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Dr. Paul - Living and governing with Christian principles

In this video,


Ron Paul shares his life's principles. He covers his understanding of family values, and the roles of individuals and government.

Here is a list of items he mentions in this video. For quick reference I've included the video time in parenthesis. Christians should recognize these values. These are the values which Ron Paul lives by.

1. He describes what fascinates him about new life and the natural value of life seen in each other. (1:06)
2. He believes that the family is under attack and has some ideas of what to do about it. He also mentions an important reference in the bible as a description of and a warning for the today's family. (1:30)
3. Biblical teachings in I Samuel 8 there are warnings to the people about having a king to make them safe and secure. With a king like other nations the people's morals would be superseded and their family members and wealth would be used by the king for his own purposes, i.e. the state's purposes. Ron describes the shift from a governing body of family and judges towards a king, i.e. today's federal government. I Samuel 8:10-22
4. "We have too often relied on our king in Washington and we have to "change" that." (3:00)
Ron Paul compares these warning in Samuel to how we the people have now have relied too much upon the Federal Government as their king today and how we need to heed this warning now and change the current role of federal government or else it will be too late.
5. He explains that a nations law can never change the morality of the people but rather the laws do reflect the morality or immorality of a people. (3:40) (very important point) Later on Ron Paul mentions that the morality of a nation will come from the individuals, families and the church.
6. Explains progressing of laws changing as the people's hearts and morality had changed. Vietnam war, drugs and decade of abortion violations, etc. (4:15)
7. Biblical mandate of honest money. No central banking system! (4:35)
8. Welfare and benefits. Moral society has changed. Cradle to grave mentality is not a biblical mandate. (6:00) These are the responsibility of the family and churches.
9. Dr. Paul talks about just war principles and where that originated. In both the Old and New Testament Christ was recognized as the Prince of Peace. What are we to be-the peace makers or the war makers? (6:12)
Going to war should always be done under the proper authority. "Today, I think the proper authority is NOT the UN or the NATO authorities that take us to war!" (7:30) Just war principles.
10. Caring for the poor, family, neighbors and friends is a personal responsibility. (7:50)
Do we need more laws or a better understanding of our Christian principles.
11. Ron Paul is pro-life!! "You can not be a great defender of Liberty if you do not defend and understand what life is all about and where it comes from." (8:27)
12. A biblical Foreign policy based upon the golden rule. (9:18)
The book of Isaiah reference to the ending of wars. Reasons why wars undermine our families, it is one of the greatest threats to our families. Peace is far superior to war.(9:55)
13. Ron's vision. His explanation of what is the proper goal of a free society seeking virtue and excellence as individuals. Also, explains how we are losing our liberty. Get rid of dept of education-responsibility of parents.(13:09)
14. Where do our morals and values come from? Not the government! Individuals, family and our churches, that is where our moral values should come from and that is where we have slipped. (14:20)
"We must change our hearts if we expect to change our family and treat our family values as it should be." (15:09)
15. Debt. We have been blessed in this country. Debt is not a biblical principle. We are living way beyond our means, whether personal and national. (15:25)
Proper role and responsibility of government. (16:00) Right to work hard, have incentive, a right to life and liberty then there is the right to the fruits of our labors.
Ron references again I Samuel and how the kings desires may be thwarted, by fighting for these issues.
16. What is the role of government? Founding Fathers said the role of gov't is the protection of liberty!! (17:35)
Our experiment is about to end. Are we transforming from a Republic into a dictatorship? Describes what the government is doing. (18:00)
17. Read the constitution carefully for our roles as citizens. The Constitution restraints are placed upon the Federal government! (19:05)

So, send this video and the listed items to a Christian friend who may not be convinced. There are many other videos and documents which exhibit his values.

Just as the Constitution may not have the word "God" mentioned God's principles are well contained within it AND it builds upon the previous and most famous unanimous Declaration of dependance upon Him.

Have a blessed day

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Susie 4 Liberty's picture

And my dad was asked the following question...

A personal recollection... When my dad was being treated for colon cancer at M.D. Anderson, his surgeon explained about a survey's being conducted on 'personality traits' that might be related to the development of this disease. And the Doc's first question: Mr. N, do you consider yourself to be a “Religious Person”? And my dad paused... And then answered: “No, I wouldn't say I consider myself a “Religious Man”. I'm a Christian, a believer, and I make every effort to live my life in such a manner that my belief is manifested in the way I conduct myself – every day.”

The Doc folded up the questionnaire and seemed to find it difficult to talk for a few moments. (He was touched by Dad's response.)

And I see this in Ron Paul; he feels no need to TALK about his “Religious Beliefs” - as one candidate, in particular, seems compelled to do. And you know about whom I speak! The one who has stated he intends to be the “ARBITER” of what HE considers 'moral'? Personally, I believe he is a dangerous man... And some people are being taken in by his rhetoric – until they're reminded that Santorum has said he does NOT believe in Separation of Church and State! I believe that would be called a “Theocracy”...

Susie 4 Liberty

Two separate government authorities

That's what its about, character. I see that in Ron Paul too.

As for Santorum, he doesn't understand the differences between a soap box and a pulpit. Santorum isn't too unlike Huckababy who doesn't know the difference between the reasons for a tax and a tithe.

Of course, there is no separation of church and state mentioned in the constitution, there doesn't need to be because they are and should remain to be two separate governmental authorities. The Constitution does restrict congress from interfering. But, as Ron Paul has stated in this video, the connection is with the people's morals which are reflected in the laws of the states and are enforced by the local and state civil governments.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Don't forget this one!

The Bible and Ron Paul (series)


"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." - Romans 12:18

Brilliant article that explains why we love Dr. Paul:

I've seen that too but...

This video is of Ron Paul speaking those important values himself.

Many do need straight from the candidate their values, positions and reasoning espoused.

I indexed each topic's location in the video so that anyone can go to the one they're interested in quickly.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Thanks for posting this

my wife will be interested to know where Dr. Paul stands on these issues.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose