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Please Listen! Our Man Has Spoken On Fraud


Dr Paul has appealed to anyone who can find or produce evidence to do so. He is too busy with the campaign. If you are a lawyer, detective or investigator or can help in any way please do. Ron Paul on FM 93.9 KSSZ Columbia, MO Radio 03/16/12


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Election Fraud

We know there is fraud taking place not only at the voting booth, but in the caucuses not following rules. We need to just be steadfast and get the delegate spots. Do whatever you need to do to become a delegate. Do not go out of your way to show you are a Paul supporter and just make sure the rules are being followed, if not, report the abuse. All we need in Tampa are 1144+ supporters for Ron Paul and we can win this nomination.

Make this a Separate Post!


Hacking Democracy

Apparently the good doctor hasn't seen the documentary "Hacking Democracy" Lots of proof there.


Are you kidding me? You don't have the "proof"---you don't

think it's a "grand conspiracy"? Are you kidding me, Dr. Paul? This is ridiculous thinking. So, you think that thinking of fraud is trivial?


Electronic voting fraud is

pretty insidious and tough to prove. But you (or at least someone competent,
which more or less excludes me) can look for anomalous patterns to the
results to look for suspicious patterns, and if you have good independent
exit polling that gives you something to measure the reported results

Here is someone(competent) who has been working on the South Carolina and
New Hampshire primary results and has been turning up red flags:


I've been looking at Alabama result - with the equivalent of improvised stone tools,
but have uncovered some unexplained inconsistencies and patterns in the numbers.


In Alabama, among other things, there seems to be disconnect between the reported
popular vote and the number of votes for delegates. In Mobile County there are
thousands more votes for individual delegate slots than there supposedly were
for the candidates themselves. This *should* be impossible. Also, even though
the MSM is reporting all the Alabama results as in, the state's "own" (actually it's
operated by the software company OSE) site show twelve counties not
yet reporting and six more only partially reporting. And says its results are "unofficial".

I hope the Paul campaign have some legal muscle devoted to this, but as we can't count
on that, people in individual states are going to have to take the lead, it appears.

So, have we got any Alabamans here?

By the way, here are some numbers for Mobile County.
Of the all the counties I've looked at so far (nine) comparing
the reported delegate vote to the reported popular vote, the
only one county , Greene - the least populous in the state,
had what should be the expected result: fewer votes for
the candidates' top delegate slots than for the candidates.
In every other county, there were more votes listed for the
top delegate slots than for the candidates, from 59 votes
in Perry County to over 7,000 in Mobile County that, as
far as I can tell, simply shouldn't be there if the numbers given
for turnout are correct.

Mobile County - comparing votes for the candidates and all the votes for their top delegate slot:
Popular Delegate
Gingrich 11,948 18,404*
Paul 2,215 6894
Romney 17,352* 16,016
Santorum 16,314 14,599
Dropouts 327
& Uncom 565

total 48,721 55,913
(official turnout) (total votes for the top delegate slot of each of the candidates)

Unexplained votes from parallel universe = 7192

This is the only county I've seen where comparing the delegate to popular
totals translate to a win for Romney - but note that the big gainer is
Santorum overall with Gingrich and Paul the losers.

In only one small county (Perry) did Santorum's position not improve
in the popular vote compared to the delegate. Everywhere else, he
gains, Paul's percentages go way down and the win is flipped from
Gingrich to Santorum...


Thank You, Moderator

for embedding the link.

Well, like in some of these

Well, like in some of these county straw polls, Ron Paul supporters come from all over the state and misrepresent the county numbers. That is one reason why the local Republican party does not like all these Ron Paul supporters. So the result is, straw polls become less credible.

When will people learn. Sigh.

You are not a Ron Paul suppoter...

To Egan1970.
I have went back and reviewed your previous posts and comments. You would be more at home on the Obama 2012 campaign web site than here.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Why don't you piss off?

Why don't you piss off? You're not a Ron Paul supporter & that's fair & clear, but you have no need to keep spouting same repeated garbage everywhere. Go find some Obama Girl youtube videos to watch.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Fraud? What you are talking about Ron?

The american public knows nothing about such.
Nutty conspiracy terorrists!


Is the full audio from this

Is the full audio from this radio interview available anywhere? I need something to listen to while I wait to watch the MLS game between New York Red Bulls and Salt Lake... :)

FULL AUDIO here:The Gary Nolan Show on KSSZ-FM The Eagle 93.9

right here at top of JT Williams' Ron Paul 2012 Podcast


help our guy out if you can - he has EVERY speech, interview!

Handheld cameras are to big. Use these

I just posted this that I came Across.

James Bond Mini Spy Cams for as little as $10


An investigator would be great, but....

With electronic voting we have no way of knowing if the cards are zeroed out or who processes and reports the vote. For paper ballots how can anyone have followed chain of custody or know what went down when the votes were counted in secret? An investigator would have to find a names of people involved with counting and go ask questions of them - hoping for someone to come clean - start with Iowa. Then after all that, somehow it has to make news with the masses despite MSM. I think that there was a radio interview with Webster in Maine and he talked about turning away voters do to not having their cars registered, but that wasn't the sole criteria for someone being a resident in the state and/or being able to participate in the caucus/primary vote. Start there, go to colleges and find out who was turned away and how many, if any, should have been able to vote.

Find a way to do a system

Find a way to do a system check. Arrive early or after its over and check the amount of votes from the machine at the beginning and make sure it is zero. Place Mostly votes for Ron Paul and add in some votes for the others. Have the end funtion initiated. If it gives the votes to another candidate you have a winner captain!

And make sure it is on video! Identify your location.

I know its easier said than done but we really need this to on youtube when caught. Perpatrators don't want any one to check their fraud, So we need some brainstorming on that one...

there has to be an insider

who has a conscious. We're still early in the process. I know the state started dictating morality some time ago but there are people within the system itself that have to come out. Ron Paul himself has been working with scum for decades to change things from within - there must be SOMEONE who will come out on the electronic frauds.

I can wish right?

Heaven Help Us

Ron Paul said, "lawyer, detective or investigator or can help in any way please do."

I SOOOO wish I was one of the above! If you are, please, please help. Thanks so very much.

People who witness it should address it

I agree with Ron Paul that part of the problem is at the local precincts levels where the long standing GOP leaders are resentful of losing years of control to new comers.
Dr Paul did encourage those aware of fraud to report/investigate...
As far as his becoming entangled in vote fraud issues...
He stated that he was too busy trying to stop a war in Iran.
People need to defend themselves at the local level...

not that there isn't fraud on a

local level, but the electronic voting is so widespread - over half the
states' voting is being handled by a single software company - SOE
Software of Florida/Barcelona - that we have to be concerned about
that. And if it is occurring, it is not something that is originating at
the local level.

But independent exit polling and people looking for anomalies
and inconsistencies and *following up* when they find something
may help expose fraud (or simple mistakes) when they occur.


up to us..we the people to film and follow up on fraud guys..