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St. Charles Caucus HIJACKED - Bryce's Report

I'm one of the St. Charles County Coordinators for Ron Paul. This is my account of the caucus hijacking on March 17.

Available for sharing on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/bryce-steinhoff/st-charles-cau...

The St. Charles County Republican Central Committee HIJACKED the St. Charles County Caucus today!

Due to long lines, the caucus didn't convene until until nearly 11 AM (it should have begun at 10 AM, but that wait was by far the most bearable of the day).

Bryan Spencer, chairman of the caucus subcommittee of the St. Charles Central Committee, told me personally, very strongly, at the committee meeting on March 8 that he would work to challenge the St. Charles delegation on a technicality if any one group came in and "hijacked" the caucus by taking all the delegates or otherwise not allowing for a proportionate distribution. This narrow definition of "fair" as described by Spencer simply isn't his definition to decide. It is the very purpose of the caucus for the body to decide what is fair - how delegates would be apportioned. It is clear that Spencer and the committee were fearful of a Paul or Paul and Romney majority at the caucus - and so they hijacked it instead by ignoring all rules, the orders of the day, and general fairness in chairmanship.

Bryan Spencer tried to enforce an arbitrary "house rule" ban on recording devices and eject a caucus body member who refused to stop recording. The caucus body of many hundreds erupted into howls of disapproval for what seemed like an eternity. Spencer dispatched on-site police officers to remove him or arrest him for trespassing. So much for fair and accountable. It is clear that the committee had something to hide, but we didn't have to wait too long to find out what it was.

It is important to note here that, by Robert's Rules of Order, the caucus body must vote to approve all rules that govern itself other than the ones defined in the organization's bylaws. There are no "house rules" unless the body approves them.

Spencer and temporary caucus chairman and Central Committee Chairman Eugene Dokes refused to continue the caucus until the recording devices were stopped and the crowd settled down. During this time I, along with many others, attempted to motion for the rule against recording devices be lifted. No motions or points of order were recognized by either Dokes or Spencer. A large number of additional police officers and highway patrolmen entered the gymnasium during this time to help keep the peace.

It is my feeling that the body realized that in order for the caucus to have any semblance of productivity, we would have to get quiet so that Eugene Dokes would continue the meeting. The plan was to wait until the election of the Caucus Chairman (Paul and Romney supporters had previously agreed to rally behind Brent Stafford, a Paul supporter) after which we could move to approve recording devices.

Once we quieted, Dokes carried on with facilitating the prayer and pledge which went off without incident. After this point, Dokes proceeded to entirely ignore the published MO GOP Caucus Agenda and appointed a parliamentarian, the credentials committee, and the rules committee. All three of these are very clearly supposed to be appointed by a newly elected Caucus Chairman. The crowd booed loudly at the gross misconduct by the chair and I, along with others, called for points of order and for the orders of the day. No motions were recognized from the floor.

At this point, Dokes opened the floor for nominations for Caucus Chairman. The Central Committee shills nominated Matt Ehlen while the crowd nearly-unanimously chanted "Brent Stafford". After not waiting for further nominations, Dokes called for a voice vote. There were no audible ayes and an uproar of no's, but Dokes declared that the ayes had it and awarded the position of Caucus Chairman to Ehlen. Dokes refused to recognize many, many calls for a division of the vote, which would have required him to count the votes for the purpose of transparency and clarity.

Matt Ehlen, illegally "elected" and de-facto appointed chair, then proceeded to demand order, which was rightly met with rejection from the body.

Bryan Spencer and Matt Ehlen warned that the caucus would be disqualified and no delegates would be awarded if the raucous continued, but united supporters from all campaigns continued to show extreme disgust with the actions of the Central Committee. A motion to adjourn (at least I think there was a motion; I didn't hear it) was put forward by Spencer and his cronies and Ehlen put it up for a voice vote and declared the caucus adjourned.

At this point Brent Stafford attempted to declare the chair vacant, as is proper parliamentary procedure when a chairman continually disrupts order and steps down. Stafford attempted to facilitate the election of a new chairman to preside over the caucus, but attempts were futile and Spencer and clan demanded that the body evacuate the gym or face arrest.

We rallied as many of the caucus body as possible to hold a rump convention in the parking lot, where we planned to generate a roster of the pre-credentialed body and hold the caucus fairly according to the agenda released by the MO GOP. We were greeted outside by a large police presence, including at least one helicopter. When word had gotten around and the body that remained congregated in the designated location for the rump convention, Brent Stafford stood on a chair and began instructing the new rump convention body how to turn in credential information.

While this was happening, two police officers approached Brent and placed him under arrest for trespassing, a charge which was entirely unfounded.

Police continued efforts to eject the body from the public school grounds and much of the body gathered at nearly Wapelhorst Park to talk, rehash, and rally behind our common goals - transparency and fairness in the process. The entire process uncovered great unity among many camps, particularly the Romney and Paul camps, much to my delight.

During this process at least one other person, Kenny Suitter, was detained or arrested for refusing to turn off his recording device.

My belief is that the St. Charles Republican Central Committee had full intentions from the beginning to railroad the caucus results in favor of Santorum, the candidate most supported by the committee's members. They were vastly outnumbered by Paul and Romney supporters at the caucus and knew they couldn't pull out delegates without overtly breaking the rules. Bryan Spencer's cries of "fairness" were a sham intended to skew media reports of the caucus he knew would be heavily contested. Even if the intention wasn't to support Santorum, it is clear that the organizers weren't about to allow the body to decide what "fair" was - they had a plan and it was their way or the highway.

Let me be clear: The St. Charles Republican Central Committee, lead by Eugene Dokes and Bryan Spencer (and I have my suspicions about the involvement of Jon Bennett, Cheryl Bates, and Tom Kuypers), broke a wide variety of rules, refused to follow the established parliamentary procedure, Robert's Rules of Order, and HIJACKED the caucus.

Dokes, Spencer, and Ehlen are all running for public office in Missouri.

Let's show them that we will not stand for their totalitarian tactics, but that we demand respect, accountability, and transparency in the process. DO NOT VOTE FOR THESE LIBERTY-ROBBING PEOPLE.

I beg and plead that the Missouri Republican Party reschedule the caucus and assign a specially-appointed committee not consisting of any Central Committee members to oversee its execution. I also call for the immediate removal of Eugene Dokes as chair of the Central Committee. Please call the Missouri GOP (573-636-3146) and demand that our caucus be rescheduled.

Additionally, call the St. Peters City Police (636-278-2222) and let them know your disgust with the unwarranted arrests performed during peaceful assembly on public property.

Please post links to videos in this group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/356191694425993/

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So the question becomes, who had authority over the situation? I cannot walk up to a police officer and tell them to arrest you for no reason. The question may be (at least in the Sheriff's case) whether or not their election is with the backing of the county GOP. Some of them are politicians themselves.

there is no authority in that situation

that isn't granted by the participants.

and you stop having authority when the participants say so.

when several hundred participants say "stop"

the organizer must stop.

and that is why there are rules.

without the rules, there is no meeting of the people.

and without a meeting of the people, then there was no caucus.

Police use force on behalf of

Police use force on behalf of whoever's paying them. Just prostitutes of a different kind.


Is this what happened?
http://youtu.be/PRVi1m9BnXI Parking lot scene
http://youtu.be/GrRMiePxZBU Audio
http://youtu.be/gicvFb9nxmk Video of ruling to deny recording

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


I am horrified that the Republican Party establishment has behaved in such an illegal and reprehensible way. In the past, I expected this type of behavior from the corrupt Democrat Party. Now I see that the Republican Part is more corrupt than the Democrat Party could ever be. How awful!

PS: Keep those cameras and voice recorders ON. We need as much proof as possible to expose the GOP for what it is. Thanks.


The Democrat Party

is just as corrupt. They just don't have the Ron Paul Revolution forcing them to pull these tricks just to stay in power. Right now we're knocking on the front door of the Republican Party.

Knock. knock.

Share this everywhere

We are the media these days - so copy and share this everywhere. If you use Facebook - post it everywhere. In addition, post it media places that might take it up - ie Ben Swann.......

digusting stuff going on

sharkhearted's picture

Dokes, Spencer, and Ehlen used FASCIST techniques

This is one of the tactics used by the fascist regimes the world over: Ignore the rule of law and order.

As it is happening on the national level where Leon Panetta, ignoring the Constitution and parliamentary procedure, tells Congress that he doesn't need them anymore to make war...

And on the local level in Missouri where jackbooted brownshirt thugs ignore Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure, to hijack the voting process.


Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Secret video -- Android phones

Most people with an Android smartphone and rear-facing cameras can download a piece of software called "Mobile Hidden Camera" from MHC Software. You can download it from Play Store and then record video with the screen off. Stick it somewhere with the camera exposed.

Good places include shirt pockets, tiny holes or tears in jackets or sweaters, or in a cheap bag. A purse would be excellent. The last thing to note--don't forget a memory card if your device can take one. Just about any card will work and can be reused later for music and videos. Most smartphones now take Micro-SDHC cards. My Galaxy S II can take up to a 32GB card--available for $20.79 on Newegg today. A 16GB card can be had for $14 or an 8GB card for $6.

If you're a caucus-goer, order yourself some backup and document this start to finish. Maybe even include another camera as a decoy--something to put-away when told to.

If you've got a front-facing camera (most people don't so they're not examined closely), stick it in your pants pocket and put your wallet or similar beneath it, so that the camera peaks out. Or just bug yourself with a digital voice recorder--the sort journalists used to use when they actually investigated events.

Last, if you have a video camera (setup somewhere permanent), make sure you put black tape over the recording LED. That goes for any recording device. Just make sure you don't block the microphone.

Well isn't that the point?!?!?!

There are lots of ways to record, even if you aren't supposed to, without getting arrested and sabotaging Ron Paul's ability to get ANY delegates to advance out of your convention.

There is fault on the RP supporters' side for sabotaging this convention as well. If your primary operative (in this case cameraman), gets shut down you have 10 more discreetly recording on phones, tablet PCs and with digital voice recorders.

Frankly, the outcome of this event sounds more like poor planning on the RP coordinator's part than anything else.

We tried

After the initial outburst by the crowd (and it wasn't just RP supporters, it was nearly everyone) against the camera ban, things settled down and the meeting was underway. It was when the temporary chairman, Eugene Dokes, continued to break the rules that things went haywire again.

It is my opinion that they looked at the results of the straw poll at the door and decided that they (Santorum - our central committee is full of Santorum shills) couldn't win, so they had to get it thrown out instead. I was told by Bryan Spencer that this is what they would try to do.

Our ONLY recourse was to protest it at the time. We didn't want delegates selected wrongly without protesting because it would be pretty hard to make a case contesting a caucus that we didn't participate actively in at the time.

So, no, it wasn't bad planning on our part. We followed the rules - including trying to declare the chair vacant first in the gym and then by holding a rump convention after we were forced to leave the gym. The police action forced us to stop even that, but those are the correct actions to take in the situation we were in.


The chair & committee made it clear that they weren't going to run a fair or open caucus--they would have achieved their intention regardless. I doubt the presence of a camera changed their plans--they did what they wanted and that was it. They did it with cameras off, they did it with cameras on. They had their objectives.

I just checked out

Eugene Dokes's congressional campaign website, from hereafter who will be referred to as eDORK.


Sadly, he's a veteran who supports RINOs.

Considering he's promoting himself as a Hucketer's zombie, http://edokes.com/wp-content/uploads/biocollage.jpg

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's now a Frothyite.

So the question is, howTF did a Frothyite get himself to be an interim chair, and in position of temporary 'power' to begin with?

Well, one things for certain. We ARE TAKING OVER the GOP and the each respective State GOP are going ape-scheisse.

Still, I found it interesting that many anecdotal evidence suggests that for some reason, some MO r3VOL are getting along, even working together with Romney supporters as was the case in St. Charles County, and working with Frothyites in others.

Don't know the situation on the ground, but I'd say whatever the specifics of the case maybe, if it works, and they respect ya, don't see why not.

All in all, despite the illegal arrest for BS-"tresspassing" charge, NO DOUBT, will be dismissed, sounds like a good day for the Doc and the R3VOLution!

But, it still bothers me that a Frothyite scumbag like eDORK 'called mommy' and called cops, on ya, for simply continuing the caucus, outside the HS gym. Considering how many cops+police chopper were there, it re-illustrates just how police state like this culture has become that a bunch of statist thug would feel the need to exert their force to ensure non-existent "order." As if a group of adults congregating to discuss, somehow should EVER qualify as a situation in which these maggots would be called into 'keep the sheep in line.'

It's like so WTF if people got rowdy. No one got injured. Nine times out of ten, police being called in IS what actually almost always escalates a situation from tense, to violent.

think one of these days the sheeple would finally figure that out? Well, suppose only when the few idiots who think they're powerful by being near PERCEIVED power, stop and realize that cops have become nothing more than a private security for the commissars. Or, I suppose in the unlikely chance that a local commissar finally wakes up from the fact that he was never part of their power clique.

Hell, those two 'wake up' scenarios aren't likely to happen. As the Doc professes, these dolts see this as their private 'country club' and refuse to cede power to us rowdy rabble rousers.

Still, glad the blowback is a sign of our own success; great to hear this seems to be happening in ALL caucus states!

Go Get 'em R3VOL!!!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Video Documentation

Saw the videos of what happened....looked like total chaos. Could not hear much of it either....So glad there are people there to document the illegal voter fraud process in all the various places. Maybe we should prepare the room too (like they did with police) and have a sound video that could show and hear it all from an unobstructed view....Ron Paul talked a bit on these incidents of fraud but indicated we had to document it clearly and then it was up to us. He is, as he said, too busy trying to stop a war and run for pres.
So glad there are so many of us that choose him and are willing to do what it takes to keep him in front.

What do you do when law and

What do you do when law and order no longer work? This is an incredible story.

The "Chairman" needs to be visited at home..

The "Chairman" needs to be visited at home..

He needs to understand that we either have rules and respect them or we start to play by a different set of rules that may not work out for him in the end.

Peace.. or not.


I try to change people every day. Do You?


One of the rules that we have that needs to be respected is we don't engage in stalking and intimidation. What you're suggesting is just that.

One reason the other side (as it were) claims to be 'afraid' of us is stupid suggestions like this. (Sorry to call it stupid, but....)


This is NOT what we do! While I'm sure many would love to slog him in the face, it is NOT good for our cause, it's NOT good for our appearance. Hold a counter-convention and load your Android phones with hidden camera software. If you have an SO, buy them a cheap purse and install the phone in it. Break their rules against recording the caucus--it's our party and we demand transparency. Without video evidence, there will be an official story and a real story and you can bet the official story will be about rowdy hijackers breaking rules and nothing about the chair.

This is unbelievable...(well not really these days)

But shocking.

I looked further into this story throughout the day and realized what exactly was being done here.

This was a total hijack attempt and it was all on camera. There's no hyperbole to that statement either. Sometimes people get emotional or blow things out of proportion but unless the Chair was GROSSLY misinformed or some serious lack of judgement happened,which I doubt, this was a deliberate act of political subversion.

Are there legal ramifications to this since it is a Presidential contest and this involves a Federal/National election?

Is the State Secretary going to let this stand?

Friend to Minarchists, AnCaps, Voluntaryists, Agorists, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Paul Supporters, Free Marketeers, Jeffersonians, Status Quo Buckers, and Ron Paul Fans.

Pax Libertas. Semper Veritas. Semper Res Publica.

excellent writeup, Bryce


Great job, everybody! I know the end result (so far) isn't satisfactory, but remember this is a long war, and you just fought a rigged battle -- which is NOT over yet!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


Seening romney was also hijacked... maybe it's time for Romney and paul to really make a deal. We cannot have santorum in the picture. It is soooooo Obvious the Obamanation is doing this action in order to get the weakest link as the candidate.

If we get stuck wth Santorum (GOD help us) I'll bet his popular vote will be less than the primary votes.. which will definitely show Obamanation rigged the whole thing.

Who knows, given Santorums blatent issues in the Senate, I wouldn't be surprised if Santorum is a plant for Obamanation!!!

If we get to the point of Santorum winning, then it's time to make a 3rd party as WE all know Santorum doesn't have a chance agains Obamanation!!!!

We are winning! They have to

We are winning! They have to cheat because we have the numbers! They wanted to stop us from recording their treason! It's time for a hanging!!

A lot of this is being posted

A lot of this is being posted and linked to on another big forum where a few of us here hang sometimes. Doing my part to make it viral.
I'm so proud of you guys!

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home



Its the many people against the few traitors..

The Romney and Santorum supporters should recognize what their candidates will led them to..more of this! the onyl one who stands up for them is Ron Paul

Please spread the comparison flyers. They are very efficent in waking up some Romney and Santorum supporters!

Free Comparison flyers -



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix