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Need Help with deciding ND GOP Party Platform!


I've managed to become the 2nd vice chair of my district in N.D. as well as be a part of the state Resolution Committee for the Republican Party.

I need your help as to how we gear our party platform towards liberty. We can add and propose to remove current resolutions.

It is due at 7PM CST on March 21, a few days from now so whatever you can find in here that you'd like to add to or take away would be great!

I think it's a great platform overall, problem is most politicians don't really adhere to it here.

Take a look at the platform here and see if you come up with anything:


Mike Peterson

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Platforms needed to :

I did not see them so: 1) To audit the Federal Reserve Bank completely by every year which ends in zero or five. To consider closing the Federal Reserve Bank which is a private corporation, if it is found to be stealing from the American people or undermining the continuation of the USA. To find a new honest vehicle to replace it. 2) To repeal the DNAA . 3) To keep a free Internet. 4) At party conventions ,if a lottery is done, it must be done in front of the convention. Names must be placed in a container in front of convention, and names must be picked out in view of all convention delegates and alternates. Filming of convention with small un-intrusive cameras or cellphones allowed.