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Into the Belly of the Diebold Beast!

Well, sort of :). I just finished my election judge training so that I can be a touch screen election judge in the Illinois primary this Tuesday. Let me just say after learning the basics of how the machine works and being a computer science major: the ballot data could be manipulated so very easily with a simple program either run at the OS level of the machine or at the central location where the data is read to tally votes. But, I'm guessing you all already knew that!

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I have day dreams

Of seeing on the news that a crowd has shown up at the voting locations all over smashed their machines and demanded paper counts.


A small covert group with small degaussing coils hidden in their pockets simply walking by the machines and watching their screens go black :)

This at a handful of the largest location would throw a huge wrench in their plans.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare

knew it . . .

I wonder what can be done--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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What does the election judge do?

Did you learn how to test the machines to make sure the results are accurate?

Not quite

I'm more or less a glorified voting assistant. I have to set up the touch screen machine before polls open, program the voter access card for each voter before he/she votes to make sure they see the right ballot, answer any questions by the voter, and take down the machine at the end of the polls (which includes taking out the memory card with the results and turning that in to someone).

I'm so glad you are doing this.

It would be ideal if you did the exit poll and got a total number of RP and other voters. Without a total there is no hedge against the vote switching. Better yet is to video tape the exiting voters. Get the exit poll form at www.healthfreedom2012.com.

We need to coordinate

with one another. Election judge coordinates with exit pollers, etc. A strong, open source alternative to corporate controlled voting systems, that's a no brainer for county election officials, would be a welcome entrant to what's become an 'election market'. Any honest financiers out there looking for a cause?


I'm not sure if I'm legally allowed to do exit polling and what not since I'm an election judge and am supposed to be assisting voters with anything if they need it.

Yes. Unfortunately, the

Yes. Unfortunately, the layman either does not understand how easy it is or has been trained to think that vote rigging in the USA is an absurd notion.