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it may be time watch out for us as a people

Things might not be going Ron Paul's way I hope he becomes President but if not I think we all need to buy stuff for our arms for Civil War. To many promises have been broken and lies are being told over the United States soon they will be picking up for concentration camps, the President can kill any American citizen , if Ron Paul should not nominated to restore our freedoms we should be on the ready. They want to send Military over seas to occupy those countries so that other countries can attack our citizens when they gather for camps. So buy weapons to take care of ourselves. So by the way it's not any of the canidates. And it might not be Ron Paul himself we just need to take care of America only not Russia China any other country we just need to bring every one home and take care of ourselves because this next war is going to be very very nasty and not all over the world. I hope Ron Paul wins, it can differt some of this for years to come. If not think ammos and guns because they are going to come for me you and our children. And that is all I have to say, and I don't post much on this sight everyday. Get real and stand up and vote Ron Paul no one else but Ron Paul sorry so harsh but I am an American and need to tell you all how it is. Alamtr for America God Bless you all and good luck vote Ron Paul.

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