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Video: Brent Stafford Arrested at St. Charles County Caucus

The arrest begins at the 2:05 mark in this video


And at 7:00 in this one:


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This is crazy.

Wow. I have never seen anything like this before. On what grounds were they arresting him?

Kenny Suitter,THE camera man

Kenny Suitter, THE camera man,is scheduled to be interviewed for the evening news at 2:00pm today by the local Fox television station.
Just wanted to give a heads up.

Kenny won't be interviewed

Kenny won't be interviewed but Brent Stafford will.


Posting on Twitter right away.

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Law of unintended consequences

Talk about law of unintended consequences! This video is definitely going viral.

Ed Rombach

I have just one question...

I have just one question. Just why didn't someone confront the Missouri GOP BEFORE the caucus on the banned recording device rule??? It was posted on the GOP site well in advance at http://www.stcharlesgop.com.

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

They were contacted concerning many things

They were contacted concerning many things that were improper, both in advance of the caucus as well as at the caucus before things began.

The statement was they would do things the way they wanted and people could challenge it later if they wanted.

...if Missouri delegates knew this

So,if Missouri delegates knew this and had the opportunity to make this public BEFORE the caucus then why didn't they???

Why didn't someone organize a protest then?

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson