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Video footage from St. Charles, MO "Point of Order!"

I don't know if anyone posted this yet, but here is Youtube footage from the big fall-out as spear-headed by Eugene Dokes and his cronies.


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JFK Quote from 1962

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

This is complete desperation

by the establishment GOP. Their plan is not working and they know it.


Where is the TEA PARTY in all of this???


Audio only of what led up to this...

Hijacked GOP Caucus 3.17.2012 (Audio only)

Uploaded by JohnDBloch on Mar 17, 2012

"Today, March 17th 2012, in the city of Saint Charles Missouri, the GOP chair people decided that they wanted to overthrow a caucus, by "appointing" (notice nothing about it is democratic) their own parlementarian, rules commity, and eventually their own chair, all the while threatening us with "trespassing". They specifically made a rule that banned "All recording devices" however, I have 30 minutes of audio. Plain and simple, the establishment GOP wanted this caucus to be thrown out, and didnt want anyone to get the delegates."


powder keg

just add another financial crisis and watch her go...

Thank you so much!

So happy some footage was documented. Patriotism is still alive in the U.S.!


The revolution has begun

I love it. The people vs. The establishment trying to hang on to control

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Everyone needs to get together with a cover letter and file

a list of grievances with statements with signed affidavits declaring this is to the best of their recollection.

First, a letter needs to go to the state GOP stating you have a grievance, evidence will be forthcoming. DO THIS SOON!!

Second, get everyone to start working on their statement, sort of like a police report, I arrived and I... and this happened... siting specific violations of Robert's Rules of Order, state and county GOP by-laws that were violated, and the state statutes that were violated. Put your feelings toward the bottom, site what you think may become of the GOP because of this.

Third, gather all statements, find out if as a "body" they would like to take this to the AG, the DA, the State of Missouri secretary (Secretary of State, there is an election violation process on most websites and you can call them as well).

Get your ducks in a row. The state statute should not require that you give up who you support as a candidate. They should not be allowed to segregate or intimidate voters. LOOK them up.

If you google search Obama and Secret Voting Ballot you will find that he is attempting to have the unions no longer have their ballot secret. WHY?? You can do a lot with intimidation of voters if you know who they are supporting or planning to support.

Obama is currently asking people to vote for Santorum, why?? There are only two who have been able to defeat Obama in the polls. He can divide the GOP then he can conquer and get rid of the Republic all together. This does not mean you do not support your candidate, but it does mean you should not be forced to "unity" or "block" voting, in other words if you know who everyone is supporting and you are forced to only vote for the delegate for the candidate you are supporting, you can no longer vote for any other delegate! ****This is not the purpose of choosing delegates.

I would rather risk voter intimidation

and have transparent voting than secret voting and all out voter/election fraud. Of course I'm sure Obama's got all angles covered anyway and pure transparency isn't what he's got in mind.

WOW! So, you would be eager to give it up, your name

and for whom you voted for in a room full of thugs, who have no clue as to why you support who you do. I would rather I keep my secret vote and have NO ballot BOX stuffing and NO computerized voting, that way next time I am in a room full of Romney supporters I do not get SCREAMED at and have a feeling if I push the issue they are going to take me in the middle of the room and stone me to death.

I spoke my mind and this is how I was treated, yelled at, called a whacko and a crazy, and it was all my fault that the secret ballot had to be known, because we "Ron Paul supporters"

I think I will keep my vote secret, on paper, in public counting and chain of custody. This is NOT what is happening currently in our nation.


There's quite a few on RonPaulFlix including this one, I think.

good job

! thanx