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4 Representatives left until HOUSE MAJORITY to AUDIT THE FED, Ron Paul's LEGACY



Audit the Fed 2012, REPEAL THE FED on the 100TH ANNIVERSARY (December 23, 2013). THIS is Ron Paul's legacy, a gift we can achieve for not just him (he is leaving Congress) but for ourselves, the Constitution, and the future of the country.

Tell your Reps to support H.R. 459, and thank them if they already do and encourage them to hold public discussion, just 4 more representatives needed until a HOUSE MAJORITY, a lot of work left, but THIS WILL BE AN ACHIEVEMENT on the road to LIBERTY.

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Are you a Washingtonian?

You need to call the Senators right away. Fax them if possible, sign the petition, whatever - just do it. If Norm Dicks is your representative call and write a fax. He does not support this. OMG! Can you believe it? Do not let them get away with it!


Call to Action

I just called my representative. He was one of the group that sold us out last time around. I asked the clerk to tell him that I hope he doesn't disappoint me this time.

Not to be Negative

But remember last time when we had more than enough Representatives in the House to pass the bill and several of them sold us out on the house floor when it came time to vote? We should push for way more than the minimum number of votes needed because the Fed will lean on these Reps when it comes time to vote. This is the most powerful organization on the planet. Do you really think they'll go out without a fight? We have to exceed the goal here. I promise you a good number of these guys will sell out when the time comes.


The legislation is known as S.202 (Federal Reserve Transparency Act) in the senate. Contact your senators as well

Link to House Directory

This gives you everyone's direct phone number.


Mica (Transportation chair) FINALLY signed on

For over a year, I have been calling my neighboring FL Reps to co-sponsor this bill. My Rep, Sandy Adams, signed on two weeks after it was introduced. (Whenever I call her office, I still thank her for doing so.)

Webster, who defeated Alan Grayson, hadn't signed on by the summer recess. As soon as they started up again, I told his staff that Webster will probably be running against Grayson and he was very helpful in getting last session's bill to the floor. When the Fed is now front and center, Webster would look like he is protecting the Fed and blocking an audit. Shortly thereafter, he signed on.

Mica is another Establishment shill. Every House GOP signed onto last session's bill HR 1207. This year, none of the committee chairs have. Every time I called Mica's office, his staff would make some excuse, with the last being that he is busy on the Transportation Budget. I told him that if he is too busy to co-sponsor this biannual bill, he should relinquish his chairmanship, because he isn't representing his constituency and that it looks like the GOP leadership only co-sponsored HR 1207 to pretend they cared.

With redistricting, my area received one of the new districts. Adams and Mica now live in the same district - mine. Yesterday, I made another call to Mica to say that he needs to co-sponsor and insist that HR 459 is brought up for a vote soon to show that the GOP leaders aren't working against the people. I was told that Mica had just cosigned and that he was holding the Ron Paul email confirming Mica as a co-sponsor. He even read it to me. I then told the staff member to thank Mica and tell him to light a fire under the chair of the Government Organization, Efficiency and Financial Management committee to bring it to the floor. He told me Mica wasn't on the committee. I told that he has the pull to get it done and if he doesn't, it will appear that the GOP don't want an audit.

Come monday I will...

...be calling (no stop) all representatives that have not cosponsored the bill. thanks for the post. going this morning to a delegate county delegate convention to see if I can advance to the state delegate convention. Out of 122 delegates they need 18 to advance. Rock on!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Good luck.


Found a list of cosponsors

Found a list of cosponsors ...
Thanks for sharing this!
This is a great example of an idea whose time has come. (finally!)


*edit: (oops didn't see the links they had below the article .. oh well, now you got two)

Yay, my rep DeFazio is

Yay, my rep DeFazio is supporting it. I sent him a thank you note, asking him to talk about this bill to the media whenever he gets the chance.

Pour kerosene straight into the flames....

And push that over the top.

Time to achieve 60 votes in the Senate, for a top-to-bottom audit + repeal under HR 459.

Thing is, the Federal Reserve is such a criminal syndicate that will only open up pandoras box. Tracking down these financial terrorists is moot, at this point.

We should be imprisoning them, the Federal Reserve must be entirely abolished. That requires the executive branch.

The legalization of competing

The legalization of competing currencies would allow the market to eliminate any currencies that have failed, whether that's the dollar or not is up to those who are managing its links to value and creation....

But I get what you're saying, the Audit the Fed bill is a step in the right direction, and will create the momentum necessary to educate a larger group of people on sound money and eventually return to a Constitutional monetary system, it's not everything we need, but it's progress in that direction.

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