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Congratulations from Occupy

Greetings and congratulations for your noble and tenacious effort to fight back against the tides of sewage and corruption that is known as the GOP.

I salute you as I feel we are fighting the same enemies of the People.

I know that we will travel down two different roads in our pursuit for truth and justice. But in the end I hope that sone day we must recognize that we must unite for we must recognize that we must unite for the common purpose.

I have been in this movement were four years. I'm very proud of this movement.but now it is time for me to travel down my own road in my pursuit of liberty and justice.

I consider you all my friends and hope that you will understand that I decided to pursue a different purpose and that would be a cohesive relationship between occupy and the r3volution.

I will be moving on with the Occupymovement this is a fledgling group that I feel has so much potential.

Couple weeks ago I announced my intention to run for Congress in the 33rd of Texas.Well this dream has become a reality for me. And I would appreciate it if all of you would visit my website. it is called employmentforthe99.com

And even though some of you might not like my platforms I'm asking for your love, prayers and support.

Thank you to all my dear friends at the DP love always Lance.

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He's got a few years on you on DP, hurricane.

In any case, I think it's better to disagree with logic than to bash with derogatory language.

As for your main point, I agree that Occupy values and Revolution values do not mesh in major ways and for a committed Ron Paul supporter to take up the Occupy platform, such as it is, seems illogical.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

So what

He has years on you how irrelevant can that be? When your wrong wrong.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

You essentially have the same

You essentially have the same job creation program as Obama. All government created employment is temporary and does more harm than good. What will these people do when the job is done and the government doesn't have any more work for them? And who do you expect to pay the higher taxes? The rich already pay most of the taxes in America, so the middle class and poor will have to pay for the employment program when you inflate the dollar to pay the workers. Your cure is probably worse than the disease since it will lead to more unemployment and less growth in the private sector. I agree with points 2-4, sort of. Private universities should be allowed to do whatever they want in regards to sporting activities, but public schools shouldn't waste tax dollars on it and drive up the cost of education. Point 5 is the same system we've had for a long time, but a lower donation amount. In a free market, people should be able to donate as much as they can afford to their favorite candidate. Paul would raise 100 million easy. The limits hurt grassroots candidates more than they hurt insiders, that's why there are limits. Insiders are backed by organizations which can bundle donations and get by the rule, while grassroots candidates rely on individual donations. You'll be handicapping future grassroots candidates, and doing absolutely nothing to alleviate the grip of control by the mainstream Democrats and Republicans. The limits are in place to keep guys like Ron Paul out of the process. The only reason he can contend this year is because of the Citizen's United supreme court decision which has made the GOP race competitive. Santorum and Gingrich would have been gone long ago, and Romney would likely be on his way to a first ballot win at the convention. Instead it's a competitive race and the outsider can compete since the top insider candidate isn't sweeping all the delegates. Competition will make politics cleaner, but this idea would limit competition so I can't approve.

I looked at your website, and

I looked at your website, and I would suggest working on expanding and clarifying your platform and positions on the major political issues, such as where you stand on the Constitution, Foreign policy, The Federal Reserve, etc. Would you fight for an Audit the Fed bill, for example?

As it stands, I don't think I would have any cross over issues I could support...with the possible exception of promoting election transparency/paper ballots, etc. I am quite opposed to GMOs, but I think subsidies are a part of the problem there.

If you are really very serious about promoting liberty, then I might invite you to read through the following post: http://www.dailypaul.com/217383/go-libertarian-or-go-freedom...

If you were running on

the preservation of our constitution I'd support ya. If I remember correctly, the constitution only matters when it effects certain areas. THere is no economic freedom with your platform. Otherwise, I would probibly donate to your campaign, but more keynsianism is not the answer. Just more of the same. I wish you Good luck though.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

I understand and respect your opinion..

Although I do not believe my ideas are unconstitutional.Improvement of infrastructure is something that has to be done.So why should the American people suffer the consequences of a goverment who created this problem in the first place. Anyways thanks for the support.

States, communities, and

States, communities, and individuals can build infrastructure. Otherwise, the government gets to decide what your region does, and what your property value is worth. if the Feds would quit printing money for all these wars, there would be a lot better infrastructure because the money of the people would have greater value, not to mention there would be more savings.

Your vote counts the most on the local level. For every level you go up, your vote means less and the collective wisdom about the needs of the community quickly diminishes to complete ignorance. If you want democracy, you should support its purest form, which is the free market.

I understand that the govt uses

funds to keep up with the roads and stuff, but we pay taxes for that, it's called a gas tax. Having the govt fund high speed rail? Then who will operate it? The govt. Need I remind you that the US govt tried to fund the railroad system, and every one went belly up? If we had a good economy/moral politicians, the taxes taken from our gas purchases would not be spent on wars, our bridges/roads maintained, and ordinary people would be able to put their extra cash into the high speed rail. To be honest though, I hate when I look at my check and see the rediculis amount of money taken out by the Federal govt, and spent on things that don't matter/I don't approve of. Let me keep all my money that I worked for, and spend it how I see fit. Who knows, with that extra bit of cash I may be able to afford college, make something of myself, and build the highspeed rail myself with the help of a few investors. My point: look at all the political donations right now. Imagine if they were all investing in your projects, and not politicians. But why do they invest in politicians? So they can get all the govt contracts/subsidies/bailouts/and wiggle room. More govt, more corruption, it doesn't matter if you are an establishment Repiblican or democrat...they are 95% all the same.imo But I still wish you the best of luck because you are doing what you believe in.
"So why should the American people suffer the consequences of a goverment who created this problem in the first place." I wouldn't want anyone to suffer, but I can rationalize it. They created this govt. They voted all the crooks in. They arn't smart enought to vote them out. They want term limits. The presidency has term limits, and the last century was compiled of horrible president after horrible president who oood and awed the voters with 1 liners and magnificent speeches. They need to be educated before anything positive can occure, and thankfully that is finally happening!

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James


More government intervention is not the answer. Sorry.

The Revolution

is a much more direct approach to getting the money and jobs back to the 99 percent..You just have to study the long term affects of abolishing the FED and what sound money will have on our future, and your eyes will be opened..Occupy doesn't need the support of the revolution...The revolution needs the support of Occupy..Please help this Revolution..We need all the help we can get..thanks

I would like to see an" audit of the fed."

Although with my plan you would stop using the fed {or bypass it altogether.} Thanks for the support.