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Do "Former Ron Paul supporters" exist?

The notion that "Former Ron Paul supporters do not exist" needs to end now. We are hemorrhaging supporters in Idaho, I documented that the best I could already. Idaho was a stronghold in 2008 because truth lovers and militia members rallied behind RP. Then we got $h!t on, silenced, ridiculed by our "fellow " supporters because the only socially acceptable RP supporter seems to be the handful who took to politics and can lie, cheat and steal with the big dogs. I have had a hissy fit over what happened in Idaho, volunteers were insulted and lied to and then slapped in the face by RP staff. While waiting to meet him, 5 volunteers dressed in suits, waiting to have a nice sit-down chat, were told "Don't creep him out." It seems a crowd in Seattle pushed over a barricade, and the 5 of us there looked equally scary. This is the kind of crap that loses supporters. Not in that moment, it takes a while to get disillusioned - much longer than getting illusioned. But people who poured their heart into an effort only to be insulted and jerked around will eventually move their heart. I have warned the campaign, best I could, that they are screwing the pooch in Idaho while the campaign continues to treat supporters like an inconvenience, an impediment to their success. The campaign is amused by my ranting. Well, here is another tale sure to entertain them.


I hope that Ron Paul leads you folks to truth somehow, but that is not the current trend line.

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seems like another one of those

"other people got treated badly,so you better treat me nicely!" expression

guess what.. you will be treated on individual merits.

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+1. Yup!

"you will be treated on individual merits"

And that's where all the fun begins ... in this world! ;)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Former supporters DO exist.

Former "Paulites" DON'T exist. This idea that every single Ron Paul voter is supposed to be just as dedicated to Ron Paul as we at the DP are is just silly. Seriously though. If we could have harnessed our full potential in the Northwest, it wouldn't have mattered if every Mormon in Idaho and Washington showed up, we would have won. There are enough woodsmen, militia folks, and redneck anarchists up there to have helped Paul win. I don't know what happened or why it happened, but it could have been better. As far as Virginia goes, I think the campaign made the same mistake there that it has throughout the entire South - ignore it. BUT, the people who run the campaign are only human and that should in no way discourage our resolve to keep our conscience clear by doing everything we can to get Ron Paul elected.

Glad you are an expert on an area you don't live in, Dixie.

There aren't enough "woodsman and militia folks" up here to give Ron Paul the win in Idaho.

I know people who were involved in militias in Idaho in the early to mid 90's. The Clinton admin basically castrated the whole movement. I was a young kid at the time, but I remember people coming to my parents house and having meetings. My dad was a ring leader of a militia in a tiny tiny rural area. Many of the people who were involved got into serious shit with the local LDS church clergy and clergymen of other faiths. They were chastised for tax protesting and other "rebellious" activities by the clergies. This had a lasting impression on these people.

All of these people who were anti-establishment types were infiltrated and weakened by the likes of Chuck Harter and Rush Limbaugh. The same thing is happening today with the likes of Beck and Hannity. They are the establishment pawns set in place to put down the rebellion.

Our movement is growing more rapidly and bigger than ever before. The establishment see's it and of course they are redoubling their efforts accordingly. They will not let their strong hold of tyranny die without a fight. They didn't sell their souls for nothing.

While there are a fair amount of rednecks here in Idaho, the militia movement is all but gone. I would venture that there are other states with stronger militia movements than Idaho. Many of those former Mormon militia members actually were duped into supporting Santorum. I know some of them.

This thing is a battle for hearts and minds. We are fooling ourselves if we believe that the majority of us are going to buy into the Mises/Rothbard view that "government is an unnecessary evil". When the revolutionary war was fought, there was under 20% of the people who's hearts and minds were actually there. It only gained "popularity" after there was a chance to win. Then the fence sitters jumped on the wagon. Before this is all over, there will likely be blood spilled. To believe that we can change everything at the ballot box is ludicrous. It's nice to hope, but it isn't very likely. All liberty and freedom outside of some small victories was paid for with blood. In the end, our revolution will likely be no different. But, we can keep donating time and fiat money to the cause of liberty and maintain hope and faith that this revolution may end differently. God willing.

'Former' R.P. Supporter?

I assume that you may very well be describing your 'feelings' on this subject.
I have not met one person that claims to be a 'former supporter'.
Those who make that claim, I suspect, were never supporters of the Constitution to begin with (oh, perhaps on the periphery, the '10 amemdments', and all, but when it came time to face the truth about what this great nation has become, and how far we have strayed from our principles, they perhaps prefer to believe the comfortable lies that the 'parties' and the 'media' continue to force-feed them on a daily basis).
Myself, I get asked the question, 'If Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination, who are you going to support?'. WELL, I cannot support any of the MIC carbon copy candidates any more, because once one learns the truth, one must stick by it, or be damned for ever to have comitted treason against themselves as well as the Constitution one is 'sworn to protect and defend'.
Perhsaps you, fishy, need to pack your bags and go home. I am sorry that you feel the way that you do, but you need to step out of the way of the rest of this movement for LIBERTY and JUSTICE.
I know full-well that the Idaho vote was manipulated horrifically. I was an eyewitness at the Canyon County caucus of blatant fraud, when the first round's voting results (with those stupid coins) were DROPPED ALL OVER THE FLOOR of the Idaho Center. I think there were 4,500 people in attendence (the second largest county caucus in the nation to date, behind Ada County, Idaho, with over 9,000).
PERHAPS you should be directing your ire at the RNC, or the Idaho GOP.
I for one, support Ron Paul and his message, and will not waver on this subject for ANYONE, including you.
This isn't a petty game of jeolosy that is being played out. THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE to secure the blessings of LIBERTY.


After reading this, I am

After reading this, I am assumming that the current MN 6th District chairman, David Fitzsimmons, is a former Ron Paul supporter. In 2012, he was a former Bachmann supporter and now a MN Gingrich campaign director. (scroll to the middle of the page that gives a background of the person, no mention of his work with the Ron Paul campaign)


Here is a post on the Daily Paul a few years back stating a Ron Paul supporter has won the 6th District chairmanship.


This is petty fishy, get over it and over yourself

Sincerely you're awesome and you've done a lot, but so what?! The job aint finished yet, is it? Thanks for your hard work, here's your gold star and all but there's still a fight going on, and just like Katrina there's no one coming to help you. Not the government, not the political parties, not even the campaign. It's up to YOU, and you alone if you want things to change. If you are depending others you will be disappointed every time. So what are you going to do about it? Cry? Become cynical, bitter and defeated? Give up? Give in? Curse, whine and complain, and blame others for your problems? Quit and die because no one is helping you or giving you any attention?

Did Ron Paul give up when was maligned, cheated, disrespected, ignored, silenced, slandered, libeled, blacked out/balled/listed, passed over, dishonored, ridiculed, laughed at, disenfranchised, publicly mocked, jerked around, insulted, disillusioned, ambushed, misquoted, mis-characterized, and even betrayed by his very own and false friends from time to time over the past 40 years? No. He didn't give up, even when he was all by himself. Why not?
Because even with his new found recognition and popularity it has always been a one man fight for him. Not versus the world or "TPTB". It was him versus his conscience. These outward trivial things rolled off him like water. He was driven by something else altogether.

"The true patriot is motivated by a sense of responsibility, and out of self interest -- for himself, his family, and the future of his country -- to resist government abuse of power. He rejects the notion that patriotism means obedience to the state. Resistance to illegal and unconstitutional usurpation of our rights is required. Each of us must choose which course of action we should take: education, conventional political action, or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes. But let it not be said that we did nothing.Let not those who love the power of the welfare/warfare state label the dissenters of authoritarianism as unpatriotic or uncaring. Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security. Understanding the magnificent rewards of a free society makes us unbashful in its promotion, fully realizing that maximum wealth is created and the greatest chance for peace comes from a society respectful of individual liberty." -Ron Paul

A Patriot doesn't need a campaign. (S)He is one.

Could not say it Any Better

Your statement is right on. I have supported Ron Paul since 1983, voted for him in 1988, became a Paul delegate in 2008 and again this year. WHY? Well you statement tells why.

Some people say that Ron Paul is the Thomas Jefferson of our time but I believe he is more of a George Washington. George Washington did not want to do what he did but he knew it had to be done. The same for Dr. Paul, he knows it has to be done. No other person is willing to step up for our freedom, our liberty and our constitution except Ron Paul.

If the American people cannot see what this man is all about then they deserve another four years of Obama.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

Hear here poq

Great post.

Right is Might

"If we lose freedom here there's no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth." -Ronald Reagan

When they took us off the Gold Standard they took away our money... in order to make it theirs. -OneTinSoldier

this is a classic post.

"A Patriot doesn't need a campaign. (S)He is one."

Truth is timeless.


Thanks for the inspiration!


You are a good writer, an imaginative writer. I like your stories. But just leave a disclaimer that you are spoofing Daily Paul readers. People lead busy lives.


You either understand and become part of the revolution or you reject it. Once your in there is no turning back. It is taking the red pill.

It is all about ego with this fishyculture person. If she or he is a former supporter so be it. I have doubts about ever realy being one in the first place. A million more will take thier place.

I Have met people who like Ron Paul but are still clueless

I will take what I can get when i talk to people who like Ron Paul but my friend who is in college voted for Paul but liked Herman Cain more. I said why, you know Cain endorsed Gingrich right? He said he liked Cain because of his flat tax but said he liked Paul because of his drug policy and foreign Policy. We then got into an argument because i tried to convince him why Cain was just like the rest and he wasn't buying it...I said ending the military industrial complex would help the economy but my friend thinks that the complex is how we make money for military spending....So in the end, he likes Paul, he voted for him, but tells me still that if Cain was still in the race he could have voted for Cain, so I guess some people aren't really "former supporters" but do not know enough like we do to be fully committed supporters...Eventually most will come around..

fishy, you have now sunk to an all-time low.

You've been spreading your poison for years now, with your anti-Paul videos and comments all over the internet. I've even seen them posted on silver trading sites.
I've been around the DP for 4 1/2 years, used to post under a different moniker. I recall all your attacks and complaints then about not getting your way, how you didn't receive enough attention for your efforts, and how you were somehow betrayed. And you posted that message on a pretty regular basis.

I also remember you posting threads about the long dark nights, and mental problems you were having and how wrongly you were, also, treated by the medical profession. The DP members rallied around you with words of support and comfort. I even sent you a personal email.

There may be a lot of supporters who don't remember all this, so it's my duty to reveal it. You've had an axe to grind from the beginning, and it seems that you still harbor a mindset of perpetual victimhood.

Well, we won't fall for it again this time around. You've revealed yourself and your negative intentions yet again, as demonstrated with that ridiculous link you posted. Anyone who has been listening to Dr. Paul for years knows that he didn't say those words. He doesn't phrase sentences like that, doesn't think like that and most importantly doesn't connive like that. I mean, really, "my supporters hang on my every word", "I don't think it would cut a lot of ice with my people", "my people may be really crazy for me but they have their limits"....are you kidding me?
And then, on top of that, this "secret" taping somehow allowed the recorder of "said taping" to observe the facial expressions of Ron and Mitt. Exactly how dumb do you think we are?

Here's my guess. You are an emotionally unbalanced Progressive, but then I repeat myself, who agreed to infiltrate and create division and misdirection in the Paul campaign. We had a couple of them here in our local MeetUp group also. Took me a while to figure it out, but I understand the game now. Frankly, I was surprised when Michael welcomed you back with open arms. But you had a new assignment, didn't you? Which was to push the OWS movement and attempt to divide the grassroots by hijacking Ron Paul supporters, right? That was precisely when you came back to the DP with your "prodigal-daughter-returning-to-the-fold" routine. Yes, I remember vividly all your posts pushing the OWS, trying to convince RP supporters to join that orchestrated movement. And now you are pushing the meme that Ron Paul is making deals with Romney. Well, the jig is up.

I'm exposing you here and now for the sick fraud you are. Begone.

I remember too...

from four years ago. And wasn't she once banned from the DP?
A very colorful and emotional writer - playing upon people's sympathies to gain attention to "her" personal life dramas.

I remember

And understand how it could be possible for the campaign to disregard an individual.But this does not represent actions towards everyone.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Thank you!

I was wondering where all this BS was comin from...I'm glad you exposed this hack for the hater he is.

SPC Haas
82nd Airborne Infantry Division
2/504 P.I.R.

Ron E(a)RNEST Paul
truth is his middle name!



If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

fishy is a "she"

I went to YouTube to get links to some of the videos she posted in the past which show her bad-mouthing Dr. Paul, but she has erased them all.


Above link is where it broke loose.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Anyone who says they are a

Anyone who says they are a 'former' Ron Paul supporter never really grasped what Dr. Paul stands for and was never really a supporter - - maybe a fan - - but not a supporter who really understands what is going on. There is no such thing as a former Ron Paul supporter.

By the way, I'm in Idaho, and Ron Paul is NOT losing support here. Yes, Romney won the state but that was due to a couple things in my opinion. I'm in North Idaho but the southern part of the state has a HUGE lds population. Also we switched to a caucus for the first time and it was very confusing and not well publicized. Governor Otter (who used to be somewhat libertarian) has transformed into an establishment hack who backed Romney, and the party establishment did as well. The average voter had no idea we were even having a caucus on March 6, and those who did didn't really understand how it worked. In my county, less than 1/3 of the people who came to caucus actually voted in the last round of voting (it came down to Paul and Santorum in Kootenai county where I live) and the last round was the only one that counted! If all the Ron Paul voters would have stuck it out til the end, Ron Paul would have won Kootenai County.

i'll answer this as best i can

i think that the truth is this.....yes it is possible to have a "former paul supporter" but i don't know for how long.

what i mean by this is simply i think it's possible for adults to regress like young children do - like when your 4 year old starts maybe playing with a toy from 2 years earlier when he or she finds it hidden in a box when you take it down from the attic.

i say yes because i "woke up" in 2000, began drinking filtered water and rice milk instead of cow's milk, but then regressed two years later when i met my first wife and stayed asleep again until May of 2007 when i found out about 9/11, the real story. then i found ron.

i think that those who could easily leave ron at this time would be those who cannot see 9/11, cannot remove themselves from their own emotional, fear driven obsession with religion and therefore do not see how truly enslaved we all are and how long it has been going on.

anything is possible, but i have a sincere belief that people will evolve out of their obsessions with both material and knowledge possession - meaning....that they will see this reality for what it is, instead of the teaser curtains and props alone - they will stand on the stage after the show is over and see for themselves the ballast ropes, the sand bags, the light racks, the dust in the corner of the back stage, the rehearsal and dressing rooms, the smoking lounge, the parking lot, and god knows what else.

i met one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he said that while he used always vote for the freedom candidates, he now always votes for the incumbent, because they have the best chance to bring home some of the bacon. he figured that he was done 'wasting' his vote and said that since you would never change the system, you should at least try to get the biggest slice of the pie. that really bummed me out, but on the same day i met a dude with a rEVOLution tattoo, then i felt better!

I have had just the opposite

experience in South East Idaho. I have seen Dr. Pauls support grow. Having a Mormon in the race is what made the difference in Idaho this year vs. 2008. In 2008, most people asked me who RP was. Now almost everyone here knows who he is. Instead of "who is Ron Paul" it is "I agree with everything Ron Paul says but we have to have someone who can win. We have to beat Obama." The media has convinced Mormons that "their guy" has the best chance to win. Mormons are like anyone else. They buy into media hype and propaganda the same as any other people as a group.

Many people in Idaho have been fooled that Romney has changed and become more conservative. If Romney were honest and told people his views on guns, the constitution, and that he believes in indefinite detention for Americans, he would lose 80% of his voters. The problem is that he does none of this. He touts his experience in the private sector and his ability to run businesses. People are fooled by his cunning words. Most don't research anything themselves. They just go with the crowd. The only way to overcome this is to get people to educate themselves.

It is absolutely not true that Dr. Paul has lost support in Idaho, other than maybe a few isolated incidents. What we are fighting here is much the same as we are fighting everywhere else: waking people up to the fact that the establishment doesn't care about their liberty, freedom and prosperity. The outcome here was just skewed by the sheer number of Mormons that voted as a herd. It is safe to say that 95% of attendance at the caucuses in east Idaho were Mormon. We received about 10% across the board in east Idaho. In other areas where there is less--but still very high--Mormon population, the Dr. received 18-25%.

As to the accusation that the Paul campaign is alienating supporters in Idaho, I have found the opposite to be true. The campaign has been opposite of what Fishy describes. At least on my side of the state.

Suspicious link

A transcript of a recorded discussion, but no link to the audio. Sorry, but for all I know, that could all be fiction.

Sorry you're having a hard time. I'll pray that RP and his campaign regain their humility, if they had lost it.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I take it back

The idea of Ron Paul being arrogant is ridiculous. Sorry I got fooled by Fishy. She is the proud, arrogant one here.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I love how the audio

I love how the audio recording picked up facial expressions and gestures.

I didn't even bother to read

I didn't even bother to read the transcript, so I didn't catch that. Nice observation. ^_^

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

The only former...

The only former Ron Paul supporters I know are only former because they have passed away. That is the only way that I will ever become a former supporter.