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There is NO way for the Missouri GOP to know results YET - quit being Paranoid

Okay people calm down, the Missouri GOP does NOT have the results of Saturdays caucus.

Here is why.

First, there was no "straw poll" attached to the caucus, they had that back in the non-binding primary a month ago.

Second, there was no mechanism for calling totals into a central location.

Third, I am a caucus secretary for a large county.

I STILL have the results WITH me. I am responsible for sending in the results tomorrow to GOP headquarters in Jefferson City. The Caucus Chair and myself will be certifying the minutes of the caucus and the results.

The will be Fedexed in, although it only has to be certified mail. So our results from our county will at the soonest get to GOP headquarters on Tuesday, others could take longer if they use snail mail.

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What a nice person you are...

thank you so much,I will sleep better tonight.


There is plenty of corrupt people in Missouri GOP but lots are not, and there is definately no holding back of results.

Joe thanks for everything you

Joe thanks for everything you do!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Why thank you

If you want to know how to win a caucus or convention for Paul contact our Congressional District Coordinator and his team, they were organized!