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The dangers of Americans Elect

Just came across this: If you sign up with Americans Elect and are elected a delegate, you will be disqsualified by the party.


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From the poster of the original comment copied below

I propose a central hub that we all link to.


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repost - AE - Liars and RP never ever runs for them

AE is out to make money and control voting.

People posting AE threads either aren't paying attention to previous threads, or are purposely creating new ones in order to make it look like a new/good idea.

AE could sell the election if their group wins one state in the general election.

There's plenty of evidence that this is a very bad thing. A quick google search pulls up:








General problems with voting machines and online voting can be found through http://www.blackboxvoting.org/

Americans Elect in all probability will be on 50 State ballots

We better get it together and deal with reality. We either have to game it and overwhelmingly pick the worst candidate there could possibly be that nobody would ever vote for and drive them all the way to the nomination or get Ron Paul the nomination. Those are your choices.

They ARE going to be on all 50 State ballots. We better figure out how to play this...

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

deal with the reality that their comittee chooses

who runs for them.. and lady rotschild wont allow a guy who works against her evil family since 30+ years.. wake up

people need to know that these organizations not only pay advertisment to sway people into their dead end tunnel but they also pay crooks who do everything for some dollars to infiltrate movements.

these guys who push the AE agenda get more and more desperate. this is cause they dont want to lose their job. they need to register again and need time to gain trust again.

the establishment is frightend what happens all over the country. And they fear that we succeed in the GOP takeover.. this would mean game over for their agenda(but well they have some other stuff up their sleeve I guess)..

AE is one way to derail this movement.(tough it has also other purpose - future internet voting..even better then diebold)

Then what the solution genius?

Come on tell us.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

informing everyone with targeted information

that could turn into a supporter that makes a difference in the task at hand.

Its a game of committed supporters that wins delegates.
The grassroots are everywhere in the GOP.

So if everyone does its job in informing as many people as targeted as possible then we might win this.

But when we drift in to different directions then we will lose either way.

Ron Paul and the campaign want to get as much influence as possible in the GOP. In achieving this we have the opportunity to form the political process at the very top from the bottom up.
Its on us and our efforts how far we can go. There is enough potential out there to win this whole nomination.

when you sacrifice 1 hour a day in promoting the message then you activly whin supporters who might turn out as

a) not interested but now know about ron paul and no harm is done. Cant lose something you already lost. potential for a vote in a presidential election.
b) interested and conform with some ideas and principles. May vote in a straw poll without getting political involved. may donate money to the campaign.
c) interested and turns into an active supporter who wins other supporters and may get involved in political processes.

for example something like medical marijuana. A very heated topic especially in connection with the war on drugs.
We work out how Ron Paul as GOP nominee and possible president will benefit them more then all the other candidates.
then we present his everywhere we can target them.
this may be medical marijuana forums or videos in the webt for the guys who prefer to work in the net.
Then if you happen to be near a medical marijuana dispensary you hand out ron paul info and inform the people.

This is targeted "marketing" of an political idea. We cant do much wrong as the Dr. is very clear with his ideas and programs.

When everyone who might do this does it with different groups once or twice a day then we gain quality support very fast and win the nomination!
The other nominees are not able to do this. their message is too wishy washy. They have a low ceiling in committed supporters!
ours is still big. we just need to tap into this power.

Im trying to push some ideas that I hope to find common ground with others.

Im doing what I can do. engaging into a internet poll is not enough to stage a peacefull revolution.

I think I, and many others see what is possible to do and what gives power to RP's message. But one can only win so much as the others are ready to do too. The easiest and most direct to do this is through the task at hand -> taking over the GOP. to achieve this we need as much targeted exposure as possible to win more committed supporters in the hopes of gaining the critical mass in committed supporters. The critical mass in committed supporters is followed soon by the great amount of people open to support the ideals the committed supporters and from there its not very far to the critical mass that votes in a presidential election.
Dr. Paul is very humble in not assuming that he will gain the presidency easily. His experience and political history teaches him different.
tough I see him often referring in interviews what he would do different as a president.
Its on us angry and loud committed folk to push his ideas wherever we can.
He wont beg anyone to vote for him! I would and do!

every supporter just one hour in targeted work a day to inform people!
Imagine that. how many votes for him despite the media blockage on him?

a internet poll is easy to vote. 2 clicks. we need to narrow down what to do. and pledge to engage in that. but it must be more then just voting in a internet poll and engaging in Dp or rp.forums
for example: we form info material towards one group and people that have access to them in some way gets the word out. easy today you can search for addresses and groups outside your state in the web.

thats still something very individual for everyone but also some concentrated effort that can make a difference in the greater picture and task at hand.

this is just out of my head unstructured.

You still have not addressed the fact that Americans Elect

very well may be on all 50 State ballots.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

doesnt matter cause of the points already made

or would you opt for Ron Paul to run for the NAZI party when they have ballot to access to all states?

to end this once and for all: my reality check:

You are a true

blue imbecile if you are not intelligent enough to see that Paul needs to be the nominee or someone that will not take votes from him needs to be. There will be 3 partys so deal with it. Stupid dredging usage of Nazi party so no points for that one.

And for the record I do not care what party Ron runs on. They should be eliminated anyway because it has been the main tool of the globalist's against us anyway.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

oh forgot the reality check link ;)


Everything explained there why he wont be their nominee. + AE is not on all state ballots yet!

the nazi party thing was obviously an exaggeration..but remember the fed and the banks/people behind it were also involved in financing the nazi party in germany

Dealing with reality seems to be the challenge.

At the risk of driving some the people in this forum deeper into their bunkers, I'm done beating around the bush here. There is a faction present that seems to enjoy making broad generalizations about conspiracies, spygames, and the like. While such scenarios are fun to imagine, we indeed must return to reality. Please participate at Americans Elect unless you enjoyed what the Republicrats did to Paul in 2008.

Your participation on the AE website and in their

"process" is entirely irrelevant to whom its board of directors will eventually choose to give their ballot access.

The website is a ruse.

AE is NOT a political party.

It is a corporation designed to achieve ballot access and to give that access to someone of the board of director's choosing.

This corporation and this effort were NOT formed to FIND a candidate the people want.

AE was created for a specific individual, in his effort to gain ballot access without exposing himself to negative media press in the meantime. His plan is to "appear" and "announce" with 50 state access in hand. His intention is to jump in as late as possible so as to avoid as much negative press as possible.

Anyone thinking that they have any say in who AE gives ballot access to is deluding themselves.

Gee, sounds just like the Republican Party

If the board of directors of Americans Elect plays this little game they will watch their organization torn down brick by brick. They are doing this to build influence and they won't have any if they play this kind of game.

As Ronald Reagan said, "Trust, but verify." I trust Ron Paul, but I want to be damn sure I've done EVERYTHING to have him on the ballot in all 50 states.

Then AE is not worth the time. Because it will be effort


AE will not allow Ron to be on their ballot line. Because their ballot line is already decided and being secured for someone else.

Let me explain it this way,

Say Ross Perot wanted to run again. But this time, he decided to do it differently and secure ballot access quietly, but at the same time, begin drumming up fake grassroots support for the IDEA of an independent candidate, without having to vet himself over a long period.

So he forms a corporation and they get to work on ballot access. As part of the effort to drum up support for the IDEA of an independent candidate, he has a website created with all the trappings and appearances of a grassroots effort and a "direct democracy" process.

People participating THINK they are involved in a real process to choose a candidate. In reality, the candidate is already chosen. The process is a ruse. It is designed merely for three purposes - one, and this is the primary one, to get a return on investment via "donations" to the initial investors in the ballot access corporation; two, getting volunteers to assist with ballot access; and three, drumming up imagined grassroots support and get people talking about the process and effort on other websites, even tapping into real grassroots energy to get people involved.

Now, once the "process" on the website is complete, no matter who actually comes out on top, Perot will be the "nominee" with access. (there is no real "nominee" because there was no nominating process for real. Perot did this himself for his own ballot access. There was NEVER any real prospect anyone else could have that ballot line, unless Perot later changed his mind, and then access would go to whomever HE handpicked.)

NOW can anyone see what is going on?

THIS is what AE is and is all about. (except the candidate it is designed for is NOT Ross Perot)

Thus, any participation in AE is a waste of time and effort. Unless of course, you really want to support a big banker PTB establishment candidate.

Sounds like AE operates like GOP and DNC...

Suddenly people get concerned about how AE operates but feel fine to submit to the same shady operations in GOP. All just excuses to not be free from the elites like Romney.


I am from Ohio ...

We already had our primary.
The delegates have been selected and I am not a delegate.

So therefore ...

I enthusiastically signed up and nominated Ron Paul.

The only time I have ever given personal information over the web with the exception of when I signed up here at DP.

I did it without a single reservation.

I am convinced that this is going to be the most likely avenue to see Paul get up on stage with Obama and participate in a general election debate.


If it's a 3rd party bid, he'll be up against the likes of Obama who is a truly skilled orator. He'll tear down the likes of Romney or Santorum, leaving him look like a baboon in sweater vest based on his record. Paul will sweep up the pair of them when it comes to matters of consistency and integrity. Everyone withers and blows away in the storm of common sense, leaving Ron Paul as the only one standing!

Well said! Of course,

Well said! Of course, delegates (most of us aren't) shouldn't sign up! Now....what about those of us who aren't delegates. Unless the naysayers have superior backup plan (PLEASE LET US US KNOW!!) should things not work out in August, AE seems to be only game in town.

No one

No one should sign up there At A Minimum Until After Their State Primary/Caucus Contest Is Over.

If some of you are so dedicated to this AE idea that you don't care if you're giving money to hedge funds managers who created AE to make money and gain more power, do it after.

As for me, I'm going to run in local elections and work to change the parties from within AND work on alternative public organizing that can influence the area regardless of what the parties do. Paul moved his campaign's money into a liberty advocacy group in 08 for a reason.

I'll take the more difficult and complicated road, rather than give my money, time, and information to those people.

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

AE hasn't asked for a freakin dime from me...

Which is more I can say from the Jesse Benton, incompetently managed Ron Paul campaign.

Good one...

hats off to you. I would never have thought of that one.


and where do you think he will stand?

in the middle? Left Obama and right Romney?

he will be cloned and on both ends ...

squeezing the bell curve into the shape of an inverse "high frequency trading" / "fat finger" event.

Two words

Duh Rothchild



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

Two words

Duh - Mitt Romney.


why ? cause of people like you !!!

why dont you take over the gop? frightened? No prob many are with you! Dont be frightened. They want that you go! They want that you vote in some internet vote and they dont want you to stand up for your rights.

stay home! dont go out and participate in a caucus! stay home , be a good slave and dont question the status quo

Wrong site

You want the other guys' sites.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

You are the one frightened of Romney

to take him on.


Our delegates should stay away....

it could also be way of them finding out about them.

I just found this site below.


"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

If You Are a Delegate It Will Disqualify You

So I read