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This is Brent Stafford from Missouri - Updated #3

This is Brent Stafford. I wanted to let everyone know I am out of jail and am just now starting to read some of the posts about what happened today.

I am actually in my car right now, so I will post more complete details when I get to someplace where I can take more time.

First of all, thank you to everyone who was concerned and calling the police station. Apparently they were getting flooded with calls.

I was trying to reconvene the meeting in the gymnasium, according to the rules, and was told I have the leave the gym along with everyone else or I would be trespassing. I went outside and tried to let everyone know we were going to try to reconvene. Some people we trying to go to a nearby park to do so, but the rules are clear the the caucus may only be held in the location printed in the Call to Caucus printed in a newspaper 15 days prior. The ONLY place we could reconvene was at the high school.

I stood on a chair to address the crowd to let them know we were going to reconvene and what we needed to do. At that point I was approached by told I was under arrest.

More to come...

--------------- Update

Okay, I have a minute, and a beer! Here is the saga.

There are three main culprits to today's fiasco. Eugene Dokes - St. Charles County Republican Committee Chairman, Bryan Spencer - Chairman of the Caucus Committee for the St. Charles County GOP (he organized the caucus), and Matt Ehlen - The guy they installed as Chairman and who ended the meeting before conducting any business.

I approached Bryan Spencer several times, prior to the commencement of the caucus, to point out where things that were being planned violated the rules. He said, "We are going to do it this way, challenge it if you want." He is the one that was trying to rig the process to select delegates proportionally based on who was in attendance. They conducted a straw poll as people were checked in, in violation of State GOP rules.

The meeting was supposed to begin at 10:00am. There were so many people still in line that by the time the meeting was ready to start it was just after 11:00am.

Eugene Dokes started the meeting by immediately declaring there would be no video or audio recording allowed, and that if anyone refused to stop, they would be removed by police. The entire room of what has been reported as over 2,500 people began booing and demanding that recording be allowed. It was not just Ron Paul people.

Eugene Dokes then refused to commence the meeting until everyone stopped recording. I made multiple attempts to make a point of order to address the situation, but he refused to acknowledge me. He then left the podium and called the police.

There were St. Peters Police, St. Charles Police, St. Charles County Sheriffs, and Missouri Highway Patrol that eventually came into the gymnasium and through threat of arrest made everyone turn off their cameras. Of course many did not.

Eugene Dokes then started to convene the meeting a second time.

Let me digress a moment. We had prepared very well ahead of time. I won't get into all of the details, but the Mitt Romney people agreed to support me for Chairman. This was an incredible vote of confidence in my ability to chair and to convene a fair process. I had also hire the President of the Missouri Association of Parliamentarians who I intended to appoint for that role. I never got that chance.

Eugene Dokes appointed the Creditials Committee, Rules Committee, and Parliamentarian. These are all appointments made by the elected Chairman, not the temporary Chair which is what Eugene Dokes was acting as. The body loudly booed and started making all kinds of points of order and other declarations of disgust at the blatant disregard for the proper process.

He then opened the floor for nominations. I immediately started nominating myself multiple times. He recognized a woman, who was obviously preselected, who nominated Matt Ehlen. At that point about 2,000 people started chanting my name to be appointed. Eugene Dokes ignored that and called a hasty voice vote and declared the one nominee, Matt Ehlen, as the Chair.

Hundreds of people started calling for Division of the vote. Eugene Dokes ignored them all.

Matt Ehlen took the podium and tried to regain order. After anout 20 seconds he declared that St. Charles County would not send any delegates to the CD and State Conventions. He quickly found motions to adjourn and closed the meeting.

At that point I went to grab the parliamentarian I had hired. She had not been allowed inside, because of an arbitrary rule Bryan Spencer made up, but I had checked in with her by sticking my head through the door of and on earlier. I told her to come with me and I headed to the podium. I asked her how to reconvene and since no business had been conducted according to the Call to Convention, we had every right to reconvene.

I took the microphone and announced that people should not leave and that we would reconvene the meeting. Eugene Dokes came up and unplugged the microphone. At that point the police began ordering people out of the gymnasium.

At that point I went outside to try to reconvene the caucus, according to the rules. A number of people were going to go to another location to reconvene. I had to stop those that had not left and explained that we were required to convene at the location published 15 days prior in the newspaper or it would be invalid.

I then found where the biggest crowd had gathered and began to address the crowd. Everyone got quiet to hear me. There were 300-400 people there. I explained very quickly that we needed to begin collecting a roster, as required, and what that meant. I was immediately approached by 4 or 5 police of unknown jurisdictions who made me step down from the chair and put me into handcuffs.

When I asked what I was being arrested for, or if I was being arrested, I was told they would tell me later. Eventually I was booked for trespassing and released.

The actions of Eugene Doke, Bryan Spencer, and Matt Ehlen were the direct cause of the event getting out of control. They have tried to shift the blame, but it is all on them. If they had conducted the meeting according to Robert's Rules and the proper order of the agenda, none of this would have happened.

---------------- Update #2

I forgot to mention, I am on the St. Charles GOP Central Committee, the one Eugene Dokes is Chairman of, as well as being Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary of three different GOP Legislative Committees.

I need to remember to tell the media that. It was so crazy today I just wanted to tell what happened and forgot to mention it.

------------- Update #3

I have been doing interviews pretty much non-stop since this all happened. I have more set up for tomorrow. I even had a reporter come to my front door.

I have not had time to keep up with where they all appear, hopefully I can compile a list tomorrow.

I was really impressed with this one reporter. I will have to go look up his name later and put in here. Anyway, this guy really knew his stuff when it came to caucuses. There were times he would stop to describe for his listeners some complex issue, that I would have been happy to do myself, and the guy would nail it.

There are starting to be some developments concerning the aftermath and path forward. Its all in early stages so I won't get into it until things are more definite.

I have heard that Eugene Dokes is telling people Ron Paul supporters are threatening his family. My advice to Eugene is since I know he knows how to call police, call them on anyone making real threats. My advice to all of you is do not make physical threats. I would also leave his family out of it.

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sharkhearted's picture

Actually, the shame is all yours, not mine.

From all accounts, this was a RAPE of the process by the local GOP.

Criminal really, and voter intimidation by the cops they called in. I mean fucking REALLY? Is this the United States...or Nazi Germany?

The booing and the shouting, was completely called for, justified, and necessary.

And to the contrary, the violators of Robert's Rules, were not the audience, or Mr. Stafford, but the people on stage and controlling the mic, and who hijacked the process and ran roughshod over the caucus by closing it down.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

33 minute Troll

go back where you came from

I think I would be booing too

Here is the audio from inside.


sharkhearted's picture

Voter intimidation...

...is another form of tyranny.

And it is a felony, too.

Additionally, this is public property and people have their 1st amendment right to assemble...or re-assemble (reconvene) as the case may be.

Will the St. Charles police please cite the code where "trespassing" has taken place?

Will those same police, and sheriffs, and highway patrol under the Newspeak of "keeping everyone safe", please cite your legal authority to interfere with and enforce the shut-down of a presidential caucus??

Will the local GOP please explain the following: Was this not a caucus which was called and which could be held at no other location but this one, and do the Americans invovled here have the natural rights to assemble and cast their votes for this all-important presidential nomination?

Will they please explain as to how they could invent an unconstitutional "rule", again defying the first amendment, where no video (in a public place!) could be used?

Regardless, thanks for being a leader, Brent Stafford, and I hope you continue to expose the corruption of this event and follow through on any laws broken by the GOP and by the police.

This is voter intimidation on a grand scale and it is a CRIME. Thank you for pushing back.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

standard procedure for a caucus

We are hosting the city caucus next week and yrs there will be a police officer there. Just like any caucus. This will be different as the city committee is Paul friendly.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

Hot thread

Daily paul is alive and thrivin'!

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Thank you!

You are a Patriot in every sense of the word!

Jim Rogers

St. Charles GOP contact info


Contact Us (636) 949-5555

Chair: Eugene Dokes
606 Davidson Ct.
St. Peters, MO 63376
(636) 387-0097

Vice-Chair: Penny Henke
41 Oak Forest Drive
St. Charles, MO 63303
(636) 447-2346

Secretary: Barbara Grimm
3646 Eagles Hill Ridge
St. Charles, MO 63303-1901
(636) 922-2921

Treasurer: Michael Sommer
6 Williamsburg Court
St. Charles, MO 63303
(636) 946-1234

Missouri elected officials: http://www.stcharlesgop.com/electedofficials.php

Most excellent info!

THIS needs to be copied and saved by each and every person in Missouri. USE this info, or they will win, and I think you all know what I mean by, "they"/

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).


This RP group had their act together! Congrats to all of you!


Haha that's awesome

Haha that's awesome

Incredible fudge!

It's like Bunny Rabbit reporting for Toon News.

Way to stand up to the rogues

Way to stand up to the rogues and scalawags at the Caucus!

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

We All Need To Become Like Bret..He Has A Big Pair

One of these days, one of those GOP Romney Fixers is going to get a lead full of "00 Buck" up his kiester, and when or if it happens, i'm going to laugh my fool head off..

I'm really surprised there hasn't been some very serious violence. It goes to show you that Ron Pauler's and the others would rather solve these kinds of problems according to Jurisprudence..

But, one of these days, Alice, Bang Zoom!


video just popped up....I guess i need to compile all the video's I have found so that they can be forwarded to Ben Swann


Get a lawyer

If they even still have trespass charge(s) pending, get a lawyer and sue everyone who violated your rights.

It's highly likely this was a so-called citizens' arrest.

That means someone had to sign before the cops arrested you.

Under the interpretation of most laws regarding trespass, that person(s) actually effected the arrest, not the cops.

It's probably one of our common opponents.

Thank you again for your hard work.

Now sue their butts off!

The police need to use better

The police need to use better judgement. You cannot arrest one person leading 200 others for trespass and not consider the other 200 trespassing as well. The only point of the arrest was to shut down HIS political speech and thwart the political process.

I am a 20 year GOP voter and after this election I'll never vote for another GOP candidate again.

I agree with most of that, however...

I've been thru litigation from my own arrest for "trespass" related to my political speech activities; I've litigated for years on literally dozens of arrests and in a few states.

Most state laws on trespass are achieved thru a "citizens arrest" process. In that, the citizen not the cop actually leads the arrest process, and can be held liable.

The cop, moreover, may be burdened by specific law REQUIRING that he/she act by carrying out the citizen order to make an arrest. Sure, the cops should use their best judgement but believe me, they have plenty of reason to just do it...

Only because most people arrested in such bogus things don't turn around and sue everyone who violated rights in that instance.

You are absolutely correct that the purpose of the arrest was to shut down speech, and speech and assembly rights are at issue here.

Sue EVERYONE who had anything to do with it.

Sue the Police Department, not the Cops....

No offense but the cops were just actors in this whole thing. So I honestly wouldn't even bother them.

Go after the County aka corrupt PD Chief Ben Crowley and Brian Senser, then at least you are draining the tax dollars off the right institution. Missouri has held numerous no-confidence votes this year.

That's what I said

The cops were acting as agents for the people who requested/effected a citizens arrest.

Most arrests for "trespass" violations are that way.

I know because it's happened to me, many times, in situations just like these and I've litigated and won, many times.

That's how we preserve our rights peacefully.

Sue the bad guys, every last one of them.

Correct, I read it again and that's what it says..

You'll also drain the tax dollars off the corrupt County who won't elect these people again. Hopefully the mayor, admits defeat or resigns.

I'm always right :)

Your life will become much easier when you understand that.

I never am wrong and following my example makes you a better person :)

They'll just raise property

They'll just raise property taxes.

that's the point

Cops who do bad things are doing so because taxpayers willingly pay to support those bad things.

So, you sue the hell out of every taxpayer entity in site.

That's what gets the attention of those who think the cops do good things all the time.

Same with property taxes; how the hell could they raise them if enough people had the spine to eliminate such taxation?

Cyril's picture

+1. Once again, you make what I find is the best point I've read

Once again, you make what I find is the best point I've read so far on this shameful event Brent had to cope with.

"sue the hell out of every taxpayer entity in site"

Rioting back? THE WORST thing the crowd and Brent could have done.

Keeping your mouth shut and NOT bring your case before a judge? THE VERY THING voter and vote THIEVES like Mr. Dokes et al. secretly wish for, after doing their betrayal to their oath and the people they're supposed to represent.

Stay peaceful. And comply with the law enforcers. ALWAYS.

But then, afterwards, sue, sue, sue : defend your own rights and don't allow one more % of probabilities of chances the Dokes et al. People representation GANGSTERS to keep in the future elections.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


One of the most interesting aspects of the 2 arrests in MO. is that it was done by cops who were acting offduty (moonlighting) having been hired by the GOP (usually the cops union or some association of cops serves as a broker to rent them out). Anyway, that's real interesting because it means the GOP paid for them to be there. That makes the GOP liable for damages. That could be either/both the local GOP and/or the state GOP.

Of course, any and all taxpayer entities are themselves liable. The cops were in uniform, wearing their badges (I'm gonna assume we even paid for the ammo in their weapons).

Sometimes people are reluctant to sue taxpayer entities. To them I say: first, sure, they are liable as individuals too; but ok, sue the cops, say you win, what does it get you? Taxpayers pay damages then too...the cops will be indemnified, they'll have insurance, paid for by taxpayers, so maybe an insurance pool will pay, and most likely that's a pool of government agencies, like 20 cities pool and split all claims against them.

Anyway you look at it, you are suing the taxpayers.

And, that's the ONLY way people will begin to demand changes.

We get better elections AND better cops because we teach the real people who are responsible an important lesson. The people responsible ARE the taxpayers, as a collective, because they tolerate it and in most cases actually want the cops to do bad things.