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Can we fill a football stadium? (Update)

Can we fill a football stadium before the convention? UCLA 7800+ has set the new bar and I think we can by stirring rivalries accross the country. Lets work on this folks!

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TX Primary - 5/29

I'm a delegate and will go to County Convention on 4/21;)

I can see it happening

I think we could do it, and when we do, we will need something for those 50,000 Ron Paul fans to rock out to while waiting for Dr. to walk out on the field, will we not?


Come on Berkeley...!

Set the bar up one!

Rivalry is good

Everyone starts by saying things like "kick Wisconsin ass", Wisconsinites are wimps"...

And go from there.

In SF, Paul's at the Marriott. Though some won't be able to afford the ticket to that fundraiser, the Marriott is right on Union Square, and it costs nothing to pack thousands into that public square.

I vote Dallas! Not just cuz I

I vote Dallas! Not just cuz I live there. Check out Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. Lame name but cool venue. Ronstock!

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Little Elm, Tx

When is the..

Texas primaries/caucus?



YES President Paul can....

Yes President Paul can but Mittens can't! Just ask him about his Ford Stadium in Michigan fiasco....lmao. 2 to 300 "paid" lets drink the koolaid folk. Compared to Dr. Rons 5000 free will, free thinkers people in Illinois. Now lets continue this and MAKE SOME NOISE Hoorah!

You establishment neo cons are DONE!!!

We The People........



Excellent idea.


Houston Astrodome is empty & would be perfect for a Texas rally!

I bet we could fill it to the brim with a huge Ron Paul rally before the primary.

We could, but it would need

We could, but it would need to have several speakers. It should be televised, perhaps we raise enough money to PAY for it to be televised on a Saturday/Sunday. But this needs to be done after election season.

I say Texas or California.... But folks on Daily Paul

please email the campaign with regards to this... Anyone with the time line when the Texas Primary begins or California? I say Texas as it's South West Airlines home base lets make them the Choice Airline for Liberty lovers and they give us a special code for last minute purchases!

Sending email to campaign right now

A few suggestions located in the West

Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX Capacity 16,755

AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX. Capacity 18,500

Coors Events Center, Boulder, CO Capacity 11,064

I like the idea of going to Texas. It's apropos.
And after all, Ron Paul is the "Lone Star" in the political field.

Road Trip 4 Paulstock 2012.....I'll Be There!

Let's get a central sports venue location that can accommodate all of us Ron Paul supporters and other like-minded supporters of Liberty, Freedom, & Prosperity. If we can get a set location, a stadium secured for our use and a date set in stone, be assured I'll be there with all my other fellow comrades planning on attending this event. Ron Paul is the only Rock Star Presidential Republican GOP nominee that can beat President Barack Obama this presidential 2012 election.


Rose Bowl or Michigan lol


Camp Randall

In Madison before the upcoming Wisconsin primary.

great idea, but will the

great idea, but will the media show up...probably not...barely any coverage when almost 50,000 showed for the Minneapolis counter convention...and it was reported in an article I read that there were only 10,000 in attendance...no matter what they will lie and THAT is the issue we must collectively address...

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Local News Coverage

Another good reason to choose Texas.

Ron Paul consistently gets shafted by national political media, but local affiliates do a pretty good job of covering him. Anything in Texas could count as "local" since that's his home state.

Plus, though nothing is cheap anymore, you can still fly to Texas and find decent places to stay for a lot less than in LA or NY.

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"Paulstock"...Perfect! or, Woodstock II


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Build it and they will come.

Build it and they will come.

YES!!!!! And we should be rallying at stadiums wherever Ron at!

bump It's time for a road trip for Ron.

Submit this idea to Dr. Paul at

http://www.ronpaul2012.com/contact-us/ Let's let them know we will fill it up.

Focus on one first and

the rest will fall in place. A lot of great ideas and areas, but if we unite as a team and get one filled up with support from across the country it will snowball.

Yesterday someone suggested Madison Square Garden

I wonder how much it would cost to rent for a day.

Wouldn't the Superdome be the most symbolic?

Or did New Orleans ever get it cleaned up?

If we can fill a couple of football stadiums

maybe we should bring rifles too. You know to support the 2nd amendments and see what happens.

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I vote for Texas, because...

1. Texas is in the middle.

2. Southwest Airlines reaches a large portion of the country, and they usually have pretty cheap fares.

3. Ron has spent so much time coming to see us, we should all go to see him for a change.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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