it has stolen over $16 trillion dollars from us, with the aid/abetting of politicians over 100 years coming & is prepared to kill us. So NO matter what, somehow, the FRS system got exposed.

That Makes A Lot of Sense

....and encouraging. I have also wondered (if such a group exists) is there any possibility they have *something* on the evil cabal ...some insurance I guess you'd call it.

Certainly there have been many who have gotten together and talked strategy for years. I do not think what is happening now is simply a fortuitous set of circumstances. I like to think the Ron Paul movement is one very vital and potentially powerful tentacle on an entirely different kind of "octopus"...almost a mirror image with some people already in place.

That's my optimistic scenario and the one I like best! Thanks for your post...I liked it.


First, its just an interesting topic.....

Nobody was ever asked to "believe" in it or not, nevertheless its something interesting to look at.

In part because its a situation the U.S.A will most certainly one day face, because the Federal Reserve is the biggest treason in all out United States history.


And it gives us a glimpse of what it would look like, for example....to eliminate the Federal Reserve. While further violence will likely happen too, if President Paul is in charge....we'll be able to do away with the Federal Reserve system & put Obama in jail as quietly as possible.

And who doesn't want to see that smug son of a gun in jail, along with his Democrats that took over the GOP!??

After what they have done?!


$16 trillion dollars. Americans across the board, are seeing there is nothing but treason here.

Simple Sam that is correct. I am not asking anyone to "believe".

I found it interesting and truly wanted feed back before sharing it outside of the DP circle.

It seems that the people who are most aware and have followed this topic have no trouble grasping the possibilites and the outcome of such a coup.

Sometimes the DP looks like a dumbass convention.

This is one of those times.

Sometimes, folks who've been violently disabused of basic truths we were raised to take for granted seem disoriented and vulnerable in the aftermath:
-Republicans and Democrats are meaningfully different
-The dollar is a paragon of strength
-We go to war to protect our freedoms, and those who oppose us threaten our freedom.
Losing those and similar lies from our life's narrative hurts and disorients.

However, try to stay focused here. We're trying to get Ron Paul and any candidates reasonably like him elected. Wacky stuff like this is unhelpful because it distracts from constructive effort, and makes our candidate look wacky by our association with him.

That's my input.

Television: Why do you think they call it "programming"?

Because you don't understand or agree? U resort to insults?

I don't mind disagreement, but attacks like this
serve no intelligent purpose, they are mean spirited and
lacking in understanding of the Liberty movement.

"I'm confused about who the Dumb*ss is here"

If you find yourself in a conversation and you are confused about who the dumb ass is you might want to find a mirror... it's sort of like playing in a poker game where you don't know who the sucker is...

You mistook his examples of Falsehoods many new supporters of Paul have just shed...such as "The dollar is a paragon of strength" that is something we do not believe any more... but just becasue we have to throw out these tenents that neoconism ingrained in us doesn't mean we have to jump on board with every wacko conspiracy that comes down the pipe.

You didn't understand his comments and lashed out..

Unless all this people are

Unless all this people are guaranteed due process, i'm not sure this is a good thing. Abuse of power comes in many shapes and forms. I absolutely hate what some of this people have done to the world, but we can never risk becoming like them to get them. Lets get them with the tools allowed to us by the Constitution, which is what we are trying to defend.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Video uploaded yesterday, 55,500 views already

Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members - 2012


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix


I forwarded it after receiving it today.

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Patriots in the wings collecting and sharing evidence...

Patriots in the wings collecting and sharing evidence... trying to get the American people to wake-up. Very interesting reading and lots of information on this site. Publishing documents since Nov 2010 and providing predictions which are happening now.

This link is to report #37 be sure to read comments of March 5 they define who they are NOT, whereas Report #36 tells who they are...

Hope these Patriots exist... but we must continue to support Liberty and Dr. Paul and wake up as many as we can, as fast as we can. Daily Paul is a huge push in the right direction.


Thank you. It seems that people who have followed this subject

are not so quick to disregard or be fearful of unfamiliar and somewhat drastic change, they will, at the very least, consider the possibilities of thinking "outside of the box".

so . . .

while Americans and Iraqis and Pakistanis and *etc.* have died for pointless wars . . .

the PTB are fighting among themselves--

and who will come out 'winner'?

I don't see anyone being brought to 'justice' under the American 'justice' system here--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Add to the mixture, Putin is ruffling feathers

Notice that after the fall of the USSR, many Russians became overnight billionaires. Ever since Putin stated he was thinking of running for President again three years ago, the corporations have been in a frenzy. The owners (billionaires) having been putting fall guys in as president of their companies. All are moving their money out of Russia and buying up land in several different countries. Much to the demise of the US, UK, banking cabal, and the overnight billionaires, Putin won in a landslide. But, many (not all) Russians consider Putin the working man's hero.

Rumor has it that Putin has been gathering info on the overnighters and is readying to arrest them now that he was reelected. Putin has been bucking NATO, UN, US, UK etc. stopping the agenda for WW3. When Georgia invaded South Ossetia, Russia (Putin) came to the rescue. (If Russia invaded South Ossetia first, we would have been shown the satellite photos as proof.)

Wouldn't it be ironic if Putin ended up being an ally of the free people instead of the evil villain our msm portrays him?


Would any logical person think it better to bow to a cabal of Russian banksters?

Putin IS the Central Bank of Russia. That central bank has sole authority to issue the nation's currency.

It's the same thing.

There is not now and never has there been ANYTHING good about Mr. Putin.

An amazing thing is when people grab onto leaders of other nations because they claim to wish to live free.

They do not wish to live free. They crave being led.

Those are the people who enslave others so they can live more prosperously than the enslaved.

Goldman Sachs IS the Russian Central Bank

I'm not looking to Putin to be anything. I was merely posting what some of those within Russia are telling individuals here who are now US citizens. As long as Putin is a thorn in the side of empire building for Goldman Sachs, he is giving us more time to make the changes we need to within our own government. (Perhaps Goldman Sachs wants their money back first?)

What you may not know is that prior to 2001, there were only a handful of sovereign nations who didn't have Goldman Sachs control their central bank. Do the names of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya ring a bell for you? As of today, there are only two remaining sovereign nations who do NOT have a Goldman Sachs controlled central bank -- IRAN and North Korea. These wars aren't Holy Wars or Empire Building Wars for the US. These are Bankers Wars! Two nations stand in the way for Goldman Sachs controlling the money supply for the entire world.

Is Putin a friend or foe? Who knows? Right now he is impeding the agenda by protecting Iran. Considering that our msm has given us nothing but propaganda for decades, do we even know what is truly happening in any foreign nations much less our own nation?

Eventually, Conspiracists all go blind...or started out that way

You can choose to accept that certain fate.

Or, you can choose to rationally address reality.

Goldman Sachs (and others) exerting power thru connivance with government is nothing new.

The fact that it's new info to you doesn't change the fact that this has been going on with central banks as long as there have been central banks.

That's not conspiracy.

That's government, and that is what is bad, again, in this instance.

I read last night that there

I read last night that there have been about 18,000 resignations in the first quarter, banking, investments, ceo's, some high ranking officials in various governments.
Rats leaving the ship. SEC investigating what I'm not sure.
Whistleblowers have come forward outing JPMC and Goldman Sachs.

So, I hope it's all true. Don't forget the 15 trillion exposed by Lord Blackheath. What is going on is international and if it's all true, it is huge.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

18,000 resignations? That's incredible.

Has that ever happened before in history?

At least 5 whistleblowers, are exposing Goldman Sachs fraud....

Out in the open now, 5 whistleblowers expose Goldman Sachs.

Nevertheless, we won't get them all without President Paul!

That is simply a fact. Everyone keep training. Buy a gun or ammo as well as taser rifles, for your own selves.

Those whistleblowers have courage.


That, and they're interested in Backroom deals...

Chris Dodd's "Audit of the Federal Reserve" (which the language they changed is illegal, btw) offers 40% return to any incoming whistle-blowers.

So Goldman Sachs, if it starts teetering like the tower of Babel is going to have thousands of whistle-blowers exposing their corruption & fraud.

I hope that if this trend continues, the Militias simply round these traitors up & quietly tosses them in country club-prison for a year.