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Record The GOP with This

Hey everyone:

I was just researching some things about cameras and I came across this mini camera.

I didn't know it but there are hd camcorders that are the size of your car door remote and look exactly like them

Since the GOP is giving a lot of you hell for recording what is going on in the delegate selection, I figured I would show you what I stumbled upon.

Many of these cameras are as cheep as $10. The expensive ones are $50.

This could be a great way to record the GOP without them even knowing it.

Check this out and vote up. Everyone in the delegate selection process needs to record everything. Make sure you check your local rules to make sure there is nothing specific about video recording





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Laws apply

Certainly, the caucus process needs to be as transparent as possible.

There should not be carte blanche to record anyone anywhere under any conditions one names.

If people have a "reasonable expectation of privacy" recording them without their knowledge and/or consent can make you liable...criminal and civil.

It's not something to undertake either as a lark or because the recording device is affordable.

There's got to be some thought put into it and some overriding need.

It comes down to simple decency.

After all, you wouldn't want someone coming into your home and recording you without your knowledge.

I agree with that assessment.

We can still exercise good judgement in the use of these tools while ensuring that the process is fair.

I had a request to post this

I had a request to post this information regarding viewing shaky videos and streams. If you own an AMD APU (accelerated processing unit) as apposed to a normal CPU from either manufacturer, Intel or AMD, you can eliminate shaking of these videos by 'flipping' a switch in your computer's Vision Engine software (or Catalyst Control Center). It works in realtime and is a simple process of opening the software by right clicking on the desktop and choose Vision Engine Control Center. There are quite a few tutorials online, here's one:


If you can't find the switch in VECC you probably don't have an up to date driver package, so just go to AMD's driver download page and download the latest drivers, which should be 12.3, then install. It's simple and intuitive.


In order to view the require settings, you need to click on preferences and choose 'advanced view', then choose the video tab.

As a side note, it is well known in the tech community that intel is the establishment of the industry, use illegal means and have been charge by several countries for breaking anti-competition laws to keep AMD's market share to a minimum, even though AMD has superior products in many cases. For one, they bribed Dell with 5 BILLION dollars to keep AMD processors out of their laptops and PC's. They were charged in Korea and the EU for breaking competition laws by bribing major distributors to keep AMD products off the shelf. They were charge in the US and NY state for breaking competion laws, although only recieved a slap on the wrist there. They are without a doubt, the MSM and establishment of the industry and they use it to steamroll the competition regardless of their products capabilities. Paul Otellini (intel CEO) was named to Obama's technical advisory panel.

Thanks for posting~

I figured that any suggestion which improves the quality of our video footage would be helpful. I don't make videos but I do compile them. :-)

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LoTR fistbump

:-) Thanks for the laugh.

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Can we as delegates take pictures as they tally the votes?

I'm currently a delegate in Washington State and I think that given the GOP's extreme tendency to break the rules, etc..; I thought if any of those people had the polls and walked out some door to some office that I think we should follow them in droves and force an open counting with our cameras taking the proof! Any ideas?


I'm not very familiar

with the different desirable characteristics to look for in a camera. Maybe we could come up with a list of important features a caucus attendee should look for in a camera.

For when camera needs to be hidden
- Small and discreet
- Can record for a long time - Memory/Battery
- Easy to operate discreetly
- Reasonably priced
- etc...

For when a normal handheld camera is ok - mobile phones or larger
- ???

Feel free to add to or modify list. I'm not sure what the best characteristics or features are to look for.

Agreed... every RP supported should have one

Also great for police stops & questionable interrogations. It's always good to have evidence.


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Possible election fraud

I posted this in another forum, but want everyone to be aware of what happened. One woman took it upon herself to prove election fraud with the help of knowledgeable people. I will add the video here also.

We need to get our elections back so we can get our country back.


Just researched these and the pen.

Came across a review on youtube that leads to a forum and gives the latest model found only on ebay.



These are great

I had one and used it in full view of everyone and no one had a clue they were being filmed. The pens have great video and sound quality and look innocent in your shirt or jacket pocket.

(I had to cover the blue recording light with some electrical tape)


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How many minutes do they

How many minutes do they record? How much is the memory card? How much time does the card get?

Thanks for posting!

I've been thinking that this would make a great topic to post about. The right camera or iphone for the right situation.

Keep adding good ideas suggestions to this post. I think I'll add a link to it from by RR post(below) later. We have to have a few well thought out alternatives to follow when they don't abide by the rules.

Here is an interesting comment

by user kvc from the last election.

"There's still time to mail or otherwise ship your cameras and laptops to your destination hotel. I should also mention that the very best way to record political events where the police are likely to mess with you is via a live transmission link to some remote recording device. YouTube's direct upload capability for cell phone cameras is one possibility, but there have to be others."

No need - Just use your phone by stealth

There are plenty of places to stow your camera with the lens poking out like shirt & pants pockets or handbags etc.

I've actually done this and it works great.

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i like it. im thinking there might be a higher quality one. good idea.


I have been literally begging people to record the votes/ their caucuses, and even to make exit polls. If you are worried about breaking the "new rules" of the GOP (the non-existent rules about cameras and recording the votes), please-- at least-- make exit polls, even after convention/delegate meetings, while the goings-on are fresh in others' minds.
We will need proof of what has transpired. Today, in St Charles, MO, excellent proof was obtained. But, if you are more worried about not having the ability to be DISCREET with your cameras, at least ask someone else to do same.
With all of the GOP old-party shenanigans going on, these meetings need recording. You should record your own vote (and ONLY your vote, if in a primary state). If you are caucusing, record that. And, after the vote, stick around outside for an hour or so; ask people who they voted for (and do NOT wear Ron Paul gear while doing so, as it can be off-putting). Most people are pleased with having just participated in the process, and most people will spill it.
Thanks to ALL who've made recordings, thusfar, and remember; this is NOT over yet. It may be a long and difficult run so steel yourselves!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

No Problem

You are right this has not even begun yet.

The tipping point is just about to be reached

Bring a child


playing nice is just not working we have to fight fire with fire

Rental or hire?

Those small spy cameras are fun but not enough memory. Serious equipment will run you $1500 to $2000 (high grade button camera,mini body worn DVR,battery pack etc.). I'm sure though there must be some LIBERTY minded folks (businesses)that would be more than happy to RENT such equipment at a fair price.

Perhaps even some private investigator/s would give their services for free or reduced rate/s.

Both scenarios adapt well to advertisements for their products/services that they could use to further their own business, it could be a win win situation, as I'm sure this year will be history in the making, who would not want their business to be part of that. ;)

We should find a

We should find a way to do a system check. Either Ourselves or someone from the Inside.

Arrive early or after its over and check the amount of votes from the machine at the beginning and make sure it is zero. Place Mostly votes for Ron Paul and add in some votes for the others. Have the end funtion initiated. If it gives the votes to another candidate you have a winner captain!

And make sure it is on video! Identify your location.

Its easier said than done, And we really need this on youtube when caught. Perpatrators don't want any one to check their fraud, So some brainstorming is necessary on that...

I have one of these

I took it to my recent county convention. Video quality is not bad though it prefers outdoor lighting. Indoors, the colors can be off. Audio quality is decent. It does a pretty good job with still pictures. All in all, surprisingly good for what it is. Mine came with a 4 GB chip and seems to record video in 30 min chuncks. Based on a 30 min test, it looks like 4 GB should be able to record about 3 hrs of video. Chip speed ("class") seems to matter and it can suffer from dropped frames. Mine will take chips up to 32 GB. I have no idea how long the battery will last when recording. I tend to keep mine charged, just in case I happen upon misbehaving cops.

If you attach it to your car keys, no one is likely to suspect it, unless they know what they're looking for. It's easy enough to casually hold your keys in your hand or lay them on a table and record away. Aiming is mostly guesswork.

There's a lot of info about these cameras here:


I have a keychain camera

It works great!!

Great product

I've watched reviews on these keychain recorders before, and they're clearly the best of the bunch as far as quality goes. I considered buying some back then but was low on funds. These are superior to the pen cams, etc.

This reviewer is a guy that I trust. He may have some recommendations for good quality, moderate cost pen cams in his newer reviews.

If it's illegal to record, then obviously don't. However, where legal, I recommend something like this rather than a large camera because recording often makes people nervous and tense. A keychain cam can easily be attached to a notepad to get the shots you want.

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Worth a bet.

I just ordered two for $13.27 including shipping from China :-)

I'll probably use them to record Ecuadorian wildlife in microhabitats since they are motion-activated.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Do you know of examples relative to video and sound quality these products can produce?

I was looking up recording in an airplane

and came across it and from what I could see it looked pretty good.

I just thought it was a way to counter this BS