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Missouri Caucus Gets Ugly and Cancelled!


I just found this in comments from another post here at DailyPaul. The link is to a message board where you can read the report from a Paul supporter who was there, or as I've excerpted below:

"Well, I just got back from my caucus in St. Charles County, Missouri and it did not go well. First of all, the caucus was supposed to start at 10am but the lines were so long that they decided to let anyone who got in line by 10am to get in. The actual meeting didn't even start until approx. 11:10am and this black guy (Eugene, I think he was the St. Chas. County Republican Chairman), tells everyone to turn off their video cameras and that recording is not allowed. The place went ballistic and then Eugene told the cops to arrest this guy who was video recording. The cops went up to arrest the guy and everyone started yelling things like, "First Amendment Rights!", ""Defend the Constitution!", "Arrest the chairman!" The cops realized that this could get ugly so they backed off and called for reinforcements. The meeting was stopped until about a dozen or so more cops showed up. Then Eugene started the meeting again and announced that anyone caught video taping would be arrested. Right after that he asked for a nomination for Caucus Chairman. Brent Stafford was nominated and was overwhelmingly endorsed by the crowd. This Eugene nazi fellow, completely ignored the crowd and nominated this white guy tool who Eugene immediately announced as the Caucus Chairman without any support at all. The place went ballistic and the Romney and Paul supporters realized that we were being screwed. The place continued to go nuts and so the caucus was completely canceled and guess what?! St. Chas. County will not have any delegates to respresent them in this election. The only thing I can figure out is that maybe this Eugene character and his coharts were Santorum supporters and they saw that Romney and Paul were going to get the majority of the delegates so they decided to stir up this trouble. I am sorry to ramble on like this but I am so shaken right now. What I just witnessed seems like something that came right out of the nazi playbook. I'm stunned that something like this could happen in one of the most conservative republican counties in Missouri. Just stunned."

The above is from a Ron Paul supporter who is stunned now, and filed that report right after his caucus experience. Don't stay stunned. This stuff IS the GOP as it exists. Get active!

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If there is a quorum, the meeting can be legally continued. If not, it can be reconvened.

What's "legal" got to do with anything?

You comment assumes this is a logical, honest meeting in the first place.

You also assume that the point of the caucus is to achieve an honest result.

That's not the GOP.

It never has been the GOP way. Major parties just don't operate that way.

They routinely operate in the way described by the Ron Paul supporter at this caucus.

The major parties have gamed the system for years and continue to do so exactly because so many naive people think it should work in an honest faction. Those same naive people, understandably, are kinda awestruck when it happens to them.

The problem is with being uninformed and inexperienced, like most voters are.

Simply looking at your own state's election laws would inform you that the system is a rigged game.

There are no easy Robert's Rules answers to this very real problem.

One must be involved, not sitting on the sidelines quoting irrelevances like Roberts Rules.

I'm confused

I'm on your side (I think). The Roberts Rules have to be followed. If they were not, then the meeting can be continued if a quorum is present (I am not an expert on Roberts Rules so I could be wrong.)

If it was cancelled correctly, it can still be reconvened.

I completely agree with you that the caucus chair was attempting to basically disenfranchise all of the conference attendees.

nor am I an expert on Roberts Rules

And I also assume we are on the same side.

That's why I'm trying to explain the futility in doing what you suggest makes for an easy or even possible solution.

Trying to do things that way ensures you will lose, every time.

Having worked on the Hill and in campaigns has taught me that it is useful to have skilled parliamentarians as your allies.

However, it's far more than that. The GOP runs a rigged game.

These things they hold called caucus, primary and convention are not honest affairs and are in no way bound to pre-set rules.

It's a muscle game.

They have the muscle.

The whole point of Paul's repeated exhortations to people to get active in their party is to break this monopoly on power.

If one sits back waiting for Paul to win and to "fix" the problems or even to start fixing problems, well, then one would have been better off never to begin.

That's a surefire way to lose.

The people running the GOP don't do things honestly, or have you taken a more charitable look at the GOP and the recent history of Paul campaign outcomes in many states?

Matt Ehlen, the caucus

Matt Ehlen, the caucus chairman, said police asked that the session shut down for the safety of the hundreds of people present. A news release issued by police said event organizers made the decision to shut the event and asked for police assistance to clear the building.

see my post in the comment below yours


MO GOP: (573) 636-3146.
St. Charles Co. Sheriff: 636.949.0809


Still, the meeting could probably be resumed, or rescheduled. You might want to check into MO GOP bylaws and state law.

That's really crazy, though. I'm guessing that Roberts Rules of Order were not followed or responded to at all, by the chair?

So is there any video?

I'd love to see it :)

Me Too


“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

The police stopped the video!

The police stopped the video! See this post with more info

Ya but surely SOMEONE got some iPhone footage or something.

Hundreds of people and no personal cameras?


There had to be someone who filmed it. Maybe they are just a tad scared right now to come out with it but I have to believe they will send it to someone, even if it is anonymously sent to someone. It might take a day or so before this person(s) come forward...

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