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Programmer Testifies to Creating Vote Flipping Software

An oldie from 2006 that demonstrates the vulnerabilities of electronic voting software and its susceptibility to vote rigging


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I'm a computer programmer and

I'm a computer programmer and this is 100% correct. Although, it should come as no surprise to anyone. I would hope that anyone that has ever used a computer realizes that it can be programmed to literally do ANYTHING you want.

The only thing you cannot do is 100% protect a computer against attacks (yet). Just think of virus software on your own computer -- it doesn't always work.

My recommendation would be to make the voting software open-source and have people contribute to the code for 10 years before using it. Although, this still isn't perfect since people could find problems and then not fix the code or tell anyone. Then the voting locations could check that the software is correct with a MD5 or similar hash.

the problem with computers

they can be really fragile... oops, dropped another one

sorry didn't realize I was wearing my magnetic belt buckle

I tripped on that cord and it just flew off the table


Where are the organizations?

Pushing for transparent voting should be a huge priority for the following:

Campaign for Liberty

What's up?


seen this, and it looks like they are putting this software to good use ever since. Are we all asleep? We have the evidence, we have the programmer, I am sure the code can be found, we have the technical chart analysis. I think it is high tide to go after these crooks, dismantle the electronic voting system completely, and restore our election integrity to an honest, and transparent process.

you would think...

that they would do away with electronic voting machines after this... but noooooo

First time I've seen this

First time I've seen this unreal video. Wow. Well we might not be the land of the free anymore. But we're definitely in the home of the Brave. Ron Paul 2012

PS Is this guy still around & has Alex Jones ever interviewed him?


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More interesting is who not only didn't report the vote fraud story but the Chinese espionage story either...
The plot thickens:
"The case would later take a turn toward the bizarre—and terrifying. In June 2003 Curtis was told by investigator Raymond Lemme of the Florida Inspector General’s office that the investigation into his allegations was almost complete. According to Curtis, the sleuth told him that he’d “be happy” with the results and that he should keep his ears open because he’d discovered the corruption went “all the way to the top.”

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