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>MONEY BOMB March 23rd<

There will be a money bomb starting march 23! What good timing with all the events of today, our good showing and the fact that the closer we get the more scared they become and their cracking! Let's make this money bomb memorablen!

Here is Ron Paul's post on our upcoming money bomb:

The grassroots are planning a very important Money Bomb on March 23. Please mark your calendars and consider chipping in. We need to raise a big chunk of cash so we can start mail, voter ID and advertising in big late primaries like Texas and California and make sure our convention program is fully funded.

Let's shoot for the stars and go out of this galaxy! WE CAN DO THIS!

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sh*t I can play this game all day...

right after I go to bed and try again in the morning.


purdy please.


Its on a Thursday?

Where is the common sense.

"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"

Email from John Tate:

On March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry spoke these famous words in the Virginia House of Burgesses.

His speech is credited with Virginia's decision to join in the Revolutionary War and revolt against British tyranny.

Fast forward to 2012, and there's another massive revolt going on nationwide against the big spending, Big Government status quo in Washington, D.C.

And Dr. Ron Paul is leading the way.

But right now, the establishment is pulling out all the stops to derail our R3VOLUTION. And without an immediate influx of $1 million, I am afraid they will succeed.

That's why we're joining with the grassroots and holding a "Give Me Liberty" Money Bomb on March 23 to help Ron Paul raise the funds necessary to continue racking up critical delegates in state-after-state.

I know Dr. Paul can count on you to pledge to make a generous contribution to help him continue his fight.

The truth is, right now our campaign is in the very heat of the battle against the establishment.

In state after state, we're racking up delegates and preparing to shock the political world as we move forward to state conventions.

*** After the first four Legislative District conventions in King County, Washington, Ron Paul supporters walked away with nearly 60% of the delegates to the state convention;

*** In Clark County, Nevada - where 70% of the population resides - Ron Paul supporters took the majority of delegates to the State Convention - and also seized control of the entire Clark County GOP Executive Board;

*** In Boone County, Missouri - Ron Paul supporters walked away with 48 out of the 53 delegates up for grabs;

*** In Black Hawk County, Iowa, despite Michele Bachmann personally attending the caucus in her own hometown, Ron Paul's dedicated supporters won the entire County for Ron Paul;

*** In Portland, Maine, where Mitt Romney showed up to speak, Ron Paul's dedicated supporters stayed throughout the entire process and managed to take 55 of the 73 delegates at stake.
As each of these states move to their state conventions and begin selecting national delegates - the folks who will actually choose the Republican nominee - it's Ron Paul's campaign that's out-organizing and out-fighting the opposition.

But the establishment is running scared, and they're pulling out every dirty trick in the book to try to shut out Ron Paul supporters.

If Ron Paul were simply no threat, you and I both know they wouldn't bother to lift a finger to fight back.

But they know no candidate has the delegates to win.

And they know the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION isn't going away.

So can I please count on you to make a generous pledge to the Give Me Liberty Money Bomb right away?

To fight back against the establishment, we need money to continue picking up delegates, to launch legal challenges where necessary, and to move forward to victory.

We can't let up now!
Please pledge today.

For Liberty,
John Tate
Campaign Manager


bump to this thread too!!

keep bumping till one of them is FRONT PAGE!! THREE DAYS TO GO!!



Seriously people, there are news articles now finally covering Ron Paul's fundraising... cause he's got LESS THEN HE DID THIS TIME IN 2008!!

It's time to bleed money for Ron Paul! Bleed people! It's only FRNs anyway... lets do this!! Make all your friends buy you a drink for Ron Paul on Friday! "Buy the good Doctor a beer!!"


Please bring this to the front page.

Yes! YEA ! Deposit ready,

Yes! YEA ! Deposit ready, donation soon to follow!

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home