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Ron Paul Wants Us To Pursue Election Fraud Investigations

[Selected portion of a radio interview]



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Bump. Well everyone, lets pursue it.

Keep this on the Front Page

At the Top

I knew that Ron Paul didn't

I knew that Ron Paul didn't have the time and actually wanted us to pursue the fraud ourselves. Personally, I think he's waiting for us, the grassroots, to take this to the next level before he makes a solid decision to take action himself. I think he wants to know that we are with him 100% of the way and dedicated to bringing justice to the situation.

Right now, Ron cannot make the claim that he is pursuing the case because if he is proven wrong all of his credibility will be thrown out the window and the media will further dismiss him and us as conspiracy theorists. Ron is too smart to fall into that trap. It's up to us to show him that we want him to actively pursue the case by taking action ourselves and demanding that every single rule be followed by the GOP heads, and when things go wrong we need to prosecute those who are involved.


File Writs in Court, use your camera to capture all their illegal actions on tape. Lets let everyone see nationwide!!!!

So we start with...

Maine GOP? Eugene Dokes in Missouri? If anyone wants to set up a money bomb to assist any paul supporting lawyers, I'm sure it would go over well here. But so far do we have good evidence, and if not how can we be better equipped to gets some as we move forward and more attempts arise?

he is so awesome. <3

he is so awesome. <3

Maybe if the "troops" would

Maybe if the "troops" would stage some civil disobedience it would help.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine Godfather of the American Revolution)

The More I look at all of this

The more I am convinced that Ron Paul's Plan is going exactly the way he planned.

Remember he has been in this race three times over the years.

He has pulled out his little black book from the last 30 years with a plan.

He knew after 2008 that the people would start to expose the criminals.

He is thanking us for doing our part in this and at the same time telling us he needs more help.

His Plan is to change the GOP back to what is supposed to be.

It is working and we are just about to hit critical mass.

Even my 90 year old mom is changing the minds of her friends

This is scary and exciting at the same time

Lets Go After Them..They Think We're Suckers...F#ck Them All

Make Romney earn the GOP fix, if that's what they want..

We will not lie down and eat their dog food..ok?

This is posted on twitter and everywhere else!

Campaign should get involved...

They should be able to fight with their officials to look at the vote counting. They are formal officials. volunteers really don't have much say or voice and can't demand to see evidence.

Alex Jones said he sent over info that the Iowa vote is going to be tampered, but he said the campaign said 'don't worry about it', and then look what happened - fraud.


Thank you

Posted on Twitter.

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Check out the Mini Spy Hd Recorders I found

Check out this post I just put up.

They are going to try and stop you if you have a regular camcorder so why not get one for your key chain for about $10


It's a good idea...

For Paul supporters to become walking video/audio recorders. But what else is proactive?


From what I learned about my caucus from hell....DO NOT WRITE OR STATE THAT YOU ARE A RON PAUL SUPPORTER! Put UNCOMMITTED like I did. As soon as someone stated that they were for Ron Paul the entire mood changed and the neocons went on attack mode. They even made everyone listed in each delegate group to state who they supported. I said I was uncommitted and they had my piece of paper stating that fact. When several of my delegate group said Ron Paul, it was over. I argued the fact that you do NOT have to commit until the District convention but the majority voted to make every delegate state who they were for. I really believe that is what killed it for us as potential delegates BUT I did have several Romney and Santorum people come up to me and thank me for my speech from the heart and that it moved them. After the meeting I even has an elected alternate come up to me and talk and after listening to me he said that he never thought of the situation in the way that I do and he may possibly lean more towards Ron Paul rather than Santorum.

The one thought that stayed in my mind from the moment I walked in the door to sign up until I was in my car was that little "Daily Paul" post that said "YOU ARE UNCOMMITTED" lol and that the GOP will do anything to keep Ron Paul from winning and that we have every right as supporters and voters to represent him in the GOP convention. We all have to realize that we need to do everything we can to become delegates and help him win the nomination. This is the game THEY set up and we have to play it to win.

thats why we need to get the great comparison flyers out

once the people know what the candidates really stand for they change their minds and hearts!

they are for free;

These fliers

I see you posting these frequently. I just want to say that we had some printed for a gun show in Springdale, AR this weekend. By far, the majority of undecided voters gravitated to this document. This was on a table full of Ron Paul stuff including super brochures. Eventually I was telling people "If you leave with one thing, take this"

They are a very effective tool to get supporters from

the other camps or undecided ones to support or to be at least open towards Ron Pauls ideas.

They have the most important info in them while not beeing to long.
Also a great cheat sheet for discussions.

They are from sovereignjanice http://www.dailypaul.com/user/45523
who does a great job and publishes updates reguarly.
She does a terrific Job and is probably very happy when you tell her that it works!

Imagine these all over the republic..

People like you will be the

People like you will be the reason this revolution succeeds, even if today didn't go as planned. Good job. Thank you.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Thank you for the kind words

It was a very rough and disappointing day but coming on Daily Paul and listening to all of you helps me know that I am not alone.

Here is another link of the

Here is another link of the same interview that continues with Ron Paul's response about what is happening with the delegate process.


i say just go in with james

i say just go in with james bond stuff and record everything that way they "THINK" it's safe to go about with their evil ways except we get hard evidence of it. We got Ben Swan helping and everyone knows now there is fraud. They are in control now but we have the massive numbers to fight back and catch them red handed. Then we i say as we have used grassroots to spread the word we spread the information of fraud. Im sending all the videos and links to Ben Swan and others. He's one of the few in the media i can trust. He should practically receive a medal but doing what few reporters do and actually do investigations into this stuff. THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THERE IS FRAUD. It's so damn obvious now and they are so sloppy even covering it up now it's ridiculous. Say your a romney supporter to them to get in then vote ron paul heck throw a wrench into their little plan. a majority of us are younger people for the most part and we're intruding into their "club". it's like snowboarders invading a ski resort but eventually every ski resort gave in and allowed them to snowboard there because otherwise they are out of business. If they reject us the GOP is doomed. When they realize they NEED Ron Paul to win then maybe they'll give in. This is assuming they even care about the Repiblican Party winning since it's just a hunch but i think they WANT Romney to go against Obama.. or that is Goldman Sachs wants that since the real influence in politics these days is the banks and the fed. If you control the money you can control the world.


Seems they try to prohibit cameras, what if we invest in spy camera glasses?

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

Good idea...

Google "eyeglass camera" seems like a good investment that is much cheaper than being arrested and whole lot less bruises. Of course I don't know that from personal experience. Move on people nothing to see here.


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Perfect answer my friend!!

I think that is enough said.

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.



When injustice becomes law - rebellion becomes duty.


There are no rules

About cameras, so they shouldn't have prohibit camera in the first place!
Hence, should be fine for us to go with Camera glasses/pen/button :P Just be stealth! And sometimes, even just a voice recorder will do XD I think

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I have an Ipad 2

records video great and no one knows because it looks like a closed leather binder. ;)

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

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I have access to keychain cams for riding

motorcycles at high speeds. Very good clarity and low costs. Not sure about sound but will find out tomorrow. These are very small cameras.

If they also can record sound I will let everyone know. They are also not very expensive.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

I have to bump this

The evidence is out there, we just need to get it. Could a sharp private investigator help?

Dr. Paul has now made it very clear.

Election fraud is taking place and he has gotten word out that he needs our help presenting actual evidence of it.

Most of us had no doubt that fraud is rampant this go around. Some thought Dr. Paul didn't want to address it because it would appear as whinning. Now he has addressed it and sent a clear message for very real help. Who here could refuse to heed his call for help?

Document with recordings, video, eye witness accounts and any thing else you can think of.

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