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St. Charles Caucus HIJACKED - Bryce's Report

I'm one of the St. Charles County Coordinators for Ron Paul. This is my account of the caucus hijacking on March 17.

Available for sharing on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/bryce-steinhoff/st-charles-cau...

The St. Charles County Republican Central Committee HIJACKED the St. Charles County Caucus today!

Due to long lines, the caucus didn't convene until until nearly 11 AM (it should have begun at 10 AM, but that wait was by far the most bearable of the day).

Bryan Spencer, chairman of the caucus subcommittee of the St. Charles Central Committee, told me personally, very strongly, at the committee meeting on March 8 that he would work to challenge the St. Charles delegation on a technicality if any one group came in and "hijacked" the caucus by taking all the delegates or otherwise not allowing for a proportionate distribution. This narrow definition of "fair" as described by Spencer simply isn't his definition to decide. It is the very purpose of the caucus for the body to decide what is fair - how delegates would be apportioned. It is clear that Spencer and the committee were fearful of a Paul or Paul and Romney majority at the caucus - and so they hijacked it instead by ignoring all rules, the orders of the day, and general fairness in chairmanship.

Bryan Spencer tried to enforce an arbitrary "house rule" ban on recording devices and eject a caucus body member who refused to stop recording. The caucus body of many hundreds erupted into howls of disapproval for what seemed like an eternity. Spencer dispatched on-site police officers to remove him or arrest him for trespassing. So much for fair and accountable. It is clear that the committee had something to hide, but we didn't have to wait too long to find out what it was.

It is important to note here that, by Robert's Rules of Order, the caucus body must vote to approve all rules that govern itself other than the ones defined in the organization's bylaws. There are no "house rules" unless the body approves them.

Spencer and temporary caucus chairman and Central Committee Chairman Eugene Dokes refused to continue the caucus until the recording devices were stopped and the crowd settled down. During this time I, along with many others, attempted to motion for the rule against recording devices be lifted. No motions or points of order were recognized by either Dokes or Spencer. A large number of additional police officers and highway patrolmen entered the gymnasium during this time to help keep the peace.

It is my feeling that the body realized that in order for the caucus to have any semblance of productivity, we would have to get quiet so that Eugene Dokes would continue the meeting. The plan was to wait until the election of the Caucus Chairman (Paul and Romney supporters had previously agreed to rally behind Brent Stafford, a Paul supporter) after which we could move to approve recording devices.

Once we quieted, Dokes carried on with facilitating the prayer and pledge which went off without incident. After this point, Dokes proceeded to entirely ignore the published MO GOP Caucus Agenda and appointed a parliamentarian, the credentials committee, and the rules committee. All three of these are very clearly supposed to be appointed by a newly elected Caucus Chairman. The crowd booed loudly at the gross misconduct by the chair and I, along with others, called for points of order and for the orders of the day. No motions were recognized from the floor.

At this point, Dokes opened the floor for nominations for Caucus Chairman. The Central Committee shills nominated Matt Ehlen while the crowd nearly-unanimously chanted "Brent Stafford". After not waiting for further nominations, Dokes called for a voice vote. There were no audible ayes and an uproar of no's, but Dokes declared that the ayes had it and awarded the position of Caucus Chairman to Ehlen. Dokes refused to recognize many, many calls for a division of the vote, which would have required him to count the votes for the purpose of transparency and clarity.

Matt Ehlen, illegally "elected" and de-facto appointed chair, then proceeded to demand order, which was rightly met with rejection from the body.

Bryan Spencer and Matt Ehlen warned that the caucus would be disqualified and no delegates would be awarded if the raucous continued, but united supporters from all campaigns continued to show extreme disgust with the actions of the Central Committee. A motion to adjourn (at least I think there was a motion; I didn't hear it) was put forward by Spencer and his cronies and Ehlen put it up for a voice vote and declared the caucus adjourned.

At this point Brent Stafford attempted to declare the chair vacant, as is proper parliamentary procedure when a chairman continually disrupts order and steps down. Stafford attempted to facilitate the election of a new chairman to preside over the caucus, but attempts were futile and Spencer and clan demanded that the body evacuate the gym or face arrest.

We rallied as many of the caucus body as possible to hold a rump convention in the parking lot, where we planned to generate a roster of the pre-credentialed body and hold the caucus fairly according to the agenda released by the MO GOP. We were greeted outside by a large police presence, including at least one helicopter. When word had gotten around and the body that remained congregated in the designated location for the rump convention, Brent Stafford stood on a chair and began instructing the new rump convention body how to turn in credential information.

While this was happening, two police officers approached Brent and placed him under arrest for trespassing, a charge which was entirely unfounded.

Police continued efforts to eject the body from the public school grounds and much of the body gathered at nearly Wapelhorst Park to talk, rehash, and rally behind our common goals - transparency and fairness in the process. The entire process uncovered great unity among many camps, particularly the Romney and Paul camps, much to my delight.

During this process at least one other person, Kenny Suitter, was detained or arrested for refusing to turn off his recording device.

My belief is that the St. Charles Republican Central Committee had full intentions from the beginning to railroad the caucus results in favor of Santorum, the candidate most supported by the committee's members. They were vastly outnumbered by Paul and Romney supporters at the caucus and knew they couldn't pull out delegates without overtly breaking the rules. Bryan Spencer's cries of "fairness" were a sham intended to skew media reports of the caucus he knew would be heavily contested. Even if the intention wasn't to support Santorum, it is clear that the organizers weren't about to allow the body to decide what "fair" was - they had a plan and it was their way or the highway.

Let me be clear: The St. Charles Republican Central Committee, lead by Eugene Dokes and Bryan Spencer (and I have my suspicions about the involvement of Jon Bennett, Cheryl Bates, and Tom Kuypers), broke a wide variety of rules, refused to follow the established parliamentary procedure, Robert's Rules of Order, and HIJACKED the caucus.

Dokes, Spencer, and Ehlen are all running for public office in Missouri.

Let's show them that we will not stand for their totalitarian tactics, but that we demand respect, accountability, and transparency in the process. DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE LIBERTY-ROBBING PEOPLE.

I beg and plead that the Missouri Republican Party reschedule the caucus and assign a specially-appointed committee not consisting of any Central Committee members to oversee its execution. I also call for the immediate removal of Eugene Dokes as chair of the Central Committee. Please call the Missouri GOP (573-636-3146) and demand that our caucus be rescheduled.

Additionally, call the St. Peters City Police (636-278-2222) and let them know your disgust with the unwarranted arrests performed during peaceful assembly on public property.

Please post links to videos in this group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/356191694425993/

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Missouri went to Paul....

But there's a lot of legal challenges to fight on the ground.

Also, peace out to the Santorum campaign. I know politics can be a messy sport, but I'm very certain we ALL don't want another Romney/Obama to toss the financial system over the cliff.

So its time we all coalesce together.

The work ahead

People, this was never going to be easy. The effort must encompass taking control or having an alternate to a number of strongholds held firmly by the corrupt status quo. These people have all the advantages. They control the media. They use our tax dollars to buy and bribe support. They control the financial system. They control the military and the police.

How can this change? It is, and must be, a multi pronged assault. Consider the media. The media is brain washing propaganda. This derives from the Bernays and Lippman school of controlling democracy by the elites. Likewise, the economy is controlled by Keynesian central planning. The schools are controlled by central educational planners. The key here is the media.

When people come home from work, they sit in front of the indoctrination box. When they are tired, they are most susceptible to suggestion. I submit that we must offer an alternative. One that is based on real untainted information.

The technology exists for a 24/7 programing channel that fits the pattern that people have become accustomed to. This would gather the various truth tellers under one umbrella. A news channel that gives the real news. Including real economic, political and international information. Think format like FOX, CNN or MSNBC. But a Liberty based internet network with real commentary.

Hijacked convention just par for the course for Republican thugs

Big surprise that the Republicans are using thugery to block voting. Bush hired thugs to chant and protest and disrupt the re-counts, following criminal behavior leading up to the votes. Ha Ha Ha, enjoy it Romney, Paul, Santorum (excellent job Dan Savage), Gingrich, what a joke, bunch of self serving taliban idiots, go fly a kite if your party still allows it.

sounds like

sounds like a report from a third world mock democracy or a banana republic !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Now, just imagine IF the GOP

Now, do we honestly imagine that the GOP establishment will play by their own rules at the national convention? LoL ... These goons will try ANYTHING if they know that they'll lose. Be prepared. You were prepared better than most and look at the results. Hopefully, a lawyer will look into Brent's case since the police department was out of line. A lawsuit against the city or county will do wonders in restraining future unlawful excesses by the police. All the evidence needs to be very HIGHLY publicized both within Missouri as well as nationally. Keep plugging along.

Helicopters?? Wtf, how did we

Helicopters?? Wtf, how did we get so backwards? 30 years ago the people would have called the police on THE CHAIRMAN for blatant election violations.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

legal question

As I see it, there is definite room for legal recourse in this instance, primarily due to the fact that local law enforcement introduced force and used arrest to subdue an attempt to conduct a legitimate caucus. After all, how can one be "trespassing" while acting in accordance with the very purpose people were allowed to be there. Furthermore, it seems a court would be unable to claim it is "out of their jurisdiction" if the force of law was used to prevent the caucus from completing. I suppose my point is, I would love to see legal action taken, and even if the courts sided with the police, it would hopefully draw a large amount of attention to the corruption in the GOP.

legal action...

one thing i learned in law school some 25 years ago was, "a right without a remedy is no right at all."

a protest that did not happen because the police took you to jail. there is no remedy in courts. there is no remedy human mind could conceive.

the same goes for a political convention. In Spades! The police response was irresponsible. They truly are just thugs. Simple concepts of criminal law would have allowed no arrests, much less a helicopter. The proper response from the dispatcher should have been, "This is a Republican Party caucus? You want us to kick people out before the rental time period is up? We'll send one officer over but that's it." Then send a senior officer who has been around to truly size up the situation.

The concept of trespass involves someone (this is texas law--but similar to all 50 states) in a place 'that has a barrier obviously designed to exclude intruders' OR you're in a place for which express notice has been given that your presence is forbidden. as i understand from Bryce's Report is that they were in a rented school building, they had not concluded the caucus business, and therefore, had to leave??? that makes no sense from a legal standpoint.

Yes, I'd like to see legal action but please realize, legal action won't happen for a year or two, (IF there's some aggressive lawyer with funds to fight the battle). Besides, how could some court case a year from now change the outcome of the November election? The delegates that go to county, state, national conventions will cast votes in *stone.* No, my friend, legal action after an election is purely academic. Patriots need to act now.

"The more laws we make, the more snares we lay to entrap ourselves."
- Sir Francis Bacon, Nov. 1, 1601

Damages for false arrest donate it to the campaign.

There was no excuse for them to arrest anyone and no legal leg to stand on.

quite right...

quite right :(

Big Question???

Who will, what will, hold these people ACCOUNTABLE? Is there no oversight? A person who is unbiased to arbitrate?

Has it been status quo (including the corruption) for so long that this shake up has taken them off guard?

How can we hold these people accountable? i am so tired of the corruption going unpunished.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

What needs to be done is the national GOP heads

need to be served warrants for harm and damages PRIVATELY...
And then served to appear in a court of equity if they can't or wont pay the bill. Send the works to the IRS for collection.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

It's time to look into coordinating a campaign against those 3.

I'm willing to give up my knitting hobby, to get a new, more interesting hobby.

Like seeing those 3 guys go down in flames.

Truthbearer's picture

Fast Forward Truth and Justice!

Greetings to all on this Storm-isa-comin Sunday.

This was written for you, our hero's who did not back down, but first posted to the entire DP-Ship before being replaced as a comment here. Vital words for all Souls on board.

Bless you dear Sir for your courageous actions and more so for your astute reporting. That goes for all here.

Like prairie fire, this crime becomes more known about and we see from all parts of the nation all creeds and colors coming together under the tent of community, family, and the American Way for freedom and liberty. Give thanks.

The tribe will follow those like your self from all parts of the country that still hold Truth, Justice, Honor, and the Rule of Law as something to cherish and still call Sacred. What many do not understand is, God, or what ever name you give your higher power sees and knows all and IS that reinforcing energy at the side of those who embrace these true and real American Values that this communistic corruption seeks to destroy.

We are seeing more and more hubris of the beast that is taking over the country on national mind Kontrol propaganda digital TV. They openly support and reinforce the corruption and evil of vote fraud. Were it boldly identified as the socialistic-communism it is, more might pay attention to the horrible disgusting vote fraud and out-right-in-your-face corruption of these entrenched evil criminals. Like destructive barnacles, THEY MUST ALL BE SCRAPED OFF if the ship is to survive.

Dig it!

We see them cretinous creatures for what they are. Bodacious stagnant puky like dead fish been kept in the box of evil for far too long. It is filthy, stenchy, plain and dirty disgust that has had it's beastly way upon this nation since money became god.

Oh, whoa unto ye Oh Israel.
(Definitions: Israel = the People.)(All of God's Peoples created equal-No one better than another)

Think back to the foundations that Our Fathers put forth, and think from this base of righteousness that will expose the indignation of this corruption and voter fraud/rigging/disenfranchisement of the American People. Remind each other at these caucuses, primaries, conventions, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS FIRST! ONE NATION. ONE PEOPLE. The divide and conquer methodology goes back to the Cesarian ways. Old as the hills, and still as dangerous. It is anti-Love. Or, anti-God. Or, anti-Christ. (For definitional clarification, this Heart defines God = Love.)

It is not about red or blue, republicrats or demopublicans, left or right, this or that. It is ONLY about RIGHT and WRONG!

If there are ways to shine more light on this wicked horrendous and blatant cheating of Ron Paul and all of us who support him, then open your minds and get as creative as we can to do this in our Peaceful Ways. The truth is engraved in Stone. It might truly be as easy as Ten simple Commands and this is what our foundations rest upon. We remember THIS will never ever go away...or change.

Bless'ed are the Peacemakers.


What Good Does It To Complain Now, We Could Have Taken Over

We had our chance to make very significant gains in the GOP but we chose to wait too late in the process. Now, we have to deal with all the unfair antics leveled against us and Ron Paul.

Don't complain now, we have to deal with it..

If there is going to be a next time, let us infiltrate and take over the GOP like we should have four years ago..

Four yes ago not many knew

Four yes ago not many knew Ron Paul. Now everyone does. No way in hell Ron Paul had the support to do much of anything maybe until it was to latest the very end four years ago. Now he has the majority support so now is the time to do something about it!

Reality Check

Has anyone sent this to Ben Swann yet?

"Our country's founders cherished liberty not democracy" - Ron Paul

Reality Check

yes, ben swann is aware and a new reality check might just be in the works. or so says his fb page.

From what you've said in your

From what you've said in your report I think this is huge...much bigger than most of us initially thought.

This isn't just another case of the establishment vs. Ron Paul. This is something more specific and much more important. This is specifically Rick Santorum's people trying to hijack the process to disenfranchise both Romney and Paul supporters.

This is huge! Why would they do this? It's obvious actually. The campaign is starting to get in the reports that despite their "wins" of several straw polls they are getting destroyed in the delegate race.

I think most of us would agree that we've pulled far more delegates from Santorum than from Romney or Newt.

What could be worse for Santorum to lose the delegate race in Missouri after pulling such a huge victory in the straw poll primary?

Everything you've said here looks to me like a premeditated hijacking, that may even been sanctioned by the Santorum campaign itself!

Videos Of St. Charles Caucus

Here is a link to several videos of the event in question:

Ironic...the reason it was shut down is because of a change in rules banning videotaping the Caucus!

Not long now before people start reaching their breaking points on this blatant takeover of the Constitutional United States by the PTB in both parties.


this must stop. we have the numbers

i know it's easier to say than to do, but we must take what is rightfully ours. with force if necessary. the behavior of spencer and dokes negated any position of authority in that caucus. supporters of liberty could physically take the microphone and take control of the caucus. others could make a human wall to stop the police. when one video recorder is turned off others should be turned on. there should at least be an audio recording to prove what happened. this is a revolution and a victory will not be handed to us. if there are police there, they should have been commanded to arrest dokes and spencer. nobody should have left until justice was achieved. just imagine the headlines if 100 or 200 were arrested at that event for trespassing in attempt to vote...

i know this is easier to say than to do, but we are going to have to start getting in this frame of mind. our forefathers were willing to die for liberty. are you willing to be arrested for it?

Big bump

Posted on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Been GOP all my life but I

Been GOP all my life but I hate them more than ever now. The only thing keeping me in this pathetic party is Ron Paul

Me Too

My sentiments exactly. I quit supporting the Repo-butt, or Repobate, Party during Bush's 2nd term. I considered myself an independent for the first time. Then, having googled Ron Paul a couple months ago, I'm back and mad as hell. I've voted Republican for 40 years and I will vote only Ron Paul, regardless.

|So the three stooges running for political office in Missouri..

don't know that the state is called the "Show Me State'?



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Is no one going to fault the police for enforcing shinanigans?

From the description in this post, Dokes et Al were just going to disregard the votes and decide/record votes in a way predetermined by them. Reasonable people, regardless of their own desire for a particular outcome, would see the caucus was being run contrary to any of its own rules and would not take orders from Dokes as if he were some sort of superior or proceed to disrupt an orderly assembly outside by arresting people. I believe it is pretty clear that the police were complicit in the effort to force an outcome with disregard for the actual voting.

Stop the Police Bashing


The police were outnumbered, and walked into what, by all accounts, was a volatile situation.

They had no idea what was going on, or who was to blame, so they took out the apparent "leaders" in order to break it up.

It's important to understand what this looked like to them. Wars get started this way--don't be part of that.

The way you see the police in this is exactly how the people in other countries see our "police actions."

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I've gotta call BS. According

I've gotta call BS. According to the story, the police were there in force during the time that the chair was fabricating "the ayes have it" results when the whole room was clearly saying "nay". These people aren't stupid. They new exactly who they were working for.

The Police are Just a Standing Army

There purpose is to support the establishment and provide funding for bloated, tyrannical government. We must cut off funding for local government and starve the blood-sucking parisites. End the Fed.

police should not arrest someone who isn't committing a crime

police are the servants of the citizens not the enforcers of authority. they are culpable, and they need to learn that they are personally responsible for their actions. "following orders" is no excuse. i only saw video of one arrest and it was not a volatile situation at all. it was about as volatile a situation as watching some dudes who are playing dungeons and dragons.