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If you are a delegate or trying to become one, do NOT sign up for Americans Elect!


Apparently signing up for it disqualifies you to run for or be a delegate for the GOP.

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1.) Get a mod to look at

1.) Get a mod to look at this

2.) Get a mod to sticky this

3.) Get a mod to post this on the front page website


if your not a delegate this is still a good backup plan right? i mean should we tell EVERYONE not to do this? or should we explain the difference and why delegates shouldnt but others can.... thanks


no one!

imagine only one delegate registers!
and this delegate is the one delegate that makes the difference..

I cant believe that dp mods dont step in and stop all this AE shit.

Dailypaul is totally screwed by derailers from other parties. And msot people fall for it instead of spreading RP's message.


..bumping. I almost signed up today but changed my mind. I don't fall that easily.


THIS DOES NOT APPLY IN MISSOURI!!!!!!!! This may apply in other states but not missouri because in missouri you can cross party lines.

doesnt matter

promoting this stupid idea will sooner or later led to a delegate registering from another state..

I oppsed AE from the start

If you are a delegate and want to go to Tampa, but signed up on AE. You just ruined your chances of ever voting on the floor for Ron Paul. This is a criminal that started AE and I positive the GOP establishment will have your name. I believe this was a covert operation set up to get rid of as many Paul delegates as possible.

So let another take your place don't be selfish! I know this will be once in a lifetime event but we have to stay vigilant.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe


The chairman of Americans Elect is a Rothschild!! YOU POOR NAIVE FOOLS. Have you forgotton why we have secret ballots? This is a tool of the banksters to identify Ron Paul supporters. The DHS has already listed us as threats to National Security. The awakened ones are the great fear of the banksters. NDAA gives Obama the powers of life and death, not due process of law, to kill those he determines are national security threats. NDRP sets the master plan into motion through DHS and Obama's appointed czars. Americans Select is a highly efficient tool to identify targets for elimination. FOOLS

And, please, let's all ignore the AE threads

which are popping up like mushrooms around here. It's a waste of time and energy responding to these agent saboteurs. Every time you comment, you bump the tread. So, no matter how much you want to set them straight, don't take the bait. Just ignore them completely.
They are trained in this kind of combative enticement.

OMG people need to wake up

and all this pro AE stuff needs to go at least until convention is over!!!

What if a person signed up

What if a person signed up for that website a year ago and is now a delegate?

try this

sign in to americanselect.org, go to your account, there is something that says delete your account? Click on delete account. If they are not registered as a political party in your state and you delete your account, I do not see how the GOP could disqualify you from participating as a delegate. I am not an authority on the subject but since americanselect shows to be a non profit, non-partisan organization instead of a political party it does not seem like there would be a conflict. I hope you are still eligible. Good luck.

Sasha Sessums

The GOP is a club

not subject to election laws. They have said at my caucus you can not vote at another party. If there is any chance you broke the rules then you should make sure you get someone else in your place that will stay loyal to Ron Paul.

If there were 100 delegates that voted on AE but still go to Tampa, that could make or break Ron Paul's chances. It is not worth it stay home.

I remember when Ronald Reagan won the Nomination it was up to just up to a couple of delegates.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Well, then you've blown it, haven't you?

Too bad. You probably didn't know at the time that it is a big sham.

If you are affiliated with any other political party

I would imagine you will be booted at the TAMPA convention whether you signed up a year ago or yesterday. It makes sense to me as well. Why should the GOP accept you as a delegate if you pledged support for a different party?

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

curious about the validity of exclusion from delegate status

Just out of curiousity, does americans elect require anyone pledge support for a particular party? It seems they do not represent their organization as a party but instead as a non-partisan group. I thought their whole deal was that they provided somewhat of a straw poll for candidates in all the parties? I am not suggesting that they are good or bad but I would like to help sort out whether or not this notion of delegates not being allowed to serve because they participated in an online poll is valid. Furthermore, the person's post, who your post is in response to, probably pledged support to republican candidate Ron Paul when they signed up on americans elect.

Sasha Sessums


To be part of the AE organization, you have to sign an electronic pledge to support AE, which is registered as a party. It happens during the verification process.

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